Baby Gaga to Take the World of Fashion by Storm

Baby Gaga aka Natalie, who is the sister of the pop sensation Lady Gaga, is all set to make her entry into the world of fashion. The girl is extremely creative and gifted just like her sister.

She is studying fashion at a college in New York. But in spite of being just a fashion student in college, Natalie has come out with her very own range of designs, which she wants to showcase on the runway, with a little help from her sister Lady Gaga of course! Baby Gaga seems as crazy as Lady Gaga herself. Her designs are sure to be a hit among those who are fond of weird and outlandish costumes. The girl is now working on the costumes for a particular Broadway play that is titled “Simon Says”. The play is going to run a packed house as per expectations. One wonders what kind of costumes Natalie is going to line up for the public to witness. An edgy sense of style is what is expected from Baby Gaga, given that she is the sister of Lady Gaga, and has been by her side for a long time.

Baby Gaga of course came to fame as one of the backup dancers in the famous music video “Telephone”, which starred Beyonce Knowles and Lady Gaga. The music video was quite a hit. Natalie did a stellar job as one of the dancers in the video. Natalie was recently seen with her sister at an awards ceremony. One can only wonder whether this duo is going to gain some sort of similarity to the Danny Minogue and Kylie Minogue duo. The two are always seen together. They appear to be closer than ever with each other.

However, it is unlikely that Natalie is going to go the Danny Minogue way. She has interned with a number of top designers in the city of New York. According to several well known designers in the city, Natalie is a girl who has got some serious talent worth promoting. According to Allison Parris whom Natalie has interned with, Baby Gaga has a unique sense of style which is as bizarre as her sister. She is sure that her designs will be a hit.

Haus of Gaga as brought out by Lady Gaga herself has succeeded in creating an amazing fashion trend in the world market. Natalie it seems is going to contribute to this fashion in the best way possible with her creative talents. Her designs are bold and beautiful, and a little more than what the average person can stomach. The fact that she is now designing for theatrical events is a good sign, given that her clothes are likely to go down well with a theater audience.

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Baby Gaga to Take the World of Fashion by Storm