Armani 2014 Collection: Will this Increase the $6.6 Billion Empire?

Giorgio Armani's newest collection delighted the crowds at Milan Fashion Week. His light, fluid, girly designs floated elegantly down the runway in sophisticated pastel shades. Most in the fashion industry are agreed that the clothes were a triumph, but will the collection be financially successful as well?

There is no doubt that the Spring 2014 collection has a lot to live up to. In recent years the Armani Group has experienced a huge boost in sales within Asian markets. 2011 alone saw a $2.35 billion rise in revenue from the Chinese luxury-goods market, up 45% from the previous year. Shoppers in this market were especially fixated on the brand's high-end clothing, perfume, and watches.

Interestingly, the new Armani Spring 2014 collection was an unusually relaxed take on fashion from the 78 year old billionaire designer. The clothes were all casual and mostly consisted of shorts, shirts, and loose, above knee-length dresses. Is this what luxury shoppers in eastern markets are interested in? It is certainly a gamble considering the experimental, high-glamour designs that most other major fashion labels produced for the 2014 spring season.

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Armani 2014 Collection: Will this Increase the $6.6 Billion Empire?