15 Items Women Should Have In Their Closets Year Round

Every woman has her favorite sundress to wear during the warm Summer months or triple-ply cashmere sweater for the frosty Winter months. Being re-united with your favorite wardrobe piece, when the weather permits it is almost as exciting as getting a new outfit. However, there are some staples, some basic items that should remain as part of a regular rotation of a woman’s wardrobe, no matter what the weather is.

There are fifteen items of clothing listed below that all woman should have in their closets year round, as well as a few accessories. Several of these are layering pieces that can create versatile looks for various climates, both in terms of season and occasion. You can pair most of these items with specifically seasonal favorites, from shorts to sweater. While specific brands and labels are mentioned as a guideline, with the exception of one very important item, everything listed here can be purchased from a range of retailers from Target to Neiman Marcus. However, for most of these wardrobe staples, it is highly suggested to spring for a higher quality item, as they are things you will wear often, so it is certainly worth it to purchase a few investment pieces.

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15 Wife Beater Tank

While term “Wifebeater” is rather politically incorrect, that’s the best way to describe this essential shirt that every woman should have in her wardrobe. You can never have too many of these. Perfect for under a blazer in the Spring or Fall, alone with a statement necklace for Summer, and as an undershirt or layering piece during the colder months, you just can't beat a Wifebeater.

14 Spanx Power Panties

Ladies, it doesn't matter if you are a size zero or a size twelve, you NEED Spanx Power Panties. You can wear them under everything from a formal gown to jeans. They make you look skinnier and smooth out, well, all the places you need smoothing out. Just pick up a pair in “Barest,” which is a nude color. You might not think you need them, but you will soon discover how many outfits just look better with Spanx underneath.

13 A Basic Camisole

A camisole can take you from the boardroom to the bedroom in a snap. Great alone with a pair of jeans, or even shorts during warmer months, or under sweaters, like an undershirt, when it’s coler out. You can even wear a cami to yoga or to sleep on laundry day. Every woman should own at least three good camisoles.

12 Leggings

Leggings are very versatile and perfect for all seasons and most body types. From wearing them with a long tank during the Summer or paired with a sweater in the Winter and under a skirt on a Spring evening; there’s never a bad time for leggings.

11 A White Button Down Shirt

A white button down works layered under sweaters during the winter and alone during the other seasons. Great with jeans for a weekend brunch, or under a blazer at work, a white shirt is just formal enough for any occasion. Worn by Marilyn Monroe and Sharon Stone, white button shirts are equally sophisticated and sexy.

10 Denim Jacket

Year after year, and for about three out of the four seasons, denim jackets are in style. A denim jacket dresses down black pants and looks adorable with a dress during the Summer. On slightly chillier Fall nights, pair one with a cotton scarf. Any denim jacket style should be staple for years to come.

9 Jeans

Jeans are the universal pant for every casual occasion. Wash them inside out and don’t put them in the dryer, they'll last for years. A great basic jean can change your life regardless of the style (skinny, bootcut or even boyfriend style jeans), but any high end brand of denim should have a cut and style to suit everyone. Try Earnest Sewn, Hudson, Paige, Citizens of Humanity or even plain old Levis.

8 A Push Up Bra

Nothing says sexy like a push up bra. Paired with a tight sweater or with straps showing under a tank top on a humid night, everything looks better when your "girls" do. Keep them looking their sexiest all year round with a bra that never lets you down.

7 Black Pants: $285

A good pair of black pants work in the Winter with a sweater, or with a tank in the Summer. A pair of black pants look great with a contrasting blazer for a job interview, where a suit would be a little too formal. Universally flattering, to be dressed up or down, black pants can be worn 365 days per year.

6 Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are perfect for every occasion and season. With boots and a sweater for the Winter, sandals and a camisole for the Spring and Summer and with a white buttondown shirt or long sleeve shirt for the Fall, a pencil skirt should always be part of a regular wardrobe rotation. You can never have too many pencil skirts, but if you can only have one, choose a plain black one with just a little flair.

5 A Blazer

A black blazer is an absolute essential. You can wear one as a regular jacket in the Spring and Fall to a business lunch with slacks or with jeans out shopping with the girls. A blazer is a great winter replacement for a cardigan underneath a coat. Paired with a very light tank, you can still wear one in the summer to take you from the office to happy hour.

4 Long sweater

Everyone should own a long sweater, especially in cashmere. A great alternative to the traditional cardigan, in the colder months, they can be layered under coats. During the Spring and Summer, throw a sweater coat over a tank top or camisole on a breezy evening. They are also great for staying comfortable and warm on an airplane.

3 Black Leather Pumps

Classic black pumps are an absolute necessity all year round. Black goes with everything, both formal and casual. A well-designed, simple pair can be worn seven days a week, although you should have multiple pairs because it's bad for your feet to wear the same pair every day. Great for a gala with a formal gown or jazzy with jeans, a black pump can take you here, there and everywhere.

2 A Leather Belt

Belts are a great way to accessorize jeans or even shorts any time of the year. A basic black or tan belt goes with everything. Not only does it help keep you pants and short around your hips, but it also helps you pull an outfit together and look stylish throughout the entire day and possibly even into the night.

1 Little Black Dress

The little black dress has always been big. The color never goes out of style and flatters every body type. Little black dresses can be dressed down to wear out to dinner or dressed up with the right jewelry for more formal occasions.  A medium weight fabric can take you through every season.

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