7 Summer Fashion Crimes Committed by Celebrities

Summer is a great time for women's fashion. With the warmer weather, ladies can comfortably wear dresses, skirts, shorts, sandals, tank tops and tees. It's wonderful to show off pedicures and smooth legs and finally feel the sun on your skin after a cold winter of bundling up. However, with great fashion opportunities come great responsibility.

There are several things that can go wrong with a woman's summertime style. For one, there's a fine line between showing off some skin and baring way too much. And that's just one faux pas. It's understandable that the everyday working woman doesn't have the time or money to keep up with all the trends or always look like a runway model. On the other hand, however, celebrities have countless resources at their fingertips to stay classy and polished. There's no excuses for these female celebs, for whom the summertime weather brought out the worst in.

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7 Gwen Stefani's Visible Bra Straps

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One of the best parts of summer clothing is wearing sleeveless tops and dresses; they keep you cool and look sexy at the same time. However, it's easy for this hot-weather wear to turn from classy to trashy, from just a bra strap poking out from beneath a tank top.

6 Halle Berry's Flip Flops

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Ah, flip flops - the Uggs of summer. Comfortable, casual and easy to slip on and off. Like Uggs, there's a time and a place for flip flops, like the pool or lounging around the house. One place they're definitely not appropriate for, however, is on the red carpet.

5 Kim Kardashian's Heavy Makeup

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Summer is a time to take it easy with the makeup. Layers of foundation, dark eye shadow and bright lipstick appear more clownish than sultry in the bright sunlight. Plus, if the wearer becomes too hot, the makeup will melt and smudge. Kim Kardashian is one celeb who is known for wearing heavy makeup all year round. Her thick eyeliner, contouring, fake lashes, blush and bright lipstick are way too much for the summertime.

Instead, if you feel like you must wear makeup in the summer, go for a lightweight BB cream and a single coat of mascara. The warm weather will make you naturally flushed, so you can skip the blush. Don't worry about caking on layers of powder, either; keep blotting papers in your purse to keep shine at bay.

4 Whitney Port's Ill-Fitting Swimsuit

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Swimsuits have to fit just right to look good on a woman's body, while covering everything important. Bottoms that are too big will give you a saggy butt, while bottoms that are too small will give even the skinniest girl a muffin top. Tops also have to fit perfectly in order to provide support and keep everything in its place. Laying out in a bathing suit that doesn't fit is dangerous enough, but don't even try to go swimming if your bikini doesn't fit perfectly.

3 Kristen Stewart's See-Through White Top

via beautythroughstrength.com

The old tradition is that white can only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but  just because it's a classic summer color, doesn't mean you can throw caution to the wind when wearing it during the warmer months. White clothes can easily stain, but, even worse, they can be completely see-through. Kristen Stewart must not have looked in the mirror before heading to Comic Con, otherwise she would have noticed that her white top is so thin you can see her bra!

Stewart could have fixed this look by layering a tank top under her shirt or just wearing a white shirt with a thicker material. This top is embarrassing, but see-through white bottoms are even worse during the summertime. If wearing white slacks or a skirt, make sure you have on nude-colored panties underneath to avoid revealing to everyone the outline of your underwear.

2 Kate Flannery's Sweat Stains

via: www.nydailynews.com

There's no reason to be ashamed of sweating; it's our bodies natural way of keeping us cool. However, when your sweat soaks through your clothes, somewhere other than the gym, it can be embarrassing and even smelly. That's just what happened to The Office actress Kate Flannery, when she wore this blue dress to the 2011 Emmys. Hosted in mid-September in LA, this star knew the weather would be warm and should have dressed accordingly.

There's plenty of things Flannery could have done to avoid this fashion disaster. Wearing tops that aren't tightly fitted around the underarms is one way to prevent something like this. Flannery's dress is too high-cut, so her perspiration was able to seep right into the blue silk, instead of having time to evaporate. Strong antiperspirants or a little baby powder can work to keep sweating at bay. Or if you really need it, you can purchase special adhesive liners to stick inside your shirt that soak up sweat before it gets to your clothing.

1 Miley Cyrus's Too Short Shorts

via bubblews.com

Shorts are a staple in everyone's summer wardrobes. They can be worn with a simple t-shirt or dressed up with flats and a blouse. Either way, they're a great way to keep cool and show off your legs. When Miley Cyrus sported these shorts on a shopping trip, however, she was showing off way more than legs. We're pretty sure Cyrus, who is infamous for her wild behavior, doesn't care if she's flashing her behind, but a lot of other women do.

Shorts might look like a great length from the front, but you have to be be careful before you purchase a pair. In the dressing room, do the "touch your toes" test in front of a close girlfriend or the mirror to make sure everything is still covered when you're bending over.

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