Is Justin Timberlake Leaving His Clothing Line William Rast?

Justin Timberlake and best friend Trace Ayala started William Rast back in 2005. The company name was a mix of both of their grandparents names.  When the company first came out, the praises came rolling in. Justin was consistently in the print and television ads. The clothing line was always featured at New York Fashion Week. It even won brand of the year in 2010. They secured a lucrative contract with the superstore Target. The future for this company looked great.

Recently the fate of William Rast has been a bleak one though. When you go to a major department store you will be lucky to see William Rast even appearing in the discount section. JC Pennys is the only department store that still regularly carries William Rast.

Retailers have been asked about this banishment of William Rast and they respond by citing the lack of involvement of Justin Timberlake had in his company lately. Justin is never wearing his clothing in his music videos, interviews, or while he plays live. Justin fails to appear in any of his new ads.

This is understandable with his new marriage to Jessica Beil and his new album. Justin is probably just prioritizing right now and cant find time for his clothing company. His spokespeople don't deny his absence in the company either. We will see if William Rast can survive without the infused appeal to authority that Justin Timberlake gave it.

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Is Justin Timberlake Leaving His Clothing Line William Rast?