11 Celebrity Men Who Need To Stop Using So Much Makeup

Makeup is a bit of a controversial topic. A lot of women love to wear it for whatever reason they may choose, but a lot of men either tell them that they don't have to wear makeup because they look beautiful without it, or encourage them to wear more. There isn't really a happy medium there (although that's pretty true with just about anything). I see the point that women make who want to wear makeup, because it can serve as a confidence booster as well as accenting their outfits, but I also see mens' points that they don't have to to use it to make themselves look nicer.

However, we all pretty much agree that men wearing makeup is more of a hindrance than anything else. I understand that a little bit here and there is okay, and men are more than welcome to do and dress however they please, but just like women, some of them take it way too far. It doesn't even make sense half the time, because it doesn't look good. Arguably, they look much better without having said makeup, and they choose to do so anyways.

In today's red carpet industry, there a lot of celebrity men who go down this road of wearing too much makeup. From actors to sports stars to singers, here are 11 celebrity men who wear way too much makeup.

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11 Adam Lambert

via glamatronic.net

Ghost Town is one of my favorite songs of all time. So when I decided to see who the man was behind my music, I was slightly shocked to say the least. Not just eyeliner, but eyeshadow, nail polish, and probably every dye color known to man. The whole shebang, my friends. I'm not even sure what Adam Lambert's real hair color is! That having been said, he's still a phenomenal singer, and I still listen to Ghost Town. At least he's got that going for him, and no amount of makeup will change that.

10 Pete Wentz

via celebuzz.com

For those of you don't know the band Fall Out Boy (and if so, you probably live under a rock), Pete Wentz is the bassist and backup vocalist for this popular band (seriously, you've never heard Immortals or My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark?). This man has also got a knack for putting on the smokey eyes while on stage. That in combination with his dark, straightened hair makes him look more like the teenage goths I knew back in high school more than a talented musician. His musical work is great. The makeup he uses? Not so much.

9 Jared Leto

via www.desktopwallpapers4.me

The "love him or hate him" actor to play the new tattooed version of the Joker in Suicide Squad naturally has to wear a lot of makeup for that role. Catch him outside of the silver screen and you'll see that Leto still sports a lot of makeup. Loving his more than fair share of dark eyeshadow, you know this man intends on making a name for himself. In his defense though, he actually does seem like he knows how to put it on really well. I'll give him credit where credit is due.

8 Cristiano Ronaldo

via www.celebuzz.com

7 Russell Brand

via fotonin.com

Here is a man not unfamiliar with eyeliner. I'll admit, he's quite fashionable for a man and dresses to please. Every time I look at him though, I just can't get past his eyes. I'm not very good at eye contact, so at least if I ever meet him he'll think the opposite. Brand is a decent actor/comedian, but if I were him, I'd wash my eyes out. I'd probably get some volume products while I'm at it. Maybe even a nice hair cut if that doesn't work out. Russell Brand, you're a good comedian, but you don't pull off the makeup. Sincerely, your concerned fan.

6 Brandon Flowers

via buzzfeed.com

This lead vocalist for the band The Killers has recorded at least four albums with his group and two solo albums. He even won the Q Idol Award. So when you look at the face of such a talented artist, you don't expect to see that much makeup behind it. Like Pete Wentz, he loves sporting the smokey eyes but instead of having that straightened hair, he decides to go with that noticeable touch of lip gloss to really tie it all together. If you look close enough, I think you'll even see some sparkles in it.

5 Billie Joe Armstrong

If you haven't heard one of Green Day's songs, then you live under a rock. Period. The lead singer, Billie Joe Armstrong, is famous among crowds of all ages (even more so if that crowd happens to be younger). However, while showing up at a broadway production inspired by his song, American Idiot, he made an impression by packing his eyes full of eyeliner, much more than Russell Brand would. To make matters worse, he didn't use any foundation, so it did end up runnin.

4 Ozzy Osbourne

via ppcorn.com

3 Brendon Urie

via youtube.com

Before you Panic! At the Disco fans hang me up and leave me to try, just hear me out. I know that makeup is part of his shtick, and it's part of what makes him and the band unique. However, this is a list of who wears the most makeup, and you fans know that this man wears a lot of it. Almost all of his music videos and merchandise consist of him being decked out to his fullest. He even made himself look like a doll and Satan once. Girls look at him and say, "Wow, he wears a lot of makeup."

2 Marilyn Manson

When I first saw his picture, my first thought was "uhhhh...". Immediately, your eyes are drawn to one thing - his lips. That's not all he uses though, just look at his skin color! He looks like a ghost! Combined with that blown-over hairstyle that resembles Dr. Doofenshmirtz, it just looks like a disaster. Buddy, if you're going to use that much lipstick, at least learn how to apply it properly. To be honest, his name doesn't help this situation either. However, I really do like his coat. If only his use of makeup reflected his fashion sense.

1 Boy George

via rollingstone.com

Holy crap, man (or boy, should I say?)! One look at Boy George, and you know why he's the number one pick. Glorious, multicolor eyeshadow, flawless use of foundation, and glitter everywhere. I have no words to describe the amount of makeup on this man. He is a fashion designer, but I don't know if even that can justify all of the sparkles and vibrant colors that he flaunts on his face. He's known to sport many different looks, but this one takes the cake hands down. I'm not easily impressed, but this blew me away.

Sources: dose.combuzzfeed.com

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