Call of the Wild for Hollywood Stars

It seems call of the wild is beckoning Hollywood stars these days. Many of them are sporting new looks. An obsession with the feline seems to be the rage now. Ryan Gosling and Bella Thorne have been seen in public wearing clothes that showcase this feline interest. Musician Taylor Swift has also been found doing the exact same thing. We aren’t sure who exact

Ryan Gosling was recently seen going to work in black pants and a black leather jacket. The tee shirt he wore beneath was white in color, and had pictures of animals like cats on it. This might seem to be rather a childish thing to do for an average person, but Ryan is known for his weird sense of style. And so, it was not a surprise for him. It is also not shocking thly started this trend, but this thing certainly seems to be in vogue now.

Actress Bella Thorne was also found posing before the camera in a shirt with the image of a cat on it. A teenager is expected to wear such a full-sleeve shirt, and not a Hollywood star like Bella. It had kitty eyes and a kitty mouth on it. When cameras turned to Bella, she simply smiled and looked ahead. No, she was not embarrassed to be seen wearing the shirt at all. On the contrary, she was more than happy to pose for the camera.

The feline trend in Hollywood is certainly a rather mysterious affair. We wait for more celebrities to turn up wearing clothes with a feline influence. We are sure that soon the mystery behind this trend is going to be revealed.

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Call of the Wild for Hollywood Stars