10 Unusual Celebrity Hairdos That Weren’t That Bad

Just like us, celebrities love to change the way they look every once in a while. However, sometimes their intent to change things may take a wrong turn somewhere, especially when it comes to haircuts and hairstyles. What’s worse is that bad haircut or hairstyle decisions often stick around to torment celebrities for that little bit longer. After all, they are being clicked, followed and hounded at all times. Here are some strange celebrity hairdos that still end up looking good on these celebs. There is just something about these celebrities that makes even the most unusual of haircuts and styles look somewhat normal and less cringe-worthy on them.


10 Pink’s Bold Hairdo

Pink’s Bold Hairdo

Pink has always had the ‘hair’ aspect of her life sorted out, whether she chose to go short or blond or colored or streaked. Pink’s straight-up blond do sure looks great on her. Just like her songs are, her hairstyles are always edgy, creative and stylish. Most times, her cuts and styles are something of a statement. Pink always sports rocking hairdos that are bold and funky. They may be weird for some of us but they sure do look great on her.

9 Shakira’s Long Dreadlocks

Shakira’s Long Dreadlocks

To many people, dreadlocks seem like something that should never be done to one's hair. Although, one thing that is one hundred percent certain is, whatever Shakira does to her hair, it always looks great on her. When Shakira went the dreadlocks way, many predicted that it would be a mortal sin for her. Yet, the lovely singer still managed to look stunning in videos such as ‘Loca’.

8 Miley Cyrus’s Short And Yellow Hairdo

Miley Cyrus’s Short And Yellow Hairdo

Oh yes, Miley has come a long way from the long, brown Hannah Montana tresses. These days, she’s going for short and yellow. The young actress and singer has gone from long and wavy to short and straight and yet, whatever style she chooses to go with, always seems to work nicely. Considering her delicate face and upper body features, the short style ends up looking trendy and stylish on her. This clearly isn't the case for everyone, many people wouldn't rock the short, edgy cut but Miley surely does! Alas, some people are just blessed that way!

7 Christina Aguilera’s Blond And Pink Plaits


Christina has had a lot of hairstyles over the years, so many in fact, that it is hard to keep track of all of them. Her blond and pink plaits updo was certainly a peculiar one. Still, it was probably not her worst. This up-do suited her slightly plump face and the pink highlights did give her the spunk that went perfectly with her musical profession. Christina experimented with this hairdo for quite a while, as her plaits first veered one way and then another, before she decided to move on to another cut and style.

6 Rihanna’s Mohawk Styled Hairdo

Rihanna’s Mohawk Styled Hairdo

Rihanna has also sported some really odd and strange haircuts over the years and though some have been positively outrageous, not all of them have looked bad on her. People either loved or hated Rihanna’s retro mohawk hairdo but one thing clearly seemed apparent, it suited her in a twisted way. The best part about her haircut was that she could style it differently. Considering RiRi is penchant to change her look every few months, this was great news. She sported different colors from brown to blond, on the same cut and she even tried a style with front curls on it.

5 Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow Hairdo

Lady Gaga’s Hair Bow Hairdo

Lady Gaga’s hairdos are just so generally unfamiliar that it is often a choice between what’s weirder than weird, rather than better or worse. Her distinct hair bow updo seems to have been the lesser of all evils with her. You could actually write a biography on Lady Gaga’s hair, for there’s enough material to cover a lifetime. Her hair has seen unusual streaks and it has also formed strange architectural monuments atop her head. Lady Gaga’s hair bow was such a fashion revelation that people made businesses out of it. Artificial hair bows can even be purchased on the market now. Anyone can simply clip the bow onto their hair, rather than having to decipher the steps to achieve one of her many signature looks.

4 Gwen Stefani’s Buns Hairdo

Gwen Stefani’s Buns Hairdo

If there is anyone taking the 'bun' legacy forward, it has to be Gwen Stefani. Not only has Gwen made the 'raver-double bun' hairdo famous, but she has also brought several different bun styles into the limelight. There are a few that definitely go into the ‘bad’ hairstyle column but most actually suit her. For bun lovers, Gwen is the star to follow, while her haircuts and styles are decidedly unusual, she does come up with hairdos that are unique, creative and easy to put together.


3 Amy Winehouse’s Beehive Hairdo

Amy Winehouse’s Beehive Hairdo

Nothing about Amy Winehouse was 'regular', so it was only normal for her hairdo to match as well. For the longest time, Amy sported an updo that was widely known as the exaggerated ‘beehive’. While the singer passed away in 2011, her iconic hairdo still lives on. The World Wide Web is full of easy tutorials on how to get Amy’s weird hairstyle in easy steps. The hairdo is notoriously fussy to do and maintain. Amy’s long dark tresses and her beehive (brought back from the 1960s) are definitely a more common hairdo now.

2 Cassie’s Side Shaven Hairdo

Cassie’s Side Shaven Hairdo

There are a lot of stars that have one side of their head's shaved and one would think that we would all get used to them by now. Cassie, who first started off with a single side shaved hairdo and then went on to sport a look with both sides shaved off, shouldn't just be given points for daring, but also for actually pulling the look off. While many stars, such as Jada Pinkett Smith and Toni Braxton have sported a similar look, it has been a select few that have actually pulled it off.

1 Britney Spears’s All Bald Hairdo

Britney Spears’s All Bald Hairdo

There was a whole lot of speculation on why Britney Spears actually shaved off all her hair. Was it part of her meltdown? A temporary personal crisis? Britney’s shaved bald head was practically in all newspapers and tabloids. Many people considered her weird and sudden bald look as definitely not appealing, nor was it any kind of a positive fashion statement. Yet, Britney was most definitely a better-looking bald person than many others out there. It sounds absurd but Britney's true and photographic evidence to the claim is all out there on the web. In case you were wondering, that is why she’s made it to this list of weird hairdos that don’t look so bad!


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