12 Of The Worst Red Carpet Fails From Flawless Divas

When Hollywood stars walk the red carpet, all eyes are on them. Everyone turns fashion police, irrespective of whether they themselves, are flawlessly styled or not. After all, a star walking the red carpet is expected to be exquisite and impeccable! And god forbid that they goof it up, well, they’re just opening themselves up to public censure, critique and judgment, some of them even borderline hurtful!

Most of the stars on our list today get it right to the ‘t’, at least more often than not. They have been quite firmly installed in the fashion hall of fame for all their glory days on the various red carpets around the world. Some are just such fashion geniuses, what with their designer gowns and perfect styling, that they actually face the whole brunt of additional judgments on the rare occasions that they get it wrong. Here are some of the 12 epic carpet fails from actresses that are usually on top of their fashion game. Here are some fashion divas, unfortunately (for them) caught on camera on their ‘not so great’ days.

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12 Sandra Bullock - Golden Globes 2014


Before the bizarre color-blocked dress Sandra Bullock sported at the 2014 Golden Globes, many people thought that she had just about nailed the art of pulling off any fashion trend. Yet, despite years of carefully accentuated hard work that she had put in to attain the style diva crown, her Prabal Gurung outfit in the shades of pink, black and blue, made that crown slip off her head a notch. The 49-year-old star, nominated for her role in Gravity, did not quite see that her fanned out, high-low gown did nothing to accentuate her stunning figure (and God punishes those who hide figures that look like that, you know) and the baby pinks and blues did nothing for her features either. Unfortunately, Ms. Bullock missed the mark with this one!

11 Gwyneth Paltrow - Oscars 2002


10 Kim Kardashian - LACMA Art & Film Gala 2014

9 Jennifer Lopez - American Idol XIV Red Carpet Event


There are mixed reactions on the Cédric Charlier top and Thomas Wylde skirt that the normally fabulous J Lo chose to wear to the American Idol XIV red carpet event, in December 2014. Granted that the thought behind the shimmery silver silk top paired with a leather skirt named ‘Sex on a Stick’ was to go for something a little more glitzy, but a thigh-high zippered slit that revealed knee high, Sophia Webster’s Clemetine gladiator boots in gun metal shades, made it look like she was trying a tad bit too hard. Quite contrary to the usually effortless effervescence that is associated with J Lo’s clothing style. Though not everyone thinks that this outfit is an absolute disaster, especially when you look at J Lo’s customarily perfect hair and make up, most agree that in comparison to her highs, this one’s definitely a low.

8 Charlize Theron - 82nd Academy Awards 2010


When Madonna did her conical breast cups, we thought we’d seen it all; but when a usually ultra-chic Charlize Theron arrived at the 82nd Academy Awards of 2010, her lavender and purple Christian Dior Gown with rosebud breast cups, did not leave us impressed. Very few people can go wrong with Dior red carpet gowns but the tacky highlighting of the bust area with cinnamon rolls did not do credit to the fashion house. Granted that Charlize’s dress was not a catastrophe like so many other ensembles are, but the fact that a personality like Charlize chose it, leaves us flabbergasted. If the front wasn't chic enough, the back, with its zigs and zags, can be counted as worse!

7 Heidi Klum - AMA 2014


At the 2014 American Music Awards, leggy model Heidi Klum courted a fashion disaster of fairly criminal proportions when she chose to wear a two piece, asymmetric, black and pink, boldly striped Versace dress. The blonde not only exposed a lot of leg, but she exposed shocking pink sandals that had blue highlights that clashed with her dress. The sparkly pink stripes on her dress, which were aimed at marking unusual color-blocking patterns, did nothing extraordinarily glam for the outfit. Though the fitting was impeccable, almost everyone agreed that the fashion and modeling industry icon could have made better ensemble choices for the event. The lady is quite a pro at taking red carpet risks, and so we didn’t mind it too much that this one time, she seems to have failed!

