12 Of The Most Memorable Celeb Fashion Trends Of 2014

2014 was an interesting year in fashion. It was officially the year when we saw the worlds of streetwear and high-end fashion completely collide. Nowadays luxury brands like Givenchy and Balmain are just as common on the streets as Levi's and Converse. It was also the year where we saw celebrities (both male and female) show more skin than ever before. Skin is really "in" right now, and this is a trend that will most likely carry on into 2015.

In 2014, we saw Nicki Minaj tone down her style slightly on the red carpet to look a little more sleek and elegant. Lady Gaga on the other hand continued to be as crazy as she wanted to be with her elaborate attire and incessant outfit changes. Kanye West also officially severed ties with Nike, and his new and highly anticipated sneakers are coming out in conjunction with Adidas in 2015. There was definitely a lot that happened in the world of style, but in the following article, we discuss 12 of the most memorable trends that celebs rocked in 2014.

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12 Bare Midriffs/Cropped Tops

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This is one trend we’ve been seeing all through the year with a lot of pop starlets and female rappers like: Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Azealia Banks, Nicki Minaj and more. When you're a celebrity, it's your job to look good, and these ladies certainly put a lot of time into hitting the gym to get their mid-sections looking so toned. We think this is one trend that is certainly going to continue for 2015.

11 Designer Ski-Masks

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This is a trend that's popular with a lot of rappers. Throughout 2014, we saw emcees like Vinny Chase and Red Café wearing ski masks with Chanel logos and other high fashion branding. Other artists who also tried this trend in the past are Beyonce and  Justin Bieber. It's a cluttered celeb scene out there and everyone is trying to do different things to stand out and be different, but this ski-mask trend is certainly not one of the top looks in our book.

10  10. Ripped/Holey Jeans

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Denim is one of those fashion staples that is always going to be in – no matter what the season is. Surprisingly, this season we even saw the return of the elusive “denim on denim” look, also known as the Canadian Tuxedo. One denim trend that made a comeback in 2014 was ripped/holey jeans. We saw them on everyone: Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, and it looks like this style will only get stronger in 2015.

9 Smokey The Bear Hats

via: www.nydailynews.com

We love Pharrell and we think that his song “Happy” was one of the best songs of the year. There’s so much negativity and bad news we are bombarded with each day and that song was such a great escape. Another reason Pharrell was so unforgettable was his famous Smokey The Bear/Arby’s hat. This hat should definitely be put into a 2014 capsule for future human generations to discover and admire.

8  8. Mushroom Haircuts

via: galleryhip.com

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately due to their alleged hacking of Sony in retaliation for the Hollywood movie The Interview. There are many things that one can say about the North Korean leader, but we’ll restrict our comments to his severe, mushroom style haircut. We never thought anyone would emulate his haircut, but actor Robert Pattinson proved us wrong and unveiled the haircut shown above in 2014.

7 Weird Neck Scarves

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Scarves are essential accessories for getting through the cold weather. At the 2014 fashion shows in Europe, Kanye West definitely showed the world that he's not afraid to find different ways to tie a scarf to look extra stylish and unique. What ever happened to just wrapping a scarf around or neck and calling it a day? For Kanye West, everything always has to be taken up a few notches.

6 Overgrown Beards

via: www.sheknows.co.uk

So let’s talk about the uniform that is fully embraced by young actors (like Andrew Garfield) and of course hipsters. It usually consists of selvedge jeans, worn-in Red Wing boots, a vintage military watch, and of course the ever-present full-grown beard. When the overgrown beard look first started to emerge, it was somewhat of an oddity, but now it has spread into a full-on trend. This look can be a hit or miss – in some cases it can look alright, but sometimes, it ends up turning a guy from a gent to an unkempt and very grizzly lumberjack. We also don’t think this trend will disappear any time soon.

5 Big Hair Bows

via: styles.ly

Another hairstyle trend that surfaced in 2014 was celebs deciding to wear super-big bows in their hair. One celebrity in particular who really adores this look is the pint-sized pop star Ariana Grande. Hey who knows, maybe when she was growing up, one of her favorite cartoon characters was Minnie Mouse. We're on the fence with this one - what do you guys think about this look?

4 Peplum Silhouettes

via: www.thetrenddiaries.com

For those who don’t know what a peplum silhouette is, here is the simple definition. It is a flared ruffle attached to the waist of a jacket, pants, shirt or a dress to enhance a woman’s figure. Every now and then, some fashion editor will make an announcement that the peplum look is back, and it ends up becoming a thing again. Kim Kardashian is a huge fan of this look; perhaps she likes the ruffles as they enhance her hourglass figure.

3 Designer Logo Puns

via: inlovewithfashion.co.uk

You’ve most likely seen some of these shirts, usually worn by the tragically hip set of celebs. They will take a brand like “Hermes” and copy the same font and graphics and replace it with “Homies.” Or it might be "Yves Saint Laurent" and then it’s flipped to read “Ain’t Laurent.” Another one we’ve seen a lot of is the high end brand “Celine” being transferred into “Celfie.” It's the type of trend that allows celebs to show that they are still cool and "with it," and we'll most likely see more of this in 2015.

2 Cut Out Swimsuits

va: www.nydailynews.com

Swimsuits are a hard trend to nail down, because different kinds work for different shapes. Some women like how they look in onesies, others prefer retro-style swimsuits and others may even want to cover up a bit more with sarongs and t-shirts. One look that was big in 2014 was cut-out swimsuits. We saw celebs like the newly engaged Sofia Vergara and Paris Hilton jumping on this trend. If you're comfortable enough to wear this style, definitely go for it!

1  1. Maxi Skirts

In 2014, one way that female celebs really ramped up the sexy levels was by wearing maxi skirts, some with really high slits. The cool thing about the maxi skirt look is that it can be done in a print and paired with a tank top for a casual bohemian look, or it can be made sexy and glamorous for an evening event. Either way, it's a look that will surely continue to be popular.

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