David Beckham Hairstyle

David Beckham really knows how to leave his fans swooning not just by his amazing kicks but also his polarizing hairstyles.

With his series of goals, come his multitude hairdos every year. In 1990s, during his younger years at the Manchester United, he sported a blonde hair. Call it lucky charm or not, his team became the first English team to win the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup in the same season.

In 2000, he sported a shaved head later in that year began to experiment with the fauxhawk look, long locks, and Brad Pitt look-a-like hairdos, among others.

Leaving Europe and transferring to Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, his hairstyle also shifted. He sported a marine-like haircut. At the present, the retired 38-year-old football icon knows how to defy his age through his hairstyle. Before ending his career with his last team, the Paris Saint-Germain, he opted for a cleaner, combed back over the top his head.

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David Beckham Hairstyle