10 Celebrity Outfits That Ruined Christmas For Everyone

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, indulge in some scrumptious food and eggnog, listen to some carols, and sit back and enjoy classic Christmas movies. One other way people like

The holidays are a time to spend with friends and family, indulge in some scrumptious food and eggnog, listen to some carols, and sit back and enjoy classic Christmas movies. One other way people like to get into the festive spirit is by dressing up. It isn’t just about party dresses and suits with funky Christmas ties, a lot of people like to get dressed up like classic Christmas characters. Of course Santa Claus is the most popular by far, but others like to get dressed up as reindeer, snowmen, elves and even Christmas trees.

Celebrities wear so many different costumes, but they still love to get dressed up in Christmas-themed ones. It doesn’t matter whether they are performing, doing a photo shoot, or just celebrating the holidays at home, they enjoy putting on their festive outfits.

Some stars go for the classic Santa Claus look complete with a long white beard, hat and a toy bag. Others get more imaginative. Sexy Santa costumes are especially popular with female celebrities. Heidi Klum and Miranda Kerr are just a few of the celebrities who showed how hot Mrs. Claus outfits could be.

Everyone appreciates the creativity that goes into creating a customized Santa outfit, but there are some sacred things that just should not be changed too much, and Santa Claus outfits fall into that category. These 10 celebrities were feeling festive and decided to dress up in Christmas-themed outfits, but they ended up ruining the holiday spirit for everyone. Bah humbug.

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10 Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus has worn a lot of crazy costumes in the past couple of years. She has worn latex bodysuits, fuzzy teddy bear ensembles, and ice cream nipple pasties. It seems like almost anything can serve as inspiration for a costume, whether it is a piece of fruit or a dollar bill. You would have thought that Christmas was safe, but sadly it was not. Instead of the standard Santa suit, Miley wore a high-cut red bodysuit complete with white fur cuffs to perform at the Jingle Ball in 2013. To add a bit more festiveness, the leg seams were embellished with bells and she wore white pompom earrings. She also added a fuzzy Chanel bag and she wore her hair in space buns. If you aren’t traumatized yet, she also grinded with a guy dressed up in a Santa Claus costume.

9 David Hasselhoff


Have you ever wondered what Santa Claus wears to the warmer places around the world to deliver presents? Would he just wear the same outfit or would he change into something lighter for sunnier climes? It looks like David Hasselhoff must think that Santa would change, given that he wore a pair of white fur-trimmed shorts to pose seaside with a sleigh. Instead of Santa’s usual buttoned jacket, David wore a similar version of his famous red Baywatch jacket with some Santa-esque white furry trim. Surprisingly, he did not wear fur-trimmed white sandals. He kept things classic with tall black boots.

8 Katie Price


Glamour model Katie Price decided to get into the holiday spirit to promote her book “Santa Baby.” She went all out with deer, elves and a sleigh. However, her Santa Claus costume left many scratching their heads. She clearly went for the sexy Santa look with a fur-trimmed bustier, fishnet stockings and platform shoes. However, it was the cape that really threw things off. Did she steal some poor person’s tree skirt and wrap it around her shoulders, or did she repurpose her vampire cape from Halloween by adding some white faux fur trim to it? Santa would never wear a dramatic cape like that - he probably wouldn’t wear any cape.

7 Snoop Dogg


Leave it to Snoop Dogg to come up with a pimp-like version of a Santa Claus suit. Snoop’s Santa suit was more complicated than the traditional one. It featured a long silky white shirt with ruffled cuffs, a red vest, and a jacket with cape-like sleeves. He even ended up with a white boa around his neck at one point. Snoop Dogg wore the interesting getup to perform at the 2005 Radio Music Awards with The Pussycat Dolls. They sang “Santa Baby,” so the costume did sort of fit with the song. Snoop at least made an attempt to go with the theme, unlike The Pussycat Dolls who just wore their usual crop tops and miniskirts.

6 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga loves herself some crazy outfits. Everyone still remembers that infamous meat dress and the time she showed up in an egg at the Grammy Awards. Anything from Muppet heads to blow-up spikes can be made into an outfit. Of course Lady Gaga would not miss the opportunity to dress up for Christmas. However, instead of a Santa Claus suit, she decided to chop the top off of someone’s decorated tree and stick it on her head. Because that wasn’t festive enough, she wore a bright green wig, a red romper and platform black boots. You definitely wouldn’t see Mrs. Claus wearing those shoes.

5 Courtney Stodden


Courtney Stodden has tried to show that Santa costumes can be very sexy instead of just jolly on more than one occasion. First, she donned a “festive” metallic red bikini and platform heels to do a photo shoot in the snow with her husband Doug Hutchison dressed up as Santa Claus. There was even straddling involved. Courtney wasn’t done with the festive photo shoots because she followed it up with a more risqué one. She eschewed the traditional red Santa Claus hat for a hot pink one, a coordinating pair of long gloves, and nothing else in the way of clothes. She did have some carefully placed presents and fallen snow.

4 Mr. T


No one is ever going to be quite sure how this came together, but Mr. T somehow ended up posing with former first lady Nancy Reagan in front of the White House Christmas tree. And they weren’t just standing there, she was sitting on his lap while holding a Mr. T action figure. Supposedly he is meant to be Santa, but it is difficult to say for sure given that he is wearing a sleeveless red top, and tight red pants with white sports socks pulled up to just below his knees. Then there is all the gold jewelry around his neck and wrist that the actual Santa would never normally wear. He probably wouldn’t even have that much jewelry in his stocking.

3 Katy Perry


Katy Perry has worn some adorable Santa Claus-themed outfits while performing at holiday concerts but not all of them have filled people with joy. When Katy performed at the Q102 Jingle Ball, she wore this confusing Christmas tree outfit. There was way too much going on. The tree was made out of a stiff, glittery green material that looked like it wasn’t made to be worn on the human body. The Christmas tree was decorated with ornaments, a massive Merry Christmas sign, photo frames, a red tinsel garland, and mini presents. It would have made a better craft project that you displayed as opposed to wearing it as an outfit.

2 Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson turned the traditional Santa Claus suit into a sexy catsuit. At the Z100 Jingle Ball, she wore a skin-tight red velvet one-piece outfit. She kept things traditional with the black belt and fuzzy white trim, but the very tight fit was too much. Velvet should never be this tight. It just isn’t right. Plus, when you looked at Jessica in the red catsuit, you wondered what Santa would look like if he attempted to get into a similar outfit, and the entire thing was ruined. Those images distracted you from the fact that Jessica wasn’t even wearing a hat.

1 Kelly Osbourne


Celebrities like to put their own personalized touches on their Santa Claus suits. Kelly Osbourne was probably the first and only person to combine Christmas with Halloween. It did not work out as well as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Kelly merged her Santa Claus costume with a devil one. She wore cropped black leggings with a red and white Santa dress, red sneakers, one fingerless glove, and a red headband with devil ears decorated with fluffy white trim. Would you expect anything less from the daughter of the Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne? The only question that remains is what would she have given out for presents?


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