A Morphsuit for $1.59 Million?

A morphsuit for Halloween was just recently released by Morphsuits, but you'll have to pay a fortune to get it. The Million Pound Morphsuit was released with a body featuring more than 20,000 diamonds all around. While a typical morphsuit from the company will cost closer to $79 to get, this one is worth $1.59 million. The diamonds are added to the suit after the grey spandex body is applied first. Therefore, the product is essentially being made more valuable thanks in part to the diamonds that are being applied all over its body in just about every space.

The Morphsuits company already earns about $7.2 million in revenue each year. Therefore, the company has been able to afford to make this suit. The company is not only marketing this product on its website but it is also marketing accessories that are much less expensive to go with it. These include sweat bands or a wig that both cost around $9.50 each.

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A Morphsuit for $1.59 Million?