11 Celebrities Who Didn't Wear A White Wedding Dress

When one thinks of a wedding, there are many things that come to mind: the vows, the bouquet toss, the cutting of the cake, the horrible songs the DJ plays. Of all of the things associated with a wedd

When one thinks of a wedding, there are many things that come to mind: the vows, the bouquet toss, the cutting of the cake, the horrible songs the DJ plays. Of all of the things associated with a wedding, a woman wearing a white gown is probably the most popular tradition. Wearing a white wedding gown only came into traditional after Queen Victoria walked down the aisle sporting a white gown herself, even though red was actually the most popular color of that time for brides to wear. Though other royals had in fact worn a white wedding gown before Queen Victoria, she is credited with starting the tradition of wearing a white wedding gown.

For most women, searching for the perfect wedding gown is an essential part of the wedding planning experience. Most of these women will go with a traditional white wedding gown. Only 5% of David’s Bridal's sales are colored wedding gowns, meaning 95% of the dresses sold at the largest wedding gown retailer in the United States are traditional white gowns.

Considering the fact that celebrities are always doing things just a little bit differently, it should come as no surprise that some female celebrities have chosen to forgo the traditional white wedding gown and wear something else on their special day. Be it pink, black or red, here are eleven celebrity brides who went with something other than white during their trip down the aisle.

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11 Anne Hathaway - The Bride With A Touch Of Pink


Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway is often a favorite of the fashion world. Her slender physique can seemingly pull off anything. Anything just so happens to include a custom Valentino gown with a pink hemline. During her low-key nuptials to the actor/jewelry designer Adam Shulman, she choose to forego a traditional all white dress and rebelled with just a touch a pink at the bottom. Perhaps she had already had her fill of an all-white wedding gown after wearing one in Bride Wars.  To accessorize the gown, she skipped the jewelry but wore a 1920s-esque headband.

10 Avril Lavigne - The Goth Bride


In 2013, Avril Lavigne married Chad Kroeger, Nickelback frontman in France. The wedding of only 50 guests was said to be quite the party, with a reception that is rumored to have lasted until 6 a.m. the next morning. Instead of opting for a white gown, Avril went in the complete opposite direction, rocking a black Monique Lhuillier gown. The choice seemed very fitting for the wedding of the two musicians.

9 Portia de Rossi - The Bride With A Pink Tulle Skirt


Considering that Ellen Degeneres proposed with a three-carat pink diamond ring as opposed to the traditional diamond engagement ring, it seems fitting that Portia de Rossi rocked a pink tulle skirt on their wedding day. Portia de Rossi wore a backless Zac Posen design with the blush tulle skirt while Ellen went with a traditional white for their 2008 wedding. The two had a small affair of only 20 guests in their Beverly Hills home.

8 Elizabeth Taylor - The Bride Who Wore Yellow


Elizabeth Taylor walked down the aisle a whooping eight times during her lifetime. Taking that many trips down the aisle, it's understandable why one might want to break away from the white dress once in a while. She was once married to Nicky Hilton, which made her Paris Hilton's great aunt. She was also widowed when her husband Mike Todd died in a plane crash and famously broke up the marriage of Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds all before she met Richard Burton on the set of Cleopatra. During her fifth wedding to her fourth husband, Taylor wore a yellow chiffon dress and a floral head piece when she tied the knot with Burton. Taylor and Burton were married for 10 years, which was the longest of any of Taylor's marriages.

7 Reese Witherspoon - The Blushing Bride


Reese Witherspoon's custom Monique Lhuillier dress looks like it might almost be white but it is actually a very soft pink. It's a dress that her Legally Blonde character Elle Woods would have definitely approved of. During her second trip down the aisle, she married Jim Toth, an agent at CAA in 2011. At the reception, Witherspoon changed into another Lhuillier design: a white silk dress. So, she may not have worn white during her march down the aisle but she did wear white on her wedding day.

6 Gwen Stefani - The Hot Pink Bride


When Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale in 2002, she wore a custom pink-ombre Dior gown. The two rockers exchanged vows at St Paul's, Covent Garden, London. Two weeks later, they had a second wedding in Los Angeles. Stefani has said that they had the second wedding just so she could wear her stunning gown again. You can't really blame her for wanting to wear a dress that beautiful twice. After years of marriage and the birth of three sons, the couple divorced in October of 2015.

5 Jessica Biel - The Happily Pink Bride


Jessica Biel wore a custom pink Giambattista Valli Haute Couture gown when she wed Justin Timberlake in 2012. As she walked down the aisle in the stunning gown, Timberlake played guitar and sang an original song that he wrote for her. The 100-person guest list was star studded with buds like Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg in attendance. The couple hosted a week-long celebration in Southern Italy.

4 Julianne Moore - The Laid-Back Bride In Lilac


Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore began dating Bart Freundlich in 1996. When the couple finally tied the knot in 2003, she wore a lilac Prada dress, accessorized with green dangling earrings that she borrowed from friend Ellen Barkin. The groom wore a cream colored suit, that he styled with a lilac tie to match Moore's dress. The intimate affair had a guest list of only 36.

3 Sarah Jessica Parker - The Bride In Black


When fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker married Matthew Broderick in 1997, it was a year before audiences would be introduced to her as Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. Parker wore a black dress that was supposedly the first dress she saw. She went with a black dress because she didn't want to be seen buying a white dress, afraid the media would get wind of their wedding plans. Their guests were invited to a location in NYC for a "party," only to find out upon arrival that it was their wedding. Parker has been outspoken about her unconventional wedding gown, even saying that given the choice, she would wear a traditional white gown now.

2 Kaley Cuoco - The Pretty In Pink Bride


Kaley Cuoco, currently the highest paid television actress earning $1 million per episode of The Big Bang Theory, wed Ryan Sweeting, a tennis pro, on New Year's Eve in 2013. To their fire-and-ice themed wedding, Cuoco wore a bubblegum pink Vera Wang gown. Of course, not every wedding has a happy ending. Cuoco and Sweeting announced their divorce after only 21 months of marriage.

1 Chrissy Teigen - The Bride In Red


When Chrissy Teigen, a supermodel who has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated and other publications, tied the knot with John Legend in 2013, she wore not one, not two, but three wedding dresses. Yes, three wedding dresses. She claimed that whenever she went to Vera Wang for a fitting, she ended up getting another dress because they were all so pretty. You can't really argue with that. Two of the three dresses were white but the third was a stunning red number. She wore the red dress during the reception, at which Legend sang "All of Me," his hit single he had written about Teigen.

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11 Celebrities Who Didn't Wear A White Wedding Dress