10 Popular Wedding Dress Designers At Kleinfeld

Kleinfeld is one of the most successful bridal salons in Manhattan which is famous for its bridal gowns, jewels, veils, shoes and even menswear designed by a number of famous wedding dress designers o

Kleinfeld is one of the most successful bridal salons in Manhattan which is famous for its bridal gowns, jewels, veils, shoes and even menswear designed by a number of famous wedding dress designers of the region. Most of the brides feel proud to wear the dresses presented by Kleinfeld due to their exclusive designs and styles.

The vast selection of curated wedding dresses is unique and the best designs ensure that brides of all standards will find something that suites them. The efforts of the team of top class dress designers with Kleinfeld ensure to prove themselves as per the expectations of the brides and their family. The designers hope to provide the brides incredible moments of emotions and excitement.

Before knowing about the popular dress designers who have worked for Kleinfeld you must know a bit of its history. Mara, the co-owner of Kleinfeld, had worked as a consultant with an investment group which owned Kleinfeld from 1997 to 1999. She was helping the company in resolving its financial, marketing and merchandising issues. Her anxiety to start a career in a new field and the potentials in the field of bridal dresses had attracted her to join the company. In 1999, she ended up as becoming partner to Wayne Rogers and Ronnie Rothstein, the co-partners of this investment group.

The exciting way of business, meeting new people, blushing brides, dealing with their emotions at new interesting venues is one of the best parts of this business for Mara. They started making bridal dresses in a number of styles because their main aim was to make every bride look beautiful. They took inspirations from traditional outfits in the museums, street fashion, nature and from the exhibits available in day-to-day life. The aim of Kleinfeld is to make a bridal dress for every bride with some uniqueness and individuality to give them an exclusive look. Brief information about the team of dress designers that helped Kleinfeld in achieving this target is provided for your perusal in case you ever decide to become a Kleinfeld bride.

10 Alvina Valenta - Dress Cost: $2,000

Alvina Valenta along with Jessica Williams had provided an unreal modern romantic feminine touch to her 2012 collection of bridal dresses. Her dresses included flowing silk organzas, luxurious satins, airy tulle, fluted silhouettes and delicate laces not to only enhance the bridal looks but also provide a womanly expression to the wearer. She provided a glow to the appearance of the brides by decorating their dresses with subtle embellishments and graceful draping along with embroidery and light beading to provide them sparkle and warmth of pride. If you want her to design your bridal gown then you should be prepared to spend around $2,000.

9 Augusta Jones - Dress Cost: $2,000

Augusta Jones is one of the famous bridal dress designers who has worked for Kleinfeld for a long time. In 1999 this Denmark born dress designer had inaugurated her label as 'Augusta Jones’ which became famous among the organizations dealing in bridal dresses. Beautiful styling, affordability and flexibility in choosing shapes to suit various types of customers are the three basic features of this dress designer. She uses contemporary designs with a twist to establish her own style in this field. Custom bridal dresses by Augusta Jones cost from $1,000 to $ 2,000.

8 Mark Zunino - Dress Cost: $8,000

The elegance and style of the bridal collection created by Mark Zunino had attracted a number of Hollywood fashion models including Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Audrey Hepburn. The sexy and feminine look of the form fitting bridal gowns created had given a unique elegance to every bride who wore them. Along with elegant, sexy and glamorous looks, every bride who wore her wedding dress felt confident and calm when she was the center of attention. Mark Zunino bridal gowns cost around $8,000.

7 Jim Hjelm - Dress Cost: $5,000

Jim Hjelm is the label established by Francesca Pitera as a dress designer. Francesca had started her career in making evening dresses after completing graduation at the esteemed institute in Los Angeles of Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design. She created a number of memorable and stylish wedding gowns and other wedding dresses for the brides. She took inspirations from the museums in New York after shifting here to create the bridal dresses in individual styles. She created wedding gowns in combination of various colors, textures and other embellishments including laces to provide them a touch of sensuality, style and grace. She created dresses for women with all types of body structures. Delicate floral accents, Lace wrap jackets, hand-embroidery and intricate beading are some of the dressing style of Francesca which no one can ignore. If you want to get the best of this designer as far as wedding gowns are concerned, then you have to lighten your wallet by $5,000.

6 Alita Graham - Dress Cost: $3,500

Alita Graham is one of the most successful bridal designers who worked for Kleinfeld for a long time. pleated silk tulle, original embroidery, ribbon embroidered lace and Swarovski crystals are some of the unique bridal stylish dresses provided by her to the worthy customers of Kleinfeld. The bridal dresses created by her cater to a wide range of brides including classic to modern, dramatic to romantic to give graceful expressions to everyone. The latest bridal collection of Alita Graham comes in a price range of $2200-$3500.

5 Tara Keely - Dress Cost: $3,000

Along with the Lazaro collection, Lazaro Perez designed another collection under the label of Tara Keely. The dresses created by this designer are known for their glamorous presentation and impeccable fitting with the features of embroidery and beading work to give them a dramatic touch of elegance. Lazaro is regarded as one of the most famous bridal designers of the industry due to his experience of more than twenty years. He became the most sought out designers of a number of bridal salons since he had started his career in this field after graduating at the Illinois Institute of Art from Ray College of Design. The wedding gowns of Tara Keely come in a range of $750-$3000.

4 Maggie Sottero - Dress Cost: $5,000

One of the most popular bridal gown designers of the world is known as Maggie Sottero who is famous for his excellence and exclusiveness in this field. He has received a number of prestigious honors of the bridal dress industry since he started his career. He created a number of luxurious and innovative bridal gowns to suit brides of all standards. The embroidered appliqués and jeweled waistbands are among the main features of the bridal dresses created by him. The winter bridal collection of this famous designer comes in a range of $1000-$5000.

3 Michelle Roth - Dress Cost: $5,000

Designing bridal dresses is the family business of Michelle Roth as three generations of her family are busy in this profession. The bridal collections created by Roth for Kleinfeld is considered to be exclusive as compared to other designers attached with Kleinfeld. She creates bridal dresses with personal consultation of its customers to create unique dresses for them. The wedding gowns created by her are known for their feminine and insubstantial looks. Wedding collection of Michelle Roth generally cost around $3000-$5000.

2 Romona Keveza - Dress Cost: $5,000

She is known as a genius fashion designer in the industry of bridal dresses as gowns created by her have been acclaimed by one of the famous wedding books of 20th century Legendary Brides. The famous bride dresses spotlighted in this book are known for their lavish designs and elegant presentations. Her designs have been admired by the experts of this industry for their uniqueness and feminine expressions. Wedding gowns of Romona Keveza in the Legends collection sell at $3,000-$5,000. The Romona Keveza Collection sell at the price range of  $5,500 - $17,600.

1 Pnina Tornai - Recent Dress Sold at $34,000

She is an exclusive bridal designer of Kleinfeld who is acclaimed by the eveningwear and bridal designers of the whole world. She is known for the corsets designed by her which are inspired by the corsets originally used in previous historic periods. The hand made bridal gowns designed by Pnina are made from imported fabric of finest quality and use the principle of Haute Couture to sew them by hand. She provided a fresh and new approach to bridal dresses used these days at Kleinfeld. One of the finest creations of Pnina recently sold at $34000.

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10 Popular Wedding Dress Designers At Kleinfeld