Can Owning Expensive Luxury Handbags Prevent Cheating?

A Gucci bag could prevent your boyfriend or husband from cheating.

Based on a new study by the University of Minnesota, a designer bag might be a way to prevent infidelity.

"It might seem irrational that each year Americans spend over $250 billion on women's luxury products with an average woman acquiring three new handbags a year, but conspicuous consumption is actually smart for women who want to protect their relationship," said one of the study authors Vladas Griskevicius. "When a woman is flaunting designer products, it says to other women 'back off my man.'"

A team of researchers conducted a series of five studies to 649 women with various ages and relationship statuses. It was found out that women flaunt luxury products to show possession to their husbands or boyfriends. The designer products also speak about the couple’s level of commitment.

"We found that a woman who is wearing luxury items and designer brands is perceived to have a more devoted partner and as a result other women are less likely to flirt with him," Wang added. Wang also says that women spend nearly one-third more on luxury goods whenever they feel threatened by romantic competition.

The study further revealed that the luxury products still have the same effect whether it is bought by the woman or given to the female by the male.

In June 2013, the same study was conducted to determine the relationship between designer goods and infidelity. Dating site Ashley Madison found out that Banana Republic is the shopping favorite among cheating wives. The same study by Illicit Encounters, a UK based infidelity dating site, revealed that adulterers also prefer to drive Audis.

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Can Owning Expensive Luxury Handbags Prevent Cheating?