David Beckham Splurging On Tattoos

Sport hunk David Beckham is an athlete, whom when you hear his name, will mainly bring to mind one thing. That is his array of tattoos that cover is chiseled body.

Now that he has decided to end his football career, not only will the fans miss his series of goals, but the will also miss the countless tattoos inked all over his body, which gave him a masculine and sexy appeal.

When he served as a football ambassador in China, he did not let an opportunity pass by to have another tattoo inked onto his body. Written down the left side of his torso are over-sized Chinese characters that read "Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven."

The 38-year-old father of four admitted he does not have any regrets with the 32 tattoos covering his body. He says this with confidence because every tattoo that marks his body has a personal meaning. He has a tattoo dedicated to each of his four children; Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper and of course to his better half Victoria.

Women in particular, that are not into this kind of art gladly, look upon the tattoos with admiration, especially since they are inked on David Beckham’s body.

 The name of his wife Victoria is written on his forearm in Latin. The phrase reads "Ut Amem Et Foveam" which when translated means "So That I Love and Cherish"

The word "Harper" is also found written on Beckham's collar, which is the name of their daughter while the image below it represents their three sons.

 The winged cross located on the back on Beckham's neck represents a 'religious iconography'. It is Beckham's way of showing the protection he feels over his four children.


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David Beckham Splurging On Tattoos