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Baby Gaga Shines in a Fashion Shoot

Baby Gaga Shines in a Fashion Shoot

Rarely will you find somebody who is as glamorous as Lady Gaga’s sister Natalie. She also goes by the name of Baby Gaga. Unlike her sister who is a pop sensation, Baby Gaga is determined to make her mark in the world of fashion. Natalie has a bizarre sense of style just like her sister, and she intends to use this style to create some amazing fashion trends. This is something we look forward to very much.

A photo shoot recently showcased Natalie’s talent. Yes, Baby Gaga has got some serious talent and this became all the more evident during the photo shoot organized recently showcasing the designers new clothes and accessories, modeled by the latest hot shots in the glamour business.

Natalie unlike her sister is a more serious student and has been pursuing the study of fashion with a great deal of interest at the New School for Design. She does not limit her clothes and accessories to just the unconventional style. Natalie is also capable of designing sophisticated outfits that would be compatible for those who live in the upper east side of New York and want to be seen in the trendiest of clothes.

Natalie is known to work for Joanna Trattoria of New York. She has been working with Joanna for quite some time now, that is, whenever she is not occupied with her fashion designing studies. The shoot which Natalie was a part of, was a rather extravagant one. The models revealed some truly unique and even retro looks. The looks sported by Natalie were a reminiscent of actresses of the yesteryears. Natalie is a gorgeous woman and looks even more so when she is made to dress up like a school girl in these shoots.

It’s not like Baby Gaga has not been seen on the television screen though. Natalie starred with her sister Lady Gaga in the music video “Telephone”, which is one of the best known Gaga songs. The song has her dancing in the background. Natalie is a combination of over-the-top and sophistication, a combination which is truly unique. This unique combination can make Baby Gaga a successful fashion designer. We just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Lady Gaga we feel will be very proud of her sister when she gets to witness her talents by posing before the camera. Indeed Natalie has taken us all by complete surprise.

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