10 of the Worst Celebrity Hairstyles

You don’t have to follow tabloids or gossip columns to know that there are celebrities out there failing constantly with their hairstyle choices, the news is simply everywhere. Just like fashion, hairstyles go in and out of style faster than you can blink your eyes, so being a celebrity in the limelight on a daily basis; you have to make sure to be in tune with the trends. If you lack the ability to stay on trend, you will inevitably be labeled by every paparazzi snapping pictures of you, and end up on this list.

Overall, whenever a celebrity is not following the current day hairstyle trends, it can be considered a slight fail because being a celebrity means that you are in the public eye, and people are turning to you for guidance in many different areas. However, for a hairstyle to be considered a complete fail, you must be sporting a hairstyle that is so off trend that it even has people who don't know anything about looking good, making comments.Yes, a complete hairstyle fail has people turning heads from all directions and honing in on the person who failed so badly that they can’t turn away. Being a celebrity and wearing these criminal hairstyles in public also means that they will never go away.

10 Nicki Minaj Wigging Out

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Whether this is a wig or not really doesn’t matter because she had the gall to wear something this horrendous in public. Even though Nicki Minaj is known and accepted for her peculiar style, this was a fail even if its intention was to grab attention. So where did she go wrong? First, it appears to be over a foot tall in height. Sometimes big hair can be a good thing, but in this case…no. Second, the allover blond with a black streak in the front is not sexy, but scary. Lastly, there is no need to mix patterns in hairstyles, just clothing.

9 Kate Gosselin Going Spikey

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We're not really sure if she did this to herself because she was going through a nasty divorce and knew that she could sell pictures of herself donning this hairstyle fail to feed her eight children, or if she really thought it was cool, but either way this was a major fail for Kate. The worst part about it is that it lasted for so long before she finally changed it, and that people followed her lead and took her pictures to their hairstylist to mimic—not a smart choice for anyone involved. I guess when you become a reality star, it is to be anticipated that you will have at least one bad hairstyle under your belt.

8 Christina Aguilera: Diva in Charge

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By now, we all associate the name Christina Aguilera with the term “diva” and this hairstyle proves that she is large and in charge. This style is so over the top and big that it is destined to knock someone out as she walks by. From now on, this style should just be called “dangerous hair.” The funny thing is that she wore this to an award show, which means that she was seated somewhere where there were people behind her trying to see the stage. Not with this hairstyle they won’t!

7 The Donald

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For some reason, the real estate king Donald Trump just won’t let this hairstyle die. We hear that it is even worse in person than it is in the pictures, which we have a hard time imagining. In retrospect, it also seems as if he has put this hairstyle fail to work for him, but we think he should stick to his other skills. This hairstyle should rest in peace.

6 Snooki and “The Bump”

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This reality tv star has been known from the beginning for her bad hair and bad behavior. When Snooki came into the world of reality television and lit up the little screen on the television show The Jersey Shore, she became widely known for this “do”…but not in a good way! Who knows? Maybe she was trying to add height by making “the bump” so large? Either way, this hairstyle fail will go down in reality show history.

5 Lisa Rinna: Channeling the 80’s?

4 Snoop Dogg: Pigtail Power

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Since Snoop Dogg has never been shy about his love for drugs, so we're secretly hoping that he was high out of his mind when he decided that this hairstyle was a good idea. This way, it would give us a reason this idea ever came to fruition. This style appears like it was inspired by a little girls doll—complete with embellished hair ties and all. We're just hoping that we don’t see a repeat of this debauchery of a hairstyle anytime soon.

3 Gwen Stefani Connecting With Her Inner Wild Child

In the beginning, when she was known as only the front woman of the rock band“No Doubt, before kids, marriage and clothing lines, Gwen was known for rocking many different wild hairstyles. Some of them were winners, while others (like this one) were losers. It’s one thing to cover your head in tightly knit corn rows, but an entirely different thing whenever you decide to dye them hot pink. Were pretty sure that she looks back at this picture and cringes because she has since returned to her signature platinum blonde color.

2 Britney Spears' Bald Side

Well, we all remember this hairstyle, or lack thereof, right? If you need a little refresher, Britney was going through a rough time and waltzed her way into a hair salon and shaved her head bald, which she became known for until it finally grew back. We all know that even celebrities make mistakes, but this was a hairstyle fail catastrophe on every level imaginable. So unless you KNOW that you have a perfectly beautiful, round head underneath your hair, don't try this at home.

1 Kim Kardashian Corn Row Style

Didn’t Kim learn from Gwen Stefani that this style is bad news? I guess she had to figure it out on her own, not the sharpest tool in the shed. Ms. Kardashian (or should we say KimYe these days) is not known for her fashion accomplishments, but unfortunately more for her fails. Inspired by Bo Derek, this hairstyle fail was almost as bad as her very public divorce to Kris Humphries.

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