Handmade Jewelry Made Famous By The Famous

Have you ever made something and wondered what it would be like to have someone famous wear it? Artisans all over the world have joined together to create gift bags for celebrities and are having more fun than ever! Some jewelry designers have found their experiences fun and well worth their time to give gifts to people who can afford something much, much more expensive, but they are still sending their jewelry to get it “out there” and many have been seen in movies, television shows, award shows and commercials. It makes for a great way to advertise and to show their work in a (more than) public place.

The Artisan Group is a group of the “elite” handmade artisans that consist of jewelry designers, painters, artists and many other types of people who work with their hands, creating beautiful items. It is difficult to get accepted into this group, as it is by invitation only, and they only admit those who are highly skilled and take great pride in their work.  As the founder of The Artisan Group, Valerie Guerrero states,“Celebrities have plenty of opportunity to receive manufactured luxury goods and that’s great, but we want to introduce them to the best of the best being created by small, artisan-owned businesses.”  This creates increased publicity to artists who would not otherwise be able to get such exposure.

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6 Cindy Arnet of Sienna Grace Jewelry

Cindy Arnet is a mother of two who has been creating and selling her handmade creations since 2006. Her business, Sienna Grace Jewelry, is inspired by nature and was originally started as a hobby. She has since sent gifts of her handcrafted jewelry to Mariska Hargitay, Brandi Glanville and Selena Gomez. Two of Cindy's necklaces were worn by Nina Dobrev on the set of The Vampire Diaries and her business escalated from that prestige.  It would seem that when vampires are wearing jewelry on television, people tend to notice. She sold out of the necklaces she had on hand and her business flourished; with those being the main selling point of her store.

5 Rachel Hughes, Saressa Designs

Rachel has been designing wire-wrapped stones; precious and semi-precious on Etsy for eleven years. Previously she had been selling her items in a brick-and-mortar type store, but decided to launch her online business, Saressa Designs in 2011. As a member of The Artisan Group, Rachel has gifted several pieces of her jewelry to celebrities all over the world. She has even received some responses from a few of the famous who took their time to Tweet or email, advising Rachel of how they felt about her designs. Some of those famous Tweeters include Autumn Reeser (from “Hawaii 5-0”) and Hayley Orrantia, tweeting about how much they loved their new jewelry pieces. Alysia Reiner was given an arrow necklace from Rachel when included inside a gift bag during the GBK New York Fashion Week and even posed for a picture with her new found, hand-crafted piece of art.

The Real Housewifes' Joyce Giraud did something that is not done too often. She sent Rachel a personal hand-written note thanking Rachel for a necklace she had received in a gift bag. That is practically unheard of these days.

The idea of simply “giving away” your hard-work sounds crazy, but with this type of exposure, as Rachel believes; it is well worth it.  She has seen her business thrive ever since she started gifting her jewelry to public figures.

4 Cami Tout, Camilee Designs

When one is looking for personalized jewelry, what better than to have it handmade? That’s what Cami Tout does, and has gifted her unique silver and gold-filled gemstones to several celebrities throughout the years. Some of those famous people include Jessica Alba, Zooey Deschanel, Amanda Seyfried, and Jenny McCarthy. Who wouldn’t love a gift bag personally designed just for them, especially if the necklaces are hand-stamped with your name or loved one? Of course celebrities adore personal customization just as much as everyone else does. Cami has also sent over gift bags for several events, including many award shows. She believes that the pictures of the celebrities holding their gifts have dramatically improved her sales and is “fabulous for marketing.” She is anticipating her gift bags to be in the Primetime Emmy gift lounge in late 2014.

3 Laura King, owner and founder of Loralyn Designs

The owner of Loralyn Designs, Laura King, handcrafts most of her gothic-inspired jewelry from stainless steel. Laura has been designing and creating her artwork since she was a very young girl. Her mother encouraged her work and she has been crafting ever since.  During her time creating her projects, Laura decided to join The Artisan Group, and has sent several gifts to celebrities including; Tyra Banks and Selena Gomez, and even the stylists of several television shows; including The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Once Upon a Time. Laura has also provided gift bags to several award shows and film festivals, including a necklace to Brandi Phoenix who tweeted a photograph of what she had received at the Cannes Film Festival. Although Laura has never met any of these celebrities in person, her sales have definitely increased since participating in the gift-giving opportunities.

2 Jennifer Racette, Alison Julien Collection

Jennifer Racette, of the Alison Julien Collection, has been creating and making designs for well over thirty years. Currently, her beautiful jewelry displayed on an internet site called Bonanza.com. After becoming a member of The Artisan Group, she gave her jewelry away in gift bags to several well-known actors including Drew Barrymore and Ryan Gosling.  Jennifer was recently invited to create jewelry for the 2014 winner of the Queen of the Universe Pageant in Los Angeles, California. She has had tremendous success since joining the group and gets a lot of media coverage, due to the celebrities who have posed for pictures while wearing her designs or tweeted about the gifts they have received.

1 Cindy Kassebaum, creator of Rock and Hardware

Men and women both love jewelry, so Cindy Kassebaum of Rock and Hardware creates stylish bracelets for everyone. She uses wood and metal to create her stylish pieces of art, along with semi-precious gemstones. Cindy has been creating art since she was a little girl and her perfectionist attitude shows with every bracelet that she sells. She taught herself to create these lovely pieces and has sent many of them to famous people around the globe. Cindy gives away gift bags (through The Artisan Group) to many different celebrity functions. Among them are the Oscar’s Gift Lounge, Golden Globes and the Emmy Celebrity Gift Lounge. She will soon be sending her gift bags to celebrities at the MTV Movie Awards. She has gotten several mentions by a few celebrities, such as Stephanie Draeau, Wendi McClendon-Covey and Jimmy Bennett. Tichina Arnold, an actress that has appeared on Martin and Everybody Loves Chris, sent out a tweet following receipt of one of Cindy’s gifts. Her tweet read, “Yes. I received your bracelet from #theartisangroup at the #GBK2013Oscars I collect bracelets designed like urs. Thank u!”  Not to be outdone, Dennis Christopher also received a bracelet gift bag from Cindy and sent out a Tweet as well, "I'm still wearing my very cool bracelet! Thank you! Can you spot it? PS great web site.” When asked if it is worth her time and money to be sending free gift bags to celebrities, Cindy states, “It is definitely worth the time and money it takes to be a participant. It's a wonderful way to market our bracelets to a group of celebrities and VIPs we would not normally be able to do as an individual.”

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