15 Things Women Put On To Take Off

While exuding sex appeal is truly a result of inner confidence, the right outfit or accessory can change everything. The favorite outfit, a special pair of lacy underwear, a short skirt, or a revealing top can make a woman not only look better on the outside, but also make her feel sexier on the inside. However, wearing something sexy doesn't always mean it's overt, sometimes, it's not about what you can see, but what you can't. Then, there's the unintentionally sexy; that piece of clothing or accessory a woman can wear to the office or even out running errands that makes her super attractive to others, but she might not even know it.

Below are fifteen of the sexiest trends. Some of these trends are adored by strippers and pole dancing housewives alike. A few of the items listed below can help women feel sexier every day. There are even a few trends that might remind you of high school. Of course some of the trends here are just barely safe for work. While there are so many ways to make women feel sexy, all of these items have one commonality: they are things women put on to take off.

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15 Pasties

Pasties were brought out of the bedroom and into the mainstream cultural lexicon by singer Lil' Kim at the 1999 MTV Music Awards. Even Miley Cyrus paid tribute to Lil' Kim's neat nipple covers last Halloween. If you’re not famous, pasties are a great way to prevent showing your nipples under thin fabrics, when you cannot wear a bra. Try Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ Silicone CoverUps for $8.99, to prevent your nips from slipping.

14 Crotchless Panties

Men have easy access with boxers, so why not let the ladies have the same privilege? Crotchless panties are a great way to surprise your lover. While people rarely spoke of crotchless panties a few years ago, they've recently been brought into the mainstream by Hanky Panky, whose After Midnight Line features several different ones.

13 Thongs

In 2000, no wedding, Bar Mitzvah or date night could go by without hearing "The Thong Song", by Sisqó. While we haven't heard much from Sisqó since, that infamous undergarment has remained ubiquitous. Thongs are not only designed to prevent panty lines, but also to cause a whole lot of other trouble. Available in cotton, lace and many other materials, the thong has become the standard for sexy undergarments.

12 Fishnets

Fishnets are the best way to look like a modern pin up while still keeping all of your clothes on. No other accessory screams subtle sexuality quite the way fishnets do. Although they are usually associated with strippers, everyday women can also wear them to amp up their sex appeal. If matched with the proper clothing, these fishnets can also be office friendly.

11 Garters

Originally designed to hold up stockings, when they were made without waistbands or elastic, garters now only have one purpose, which is to be a sexy little accessory. Brides often wear a garter for good luck, sometimes as the “something new” or “something blue.” After the bouquet is thrown to the bachelorettes during the reception, the garter is often thrown out to the bachelors after the groom have seductively retrieved it from his brides thigh using nothing but his teeth. Legend says, whichever man catches it, will be married next.

10 Daisy Duke Shorts

Daisy Duke shorts were first coined for the short shorts that actress Catherine Bach wore as Daisy Duke on the 1979 television series The Dukes of Hazard. In the 2005 re-make film, a slim, sexy, Jessica Simpson made a new generation of men salivate. While the actresses playing Daisy have come and gone, the sexiness of the little denim shorts has remained the same. True Religion’s Joey shorts, for $168, are the perfect contemporary version. No man can resist a hot lady in her Daisy Dukes.

9 Nerd-Girl Glasses

On a scale between stripper and librarian, lies the sexiness of Nerd-Girl glasses. Not only do these glasses help women see, it helps them look both simultaneously smart and sexy. While there are many kinds of Nerd-Girl glasses, any kind will do. The bigger, the better.

8 Lingerie

Why sleep in pajamas with feet when you can slip into something sexier? Lingerie comes from the French word “linge,” which means linen. The term faire le linge means “do the laundry.” So, if you wear lingerie to bed, there is a good chance you will have to clean your sheets. Men have a hard time resisting a woman in lingerie which is usually the premise behind giving lingerie to a bride-to-be at her bachelorette party.

7 Push Up Bras

Breasts look best when facing North. Often padded, Push-Up bras are the most flattering to women’s breasts, making them look as large and shapely, as a garment can. Under a basic t-shirt or low cut dress, Push-Up bras can perform magic. While many bra trends have come and gone, the Push-Up Bra is here to stay.

6 School Girl Skirts

There’s something very naughty about those plaid skirts that those supposedly good Catholic School Girls wear. It's okay, men can legally lust after those 18+ ladies who wear them. Any woman who willingly puts on this plaid skirt knows exactly what she's doing. Paired with a white dress shirt tied at the belly button level and some knee high socks, this is one outfit that screams sexy school girl.

5 Ankle Boots with Shorts

A heel or boot positions a woman’s legs to look their best. Shorts show off a woman’s legs. What could look better than combining both? Supermodels Gisele and Kate Moss, singer Miley Cyrus, as well as style expert Nicole Richie have been seen wearing this sensual look.

4 Leather

Leather can be made into a variety of head turning things, from badass jackets, dresses, and skirts to whips. Anything made of leather always reminds us of sex. From subtle to sultry, leather can be naughty and it always looks nice.

3 Corsets

First becoming popular in sixteenth century Europe, the primary purpose of corsets were to make the female form look as good as possible. The first corsets were made of whalebone and were often tied so tightly, they were torturous. Sometimes, they could even make women faint. While they are still designed to be figure flattering, wearing a corset today will likely result in a trip to the bedroom instead of a trip to the hospital. Contemporary corsets are also incredibly sexy.

2 Handcuffs

Handcuffs aren’t just for enforcing the law; they’re for enforcing a little bit (or a lot) of fun in the bedroom. Kiki de Montparnasse makes a beautiful set of 24K Gold ones for $575. The keys are on a necklace chain to wear outside the bedroom, but if someone asks you what they key is for, you might have to whisper the answer.

1 Clear Heels

Clear Heels AKA Stripper Shoes are equally trendy and sexy. No fooling, these shoes have become a celebrity and runway favorite. Worn onstage by everyone from the ladies at your local gentleman’s club, to Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen. Jimmy Choo has found a way to make a Lucite heeled shoe that looks more sophisticated than slutty. A woman can now strut in a sultry way wearing these beauties right into the bedroom.

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