6 Reese Witherspoon - Golden Globes 2012


Golden Globes 2012 fashion was flooded with mermaid tail gowns and corseted bodices, and so it makes sense that Reese Witherspoon chose a bold scarlet gown to ensure that hers would not be missed in the crowds. Now, ideally this would have been great but in this case, her baggy, ill-fitting Zac Posen ensemble that was strangely fitted on the chest area, the spotlight did her little favors. Considering that Reese is so tiny, the extra piece of fabric trailing her on the floor also did not complement her, making her look shorter and somewhat dowdy. If it is any help though, her beachy, wind-swept hair, casual make up and full on high voltage smile, made sure everyone forgave her faux-pas within minutes of her arrival.

5 Alyssa Milano - Into The Woods Premiere 2014

Here is a case where it is not the actual outfit that is meh, but actually the pair of the ensemble and the wearer together that caught everyone going ‘oh no’ on this one. When the stunning Alyssa Milano sported a dark green Dolce and Gabanna dress at the premiere of Into The Woods, it wasn't the dress that people questioned, but rather the fact that the tightly laced-up dress was sitting uncomfortably tight on the actress in the most unflattering of areas, was what was the noticeable talk of the town. In line with the movie, the fact that the actress chose to go with a witch-like color for her wacky outfit makes us give her kudos for the theme, though. We just wish she had gone with a more appropriate size for the occasion in question.

4 Catherine Zeta-Jones -Wall Street Premiere 2010


We've always come to expect the best from Catherine Zeta-Jones, when it comes to red carpet events and that is possibly why this outfit made it to the list of red carpet fails. It is simply not up to her usual standards! I mean, Catherine still looks divine in whatever she wears, but her Maggie Norris Couture black gown with ruffles and a Judith Leiber clutch purse is too droll and ordinary for someone of her fashion flair. The strapped black dress with ruffles on the neckline and tail, simply seemed a bit too childish and un-refined for ‘the’ Catherine of the fashion hall of fame. We’re inclined to forgive her though, considering how sumptuous she looks even when she dresses down!

3 Maria Sharapova -Vanity Fair Party 2012


When Maria Sharapova arrived at the Vanity Fair Party 2012, in a frilly Alexander McQueen mini dress, everyone wondered if she had come straight from a chicken fight, or girl fight or pillow fight, at the very least. Her dress frills looked more like tattered remains of an unbearably traumatizing event aftermath, rather than ruffles made in the name of fashion. It did not help that the delicate lace fabric and the muted color was much better suited to someone of a more petite body frame, either. We bet she was just as uncomfortable wearing the dress as we were pained by looking at it.

2 Victoria Beckham - Prince’s Trust Event 2005


Over the years, Victoria Beckham has become the official name for classy, chic and stylish clothing, but even this queen of fashion occasionally makes mistakes. When attending the 2005 Prince’s Trust Event, the fashion icon inadvertently slipped back into her old ‘Spice Girls’ days of showy, skimpy and outrageous dresses. She arrives in a blue and green Roberto Cavalli creation that had her spending most of her time covering her unmentionables. The dress looked like a strangely mutilated saree, unfashionably draped around a tanned, glittering body. The dress went totally on the other side of sophisticated and we were all glad when the event was over and Victoria Beckham firmly replaced Posh Spice again.

1 Penelope Cruz - Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides UK Premiere


Once again, it was less about the dress and more about the fit when Penelope Cruz arrived at the UK premiere of her movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Penelope made her grand entrance in a beautiful Givenchy Haute Couture white lace dress, with a slit asymmetrical trail and gold zippered detailing. Alas, the gown’s fit left a lot to be desired. The zippered front puckered up in all the wrong places, due to the fit problems and gave the enviously fab bodied Penelope bits of fake fat on her bodice! Come on, it’s criminal to do that to one of the best, hot bods in Hollywood!

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