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Interesting Workout Clothes Worn by Celebs

Interesting Workout Clothes Worn by Celebs

Yes, celebrities are wearing the trendiest garments while visiting the gym for workout sessions. While this might seem strange, it is true that almost all Hollywood stars have been seen going to the fitness centers in some pretty fashionable getups. One wonders what the reason is behind such a trend to start, but it indeed gives some inspiration to the regular fitness freak to pull up his socks and make a style statement while hitting the gym. Fashion and fitness seem to go hand in hand these days.


Reese Witherspoon was for instance seen going to the gym wearing black capris and a black tee shirt, both of which are likely to have been designed by Armani. The capris fitted her skinny legs to a tee and made her look all the more gorgeous than usual. The black garment worn by Reese was accessorized very well with some neon sneakers, making the actress look very trendy and smart. What completed the look was of course the head band. This made the overall appearance of the actress a very appealing on a regular weekday morning.


recently. She was wearing a pair of black tights and a pink tee shirt. Although the outfit was quite a casual one, but it still made the actress look glamorous and trendy. Credit goes to Ashley of course for being able to carry off this particular look so well. Ashley is one of the smartest actresses around. This look was perfectly accentuated with a black cap. The overall image was a great one.


Bethenny Frankel who is also a very popular actress looked good while heading out to the gym in a pair of black jeans and black sneakers and a black sweater over the top. While the appearance might have seemed quite stark otherwise, Frankel made sure that it did not look as such. The fashion police have never found a reason to criticize her. Her dress was perfect for the bright sunny day.

An orange shirt and black pants were what made Jenna Tatum look very smart as she


walked out of her home for the fitness center. The green army like jacket which she had on gave her look a kind of contrast. Jenna is known for casual appearances and is seldom seen in outfits that are too fancy or overdone. The look she sported for the workout suited her to a tee, and made her reflect the kind of person she is.


Naomi Campbell who is more famous for her tantrums on the ramp was seen in an incognito workout dress while she was taking a walk on the beach recently. It was quite a decent look. Hardly anybody could recognize her. Naomi looked fairly easygoing as she took some phone calls. Her get up went very well with the backdrop of the seaside.


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