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Carrie Ann Blogs about Her Style on “Dancing with the Stars”

Carrie Ann Blogs about Her Style on “Dancing with the Stars”


“Dancing with the Stars” is undoubtedly among the most popular shows on television. Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the judges on the show, got together with People Magazine recently to tell us about her style on the first few episodes of the show. Carrie Ann is an extremely talented dancer, she is certainly the right person to be a judge on “Dancing with the Stars”.

Carrie Ann’s father passed away recently right before the premiere of the 16th season of the show. She tells us that she was overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and affection. Carrie wasn’t expecting this, and was left speechless with the love showered on her. And it is precisely this love that helped her go through these challenging times in her life. She has been able to come out of it stronger than before.


Speaking about her style for the 16th season, Carrie Ann says that, the producers selected Theia dresses for her. Carrie is a huge fan of Don O’Neil. Inaba also reveals that she loved his Theia dresses, and was thus very pleased with the selections made. Consequently, all women dancers on the show were made to perform in these dresses. Theia says Carrie is the “Goddess of Light” in Greek Mythology. These dresses are meant to create a sort of illuminating effect on the audience.

As far as her own personal style goes, Carrie Ann feels that her Erica Courtney earrings also looked good on her. They should, because these earrings from Erica Courtney cost $45,000. The ruby ring she wore on the show was also designed by Erica Courtney.


Carrie was looking gorgeous in her beautiful Theia costume and stunning accessories according to reports. She looks glamorous. If somebody can carry them, we believe it is her. Carrie carried her clothing beautifully in the first season as well. She wore Rhonda Faber Green’s diamond bracelets on the show. Rhonda had loaned her jewelry to Carrie.


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