Julianne Hough Bares Her Legs

It seems Julianne Hough has different ways of dealing with her breakup with the television presenter Ryan. She and Ryan broke-up because of their tough work schedules. They were so busy that they could not give any time for the relationship. Sources close to them have stated that it was Ryan who broke-up with his lady love, leaving her feeling dejected. However Julianne is a woman of spirit, and is determined not to allow this to get her down.

Julianne was seen at the Coachella Music Awards recently in a pair of shorts that showed off her amazing legs. It clearly showed Ryan what he was missing by breaking up with her. Fans of Julianne are happy to see her coming out in the open and being herself all over again. She is keen about moving on, and has been enjoying life with her girlfriends in Hollywood, Selena Gomez being one of them. Selena has helped Julianne get a grip over herself. The two have been spending a lot of time together, and this friendship is one of the main reasons why Julianne has been able to make a comeback.

Julianne is trying to make a statement to Ryan in other ways too, apart from wearing skimpy clothes. She has cut her hair really short, and dyed it a platinum blonde. This new hairstyle is looking good on her too. It showcases the sharp features of her face, making her seem gorgeous.

We are happy that Julianne has finally managed to come to terms with a life without Ryan, and has been accepting change so graciously. Her fans would certainly hate to see her down in the dumps. Julianne is going to take a break for a while as she wants to focus on self-healing. She is a strong woman and is certain to survive this. Our love and support are with her!


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Julianne Hough Bares Her Legs