Celebrities Who Have Destroyed Borrowed Clothing

Saturday night is the best night of the week. That is if you can find an outfit. Many of us have spent hours just standing in front of the closet sobbing that we have nothing to wear. Wouldn’t it be w

Saturday night is the best night of the week. That is if you can find an outfit. Many of us have spent hours just standing in front of the closet sobbing that we have nothing to wear. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if when clothing insecurities came to call, we could enlist the help of a seasoned stylist with access to some of the world’s best designers and most expensive garments?

For the world’s biggest celebrities this is an everyday occurrence. In fact, celebrities hardly need to own a wardrobe of their own at all. Often times, design houses are beating down their door seeking a front-page photo of their famous face in the designer’s latest creation. But what happens after? When the cameras are gone, the make-up is wiped away and the garment has served its glitzy purpose. Well, the design house sends over a lucky intern to collect the dress and correct whatever abuses the item has suffered the night before—that is if they can find the gown at all. Check out our list of high priced celebs who treat on-loan couture like a ratty t-shirt.

7 Lady Gaga: Mysterious Stains

The Stylist in charge of procuring, organizing and maintaining Gaga’s wardrobe during a video shoot or appearance deserves a medal. The Art Pop singer who is known for her Avant Garde and daring style is also notorious demanding many costume changes, some of them even occurring right on stage. This multi-platinum selling songstress turns fashion into art and designers are often eager to work with the singer and her ‘Haus of Gaga’ fashion team. But it should come to no surprise that Gaga likes to put her own spin on fashion and that her behaviour can be a bit unpredictable.

6 Mariah Carey: Mimi and her Minis

Mariah Carey’s penchant for micro mini dresses and skirts seems to know no bounds. Rarely does this megastar Diva step out in anything but super short couture dresses revealing most of her body and her big personality. Carey loves her micro-minis (and ultimately her legs) so much she has become known in the fashion world for unapologetically taking the scissors to a borrowed gown.

When designer to the stars, Elie Saab whose designs range in price from five and fifteen thousand dollars, lent an elegant long fitted ball gown to the multi-octave Grammy winner; she expected Mimi’s legs would be taking the night off.

5 Kim Kardashian: Two Halves Make a Whole

Not a day goes by without media frenzy over reports about the Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s star, her baby, her fiancée or her body. With two shows on the air, a new baby and an impending wedding—sure to be one of the biggest of this year—Kim K is a busy woman. Her visibility and high profile mean she has to look the part at every turn and it’s rare we don’t see Kim sporting a designer look.

4 Lindsey Lohan: Cut it, Ruin It, Lose it, Deny it

One of Hollywood’s most notorious stars is also a repeat offender when it comes to losing, cutting and soiling borrowed attire. In fact, Lohan’s behaviour has placed her on many designers’ “do not lend list”. And it’s too bad because the trouble starlet needs all the style help she can get.

3 Katy Perry: The Case of the Disappearing Dress

Zuhair Murad and Katy Perry have a lot in common.  They both have a dramatic flare and a love for bright colours geometric shapes. The one thing they disagree on is how you treat a handmade couture gown. The bubbly singer believes in partying, staining and losing her clothes while the successful designer prefers to keep his pieces pristine and accounted for.

2 Rihanna: Too Much Birthday

Any designer who lends a gown to the Barbados born pop star can expect two things; a photo of Rihanna in their dress will reach every corner of the internet by the end of the week; and the garment is not coming back in mint conditions. It’s no secret Rihanna likes to have a good time and she knows how to make that happen.

1 Florence Welch: The Reluctant Destructor

The Florence and the Machine front woman is not known for her tabloid worthy antics or petulant celebrity behavior but rather her powerful voice and sophisticated fashion sense. Welch has a unique personal style and showcases her love of art through her looks including the mat black-fringed Givenchy gown she wore to this year’s Met Ball Gala in New York.

The singer was horrified to find the fringe and accouterments of the five-figure Givenchy dress were casting a net catching everything behind her including chairs and napkins. After a few frustrating hours of tripping and untangling herself, a reluctant Welch and stylist cut the dress right there in the dining room. Florence was remorseful to her designer friend Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy but was finally able to make it safely upstairs from the dining room to the ball.

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Celebrities Who Have Destroyed Borrowed Clothing