Angelina Jolie Gets $250 000 Worth of Jewelery from Brad Pitt

The high-earning celebrity couple of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie went to Hong Kong earlier this month, and went on quite the spending spree. Brad Pitt purchased nearly $250,000 worth of jewelry for Jolie's neck and wrists. Emperor Watch & Jewelry was the lucky store on the receiving end of a quarter million dollar purchase by Pitt. The purchase included a sunray pendant, with gold and diamond adornment, and a matching bracelet. The jewelry is meant to symbolize warmth, safety, and happiness, all which the happy couple seem to have.

Although the couple was spotted shopping around town and visiting various local boutiques, it seems that most damage was done at this jewelry store. Not only did Angelina get a gift that any woman would die to receive from Brad Pitt, but the jewelry store is bound to take on some business as well, after having served and sold to, one of the leading Hollywood couples in the U.S. and worldwide.

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Angelina Jolie Gets $250 000 Worth of Jewelery from Brad Pitt