10 Men's Fashion Trends that Women Hate

Men's fashion doesn't change nearly as often, or as drastically as women's. The variations in men's clothing through the decades is as subtle as the width of their necktie or the pattern of their shir

Men's fashion doesn't change nearly as often, or as drastically as women's. The variations in men's clothing through the decades is as subtle as the width of their necktie or the pattern of their shirt, but basics like jeans, t-shirts and suits have been the standard for a long time.

Although a lot of women enjoy changing up their own look every season inspired by the pages of Allure, they're not so wild about men who do the same. For the most part, women wish men would stick to the classics and stay away from new-fangled looks. These ten trends, specifically, are the top ones men should veer away from if their goal is to impress the ladies.

10 Vests


Men wear vests over a t-shirt or button down to jazz up their look from every day to a night out. A vest over a normal shirt shows they're putting a little bit of effort into their look, while still staying casual. That little bit of effort goes to waste, though, because most women find this look more cute (in a cheek-pinching kind of way) instead of sexy. A vest over a shirt only reminds women of the outfits moms put on their little boys for occasions like Easter Sunday mass. Unless it's part of a three piece suit, women just don't appreciate the vest like the men in their life might have thought.

9 Deep (Deep) V-Necks

V-necks are in style for men in a big way. A simple v-neck can make a t-shirt just a little more stylish and sexy, compared to a regular rounded cut. However, some men have taken this trend a little too far, especially the hipster crowd, and it's making women cringe. If you can see your chest hair or your pec cleavage in the v cut-out, it's too deep of a V. Ladies agree that low cut shirts should be reserved only for them. Every woman appreciates a sculpted chest on a man, but she can wait until you take your shirt off at the pool to ogle at it.

8 Bushy Beards


Like the super deep v-neck, hipsters are mostly to blame for this trend, too. Men grow out their beards to prove they're manly enough to do so. Beards also have practical purposes for men, like keeping their faces warm in the winter and blocking out UV damage from the sun in the summer. However, as soon as a woman sees crumbs in your beard during dinner time, or curly beard-hairs shedding all over the house, she'll probably say it has to go. Besides, Travers Goff knew what he was talking about in Saving Mr. Banks, when he explained to his daughter why he shaved every day, "Which kind of kisses do you  prefer... scratchy ones or silky ones?"

7 A Hairless Body


Although women may like a shaven face, men shouldn't take their razor any lower than that if they're trying to impress a girl. Removing all traces of body hair has become a trend in recent years, but not all women are getting behind it. Hairless chests and legs belong on little boys, not on full grown men, according to most women. A lot of athletes have to shave to cut down on resistance during races, but unless you're headed to the Olympics, women prefer to see men au naturel.

6 Wife Beaters


For decades, men have turned to wife beaters for a comfortable tank top that shows off their upper body, or goes beneath their clothes as an undershirt. This ribbed cotton tank might be a good way to show off your muscles, but don't expect women to swoon. The name of this clothing item alone is enough to turn women off to men in wife beaters. The wife beater has a trailer-trash stigma behind it that girls can't look past. Plus, unless you're at the gym, the shirt is too revealing for public, and looks corny when you can see it through your tee or button down.

5 The Man Purse


Men have seemingly become intrigued by the mysteries that lay inside a woman's purse, when they decided they needed some of their own. Women have a lot of reasons to carry a purse - a girl might need hand lotion, make up, or feminine hygiene products while she's on the run. But we're left wondering, which of these men feel the need to carry around a handbag? Women don't want to date a man whose Gucci bag costs more than her own and would rather a down-to-earth dude, who simply has a wallet and keys in his pocket. And if you need to carry a laptop and papers for work or school, women would prefer if you invest in a classic backpack or briefcase, not a murse.

4 Brief Swim Trunks


Brief-style bathing suits are an alluring option for men who want to avoid pasty white thighs and feel a little more free during their swim. Just don't expect to pick up chicks on the boardwalk, because women aren't crazy about this beach look. Most would agree it looks like Daniel Craig borrowed his little sister's Soffes for his morning run. The traditional knee-length board shorts are the kind of option a woman would pick out if she was shopping for her boyfriend. Brief swim suits are one step above a speedo, but that isn't saying much.

3 Too Tight Skinny Jeans


There's nothing wrong with a pair of tapered skinny jeans on a guy, but when the tightness of a man's pants rival that of his girlfriend's jeggings, things are out of hand. Justin Bieber, Adam Lambert and the boys of One Direction, are just a few celebrities guilty of inciting this trend. Women find a tailored pair of jeans stylish, but when they're so tight you can see every curve on your man's lower half, women find it just disturbing.

2 Uggs


Pharrell might have been "happy" wearing his Uggs for a day of shopping, but the women who passed him in the street probably weren't. The trend of men's Uggs has escalated for the same reasons as women's - they're so darn comfortable. But the trend hasn't taken off quite enough for women to not think a man in Ugg boots looks like he's wearing women's shoes, or even his house slippers. Ugg does make men's shoes that simply look like traditional boots, but women agree that this suede, laceless, fur-lined style should stay far away from a man's foot.

1 Short Shorts


The number one men's fashion trend that women can't stand is shorts that end far above the knee. This style was resurrected from the jorts of the 80s, but women wish it would stay in the past. A good pair of legs on a man is always appreciated by a woman, but that doesn't mean she wants to see your thighs sticking to the seat next to her on the subway. For a long time, short shorts have been reserved for females alone, and if this new silhouette wants to become generally accepted for men, it's going to take a few more years. Kudos to the male trendsetters out there, but don't expect your bravery to make women swoon.

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