10 Top Fashion Brands You Didn't Know Were Spanish

Visits to Spain are often likely to leave behind rich memories of sunny beaches, mouth-watering tapas, passionate Flamenco dances, eccentric Dali art, unusual Gaudí architecture, notorious bull fights and the fruity tastes of Sangria wines. Coming back from this naturally beautiful country unimpressed is simply impossible.

Yet, Spain has always been closer than you think. In fact, you may have always been ‘wearing a bit of Spain’ without even knowing it! Yes, that Zara blouse that you so love, is one hundred percent Spanish, and so are the Loewe leather belts.

Spanish fashion, just like the country’s culture, exudes a youthful vibe and flamboyance that is unlike any other. Spaniards, who are typically not afraid of bold patterns and eye-grabbing color palettes, seem to have imbued the same fearless fashion personality in the brands that they lend to the world. Here is a list of 10 Spanish fashion brands that you may have loved and worn a thousand times over, unbeknownst to you, of course.

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10 Springfield

This is a chic urban brand that caters to a cosmopolitan, fashion conscious population. Its creations are quite simply well made garments that fit your lifestyle, while completely respecting your personality. The brand displays strong inclinations towards global trends that are adapted to being natural, easy to care and versatile. Most of its garments are creatively adaptable and can be combined with other garments to create totally new looks. This label gives reasonably priced garments while still maintaining high standards of quality. If you are always on the lookout for trendy casuals that are both upbeat and spirited, while still being affordable, Springfield should be in your online bookmarks list.

9 Pull & Bear

This label offers affordable urban clothing to casual fashion lovers. Pull and Bear takes all the stereotypes about clothing and throws them out the window. Instead, it offers cult-style trendy garments that have unusual and unexpected influences, right from social movements and contemporary art to musical trends and current technologies. Understanding the value of comfort, the brand offers styled garments that are easy to wear and yet remain tailored. Pull & Bear understands the trends that appeal to the youth and transforms them into a variety of cool garments, right from graphic tees to long sleeved shirts and jackets. Affordability is the main appeal for this brand. Who wouldn't want to look trendy and classy in clothes that look like they have just come off the runway, while still not having to completely empty their wallets out?

8 Sfera

This clothing brand belongs to Spain’s largest department store, the El Corte Ingles Group. The label is aimed at young ladies, as well mature women and has collections that have both, casual and trendy glamour with sophisticated elegance. Sfera’s garments have a very fast turnaround, so if you like that jumpsuit now, postponing a purchase decision might not serve you well. Sfera fashion scores high on comfort and hence the tagline ‘practical fashion at reasonable prices’ definitely sticks well to it. You will love Sfera if you love colors, patterns and comfortable styles at affordable prices. You will also love Sfera if you are a self-confessed shopaholic, since this is the place you’d really not mind a ‘shop till you drop’ spree.

7 Stradivarius

Now here’s a fashion brand that has gone all out with its love for fashion, by not just having its own garments but also having its own fashion magazine and blog! As far as its collection goes, the clothes are hot, flirty and youthful. The label puts out various combination garments that can be reformed, transformed or mashed up to create a unique, personal style that is singular to you. The label promotes independent fashion expression and hence caters to a daring, individualist clientele that is opinionated on what goes, and what doesn't when it comes to fashion. Trendy designs, innovative fabrics and interesting prints that simply have no imaginative boundaries form the inspirational backbone of the brand.

6 Blanco

Blanco is well known for men and women’s clothing that is casual, chic and stylish. The brand is unabashedly Spanish in its use of Spanish trends, colors, fabrics and styles. You can find busy prints just as easily as you can find stripes and plaids here. Blanco stays on top of trends and if some runway style has caught your eye, your best bet is to look for it here. Blanco’s urban grunge accessories also find themselves in the top leagues of fashion. The brand has an interesting collection of suede bags, trendy jewelry, shoes as well as belts. Of course, this is where you realize what ‘impulse buying’ actually is!

5 Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is a label that finds itself comfortably seated in the mid-price bracket, produces sharp and classic clothes for both men and women. The designs are contemporary and the clothes are made from natural and textured fabrics. The brand has received rave reviews for the quality of clothes as well as the finesse in detailing and craftsmanship. If you are a fan of sharp dressing and tend to bend towards classic clothes that are timeless on the fashion clock, you really need to get down to a Massimo Dutti store. Fashion might change a trend or two by the time you get yourself there, but don't worry, Massimo Dutti’s trend-shunning creations will still be the same – tailored, polished and sophisticated.

4 Armand Basi

Unmistakably Mediterranean, this slightly pricey fashion brand is well known for its high-end clothing that truly aims to dazzle. The brand has made a name for itself in the niche of fine tailoring. Sharp lines, bold and strong colors and striking designs all point at Armand Basi, a brand tailor-made for confidence and femininity. If fashion does not intimidate you easily, Armand Basi’s metallic accents and layered detailing are definitely just for you. Though a lot of the pieces are visibly Spanish, a balanced mix of ‘hip’ casual and ‘refined’ classic is what makes the label appeal to just about everyone. If you love expensive garments that are worth every penny, this is a brand that offers exceptional quality and craftsmanship to the bold and the brave. The label also offers a complete line of accessories, fragrances and home decor items.

3 Desigual

If colors make you drool, Desigual is simply a label that is as possibly vibrant as it can ever get. This is a pricey, casual clothing brand that is eye-catching, attention grabbing and intentionally flamboyant. Its creations are noteworthy in the sense of their innovative color palettes, intense and busy prints, and artsy graffiti. Desigual sure changes the definition of casual clothing and furthers the boundaries of versatility in prints and fabrics. While the label may be considered more expensive, it definitely lets you feel like you are buying something that no one else can give. Somehow Desigual outfits linger in your mind, till you give into the craving and decide to purchase them.

2 Adolfo Dominguez

Adolfo Dominguez is a brand that puts out classically understated garments that could only be termed as ‘minimalistic’ in a sense. But if you look at the garments you understand why. Why would anyone want to over accessorize something that is so elegant, classic and luxurious anyway? The brand’s legacy comes down from the 50's and that heritage shows in its fashions. The brand caters to the middle to upper class of fashion lovers and offers creatively tailored ready-to-wear fashions. Its fabrics are decidedly seductive and expensive and if you are a lover of silks and crepes, you will find no parallels like Adolfo Dominguez.

1 Hoss Intropia

If Spanish fashion brings you visions of long sweeping skirts and snug fits that mold the body, Hoss Intropia is the real embodiment of such visions. Here’s a brand that is expensive, and yet worth it for many. The label loves to play with textures, embroidery, bead-work and detailing to give you fabulous, conspicuous fashion. While clearly not afraid of colors, the brand sticks to the more classic shades, rather than going all out on the watercolors. The brand’s ‘dress to dazzle’ philosophy is evident in the use of rich fabrics such as silks and knits. Combine this label’s clothes with the same brand’s accessories and you've put together that winning look. Now how could anyone ever look plain in these outfits?

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