Jennifer Lopez Flashes Bra During Day Out With Children

It is rather disappointing to see Jennifer in casual attire. We are so used to seeing her in body hugging clothes that accentuate her awesome physique. The jeans and the casual tee shirt don’t really suit Lopez. She could have looked so much better in something more glamorous. We don’t want to be too hard on the actress of course, given the fact that she has been very busy of late shooting for many films. She is trying to balance both motherhood and a career, and is doing a stellar job of the whole thing.

The forty three year old Lopez was wearing really cool sunglasses however. This went well with her casual look. But the pink bra stood out over everything else. It kind of ruined everything. Jennifer indeed looks very fashionable when she is dressed properly. We wonder whether her children are going to inherit the same sense of style and can move about so easily in front of the camera as their mother.

Marc Anthony, their father, also has a unique sense of style. We hope that the kids are able to imbibe the same kind of fashion sense.

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Jennifer Lopez Flashes Bra During Day Out With Children