11 Things You Didn't Know About The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs December 8th but you probably already know that because it’s a pretty big deal. Considering it features musical performances by world famous musicians and runway strutting made by some of the most beautiful women in the world (who just so happen to be more than half naked), it’s easy to understand why millions tune in every year.

This year’s fashion show, which has already been filmed, will be the 20th annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. In the 20 years it’s been around, the show has evolved from its humble beginnings into a major event. Many things have changed since the first show in 1995. For example, in 1995 there were no wings, no Fantasy Bra, and no celebrity musical guests. The show was much less entertaining to say the least. From humble beginnings to the spectacle that costs millions to put on, it's worth the high-scale production, credited for driving Victoria’s Secret's annual sales of over $6 billion.

This year’s show will be just as big an event as last year’s, even though Taylor Swift will not be returning as a musical guest and honorary Angel (those legs, though). There is much buzz surrounding this year, where veterans like Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima will walk along side first-timers like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who auditioned for the show twice before finally getting to be a part of it this year.

December 8th will no doubt be a night of Angels and in honor of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show’s 20th spectacle, here are 11 things that you might not have known about the show:

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10 The First Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Looked Much Different

The first Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show took place in 1995 and it looked much, much different than the show today. The show was not televised, put on for a budget of $120,000, which is nothing compared to the millions and millions of dollars the show takes to put on today. They drop some serious dough to have the Angels strut the runway in their wings. Speaking of wings, there were no wings, no Fantasy Bra and much less skin. In the first show, Angels strutted down the runway in long nightgowns and robes. Yes, you read that correctly, robes.

9 Wings Didn’t Appear Until 1998

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In the slow evolution to become the spectacle that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is today, wings first appeared in the 1998 show. Stephanie Seymour and Tyra Banks, two of the early Victoria’s Secret Angels, first wore the wings on the runway. This show was still not televised and took place around Valentine’s Day. Shortly after, Banks, who at the time was one of the highest-paid models in the world, switched gears and focused on television and film, eventually making a hit with her reality television show, America’s Next Top Model, now in its 22nd cycle.

8 The First Fantasy Bra Appeared In 1996

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In 1996, Claudia Schiffer wore the first ever Fantasy Bra. Back then, the bra was called the “Million Dollar Miracle Bra” because it literally cost $1,000,000, which seems pricey but it has actually ended up being one of the more modestly priced Fantasy Bras. The bra, which wasn’t actually shown in the show, featured 100 carats of diamonds and several other gemstones. This is one of six Fantasy Bras that were not shown on television, though this is because the 1996 show was still not being aired at all. The first time the Fantasy Bra appeared on the runway, and thus on television, was during the 2001 show, the first show that was aired. In 2001, Heidi Klum wore the Heavenly Star Bra, costing over $12 million, making the Million Dollar Fantasy Bra look like a steal.

7 Gisele Bündchen Wore The Most Expensive Bra Of All Time

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During the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Gisele Bundchen wore a bra that was not only the most expensive Fantasy Bra but that also earned the title of the most expensive lingerie ever created from the Guinness Book of World Records. The bra was valued at $15 million. Why would a bra ever cost $15 million? Because it was decorated with 300 carats of Thai rubies. Being that this was just one year before the show began being aired on television, the most expensive Fantasy Bra never got to earn the place it deserved in the limelight.

6 This Year, Lily Aldridge Will Wear The Fantasy Bra

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This year, 30-year-old Lily Aldridge, a seven-year Victoria’s Secret veteran, will have the honor of wearing the Fantasy Bra during the Fashion Show. The bra took 685 hours of labor to create, which is understandable if you take into consideration that it’s set with 6,500 gens and 18-karat gold. Designed by jeweler Mouawad, this year’s Fantasy Bra is named the Fireworks Fantasy Bra and is valued at a cool $2 million. Her husband Caleb Followill, lead singer of Kings of Leon, will definitely have something to sing about after seeing his wife strut down the runway in the Fantasy Bra.

6. Taylor Hill Is The Youngest Victoria’s Secret Angel

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At just 19 years old, Taylor Hill, who is walking in the show, is the youngest Victoria’s Secret Angel ever. She walked in the 2014 Fashion Show as well but has since then been upgraded to Angel status. Though she is young, she was discovered at just 14 years old and has been around the block a few times at this whole runway thing, having walked the runway for Chanel, Alexander Wang, Elie Saab, Ralph Lauren, and Carolina Herrera, you know, just to name a few.

5 There Will Be Natural Hair On The 2015 Runway

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Victoria’s Secret models are known for long, bouncy locks but this year, things are changing a bit. This year, the hairstylists won’t be adding extensions to the girls walking the runway with shorter hair. Also, newsflash: most of those bouncing bombshell locks are not their natural hair. Speaking of natural hair, 23-year-old Angolan model Maria Borges will rock her natural hair during her third Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. This will make her the first black woman to strut down the runway with her natural hair.

4 It Takes A Village

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The models don’t wake up looking like they do on the runway. It takes a lot of work and a lot of people to get them runway-ready. For the 2015 show, there were 32 hairstylists and 32 makeup artists behind the scenes for the 47 models walking the runway. On top of that, there are also six manicurists to make sure the girls are perfect down to their toes. To get that glow, the models go through 100 bottles of Victoria’s Secret body lotion. Their bombshell hair is created with 60 beach wave hair tools and 40 bottles of Victoria’s Secret hairspray.

3 The Show Costs Millions Of Dollars To Put On

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In 1995, the first show cost a mere $120,000 to execute. That is change compared to the $12 million (plus) it takes to put the show on nowadays. Considering that it is a spectacle and quite the event, putting a show with that many feathers and a Fantasy Bra definitely isn’t cheap. On top of the costumes, paying for elaborate runways and huge musical guests, like last year’s honorary Angel Taylor Swift, can add up. However, this is easily written off as a necessary business expense considering it is probably the best promotional event of the year for the brand.

2 Karlie Kloss And Jourdan Dunn Will Not Walk This Year

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Earlier this year, Karlie Kloss hung up her angel wings in order to focus on her studies at NYU, so unfortunately, no Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for the Taylor Swift bestie. There was a bit more controversy surrounding the absence of Jourdan Dunn from the show, who first walked the runway in 2012. After news broke that Rihanna would not be performing at the 2015 Fashion Show, Dunn tweeted, “Feeling so much better about not doing BS…sorry I mean VS now that Rihanna isn’t doing it also.” The tweet has since then been deleted.

1 Selena Gomez Wore Colored Contacts To Look Like Adriana Lima

Following in Swift’s footprints, Selena Gomez is performing at the 2015 Fashion Show. In order to look the part she got a spray tan, a blow out and wore colored contacts because, as you learned earlier, it takes a village to make you look the part of an Angel. Gomez claims to be “genuinely inspired by Adriana,” who she apparently aspired to look like. Gomez can’t really be blamed for wanting to look like Lima - the bombshell veteran Angel has walked in 16 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows.

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