Juicy Revelations about Lady Gaga’s Days in School

Lady Gaga is a singer who is well known for the outlandish clothes that she wears in her music videos and live performances, as well as the themes of her music videos and performances the world over. She is unconventional in the truest sense of the term and has a wide fan following largely for this reason.

Gaga it is also said, was a bit of an attention grabber. She liked to do all the wrong things to get people to pay attention to her. She was the life of each and every party. There were friends around her always.

Gaga’s personal interviews reveal that she had to go through a lot of trauma in her daily life in school. Her school days were not exactly something which she remembered very fondly. This is also something that came across as evident from what her school mates had to say about her. Gaga’s unconventional behavior is what she was known for in school as well, even though she wore normal clothes and walked and talked like a normal person. There was always something different about her which people could not identify.

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Juicy Revelations about Lady Gaga’s Days in School