10 Celebrities Who Went Blonde And Looked Bad

Let’s face it, there comes a time when our favorite celebrities decide to dip their noggins in the old bucket o’ bleach, so to speak. That’s right, celebs seemingly love to go blonde any chance they can get. It’s hard for celebs to resist going for that yellow-coloured haired look, no matter the risk. Just look at Justin Bieber's new hairdo. Hey, platinum blonde actually looks good on him.

Whether it’s for a movie role, or just to change things up, sometimes it works brilliantly and other times it falls completely flat. Funny, because sometimes the blonde-coloured hair is flat just like some of careers of the celebs mentioned in this article! You’re probably all thinking of a few select celebs who have made the big change from brunette to blonde, but of those celebs, who should never go blonde again?

Admit it, blonde isn’t for everyone. We’ll take a look at 10 of the most horrendous, jaw-droppingly awful examples of celebrities trying out the blonde look. It ain't pretty.


10 Anne Hathaway

Credit: Andres Otero/

In May of 2013, Anne Hathaway ditched her dark locks for a much lighter shade. While it was only meant to be a temporary change, Anne herself was quite pleased with the transition and even expressed interest in keeping the blonde look permanently. While fans and audiences were mixed on the big switcheroo, she ultimately went back to the familiar brunette look we’ve always seen her with. If you ask us, it was a brilliant decision on her part…we think that Anne should stick with the brunette look. Will she ever go back to blonde? Let’s see if caves into temptation.

9 Zooey Deschanel

Credit: New Line Cinema/IGN

Sure, you probably loved her in her breakout role in the Christmas classic, Elf, but Zooey Deschanel’s blonde hair should be the last thing you want to remember from that movie. When you take a look at her dark brunette look that she’s stuck with since right after Elf premiered, we think you’ll see why we’re in full support of her ditching the blonde locks. Zooey’s quirky characters all seem to fit better with a brunette look as opposed to a blonde. Even Zooey herself once said, “I had to dye my hair blonde for a screen test years ago, and it really wasn’t me. I’m a brunette at heart.” She looks good, but we like her brunette locks much better!

8 Javier Bardem

Credit: MGM/Yahoo

In 2012, when we heard that Daniel Craig’s James Bond would be going head to head with another blonde, the last person we would have suspected was Javier Bardem. That’s right, Skyfall had the suave, charming Spanish actor’s hair bleached blonde in a move that (hopefully) was supposed to look so off-putting that it actually scared audiences. It did just that.

Javier’s dark hair was replaced with a hideous, unfitting blonde mop in a move that honestly made zero sense at all. What did audiences think? Well, while most agreed that the hair was an odd choice, they ultimately ate up Bardem’s role as Raoul Silva and Skyfall was a huge box office success. Good move or bad move? We think it was a smart move to creep out audiences, and we hope we never have to see this combo again. But even this look beats Javier’s ridiculous mop in No Country for Old Men.

7 Adam Levine

Via Credit: NBC/PMCHollywoodLif

He might have been singing “Unkiss Me”, but we were singing, “Unbleach Me.” That’s right, in May 2014 Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine decided it was time to make a bold change…by going platinum blonde! His bright yellow hair was a stark contrast from his usual dark brown, and it definitely didn’t feel like a perfect fit. Even his fellow judges on The Voice (namely, Blake Shelton) took turns taking shots at poor Adam. Even Adam himself said, “I wanted to do something crazy. I don't know why I did it. I really couldn't tell you logically there was a reason.” But what can we say? That was a particularly bad decision on his part. Luckily Adam ditched the blonde look and is back to his usual, lovable “do”.

6 Jessica Alba 

Anyone else wish they could erase any memory of the Fantastic Four movies? Talk about disastrous. When it came down to Jessica Alba’s Sue Storm hairdo, the end result seemed quite fitting - a tacky, fake blonde look. Sure, they were paying homage to a classic blonde comic book character, but the shoe, or should we say “do”, didn’t fit. Jessica Alba has always been noted for her dark to sometimes light brown hair, so when she went full blonde in Fantastic Four, audiences were disappointed in the outcome. In the years since, Jessica has dabbled with the blonde look off and on, but in a more tasteful, blended way. Here’s hoping she learned her lesson, or else we might have to title her next blonde run, “The Revenge of Doom.”

5  5. Colin Farrell

Via Credit: Warner Bros./AceShowbi

It seems like most of the choices on our list are a result of bad movie makeup decisions, which should leave you unsurprised by this terrible blonde “do”. Colin Farrell traded his dark hair for long, golden locks in 2004 for his movie, Alexander, and the reaction was anything but supportive. Audiences hated the new look, and even Colin himself dissed the look. He even went so far as to say, “I’ll be glad when I get back to my normal color. I look really girly. The women don’t seem to like it.” Hmmmm…you think? Good on Colin for at least knowing it was a bad look. Now here’s hoping we never have to see a recurrence.

4 Lindsay Lohan

Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay, Lindsay. At least (hopefully) we can look back on the years past and remind ourselves that everything is better…well…almost everything. Lindsay Lohan got her start as the lovable, freckled, redhead child star-turned-teen comedy actress. But right when her career began to spiral, Lindsay ditched the recognizable red locks for a bleach blonde look that had fans around the globe baffled. It was the beginning of a downward spiral for Lindsay, so we have to chalk this one up as being one of her least terrible decisions. But needless to say, we like the traditional red head look much better.


3 Ethan Hawke


Hang on. Did we just walk into a Sugar Ray concert? Because that has certainly got to be Mark McGrath right there. No, no…it’s Ethan Hawke’s ill-received 2013 bleach blonde hair move. Yeah, there really isn’t much to say here. This knock-off Billy Idol impersonation attempt was a bad move, especially for Ethan. What drove him to go for the bleached white look? You guessed it…an acting role. This time it was for Ethan’s play, Clive, about a struggling musician trying to survive his own self-destruction. Well, we should consider ourselves lucky; otherwise we’d be concerned about Ethan’s own self-destruction after that move.

2 Kim Kardashian

Credit: SplashNews/OkMagazine

Kim…what are we going to do with you? In what was a short-lived, but terrible moment in Kim’s hair history, we recently witnessed the Armenian celeb ditch her long, dark locks for platinum, bleach blonde “do” that would make even most blondes cringe. In what was clearly an attempt to mix things up, Kim shocked paparazzi and fans alike when she debuted her shiny, bright hair in early 2015. However, we’re guessing Kim wised up shortly after, because she only kept the blonde look for a mere three weeks. Let’s assume we’ve seen the end of the blonde Kardashian…for now.

1 Benedict Cumberbatch


We’re still trying to get this image out of our heads. Everyone’s favorite detective, space villain, dragon - you name it - gone blonde? Yeah. When Benedict Cumberbatch announced he’d be playing Julian Assange for a movie, it was bound to eventually happen. When fans finally got to see it come to fruition, however, the result was…creepy to say the least. Sure, Benedict is a natural redhead, but we had gotten so used to his dark hairdo that the long blonde hair scared the hell out of us. For now, it doesn’t look like the blonde Benedict will be making a comeback any time soon. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

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