Wynona No Longer on “Dancing with the Stars”

Things had been going well for Tony and Wynona in the first few weeks. They stunned everybody with their technically perfect dance moves. While the salsa moves did seem to work, but the samba turned out to be a miserable failure. Wynona is rather sensitive to criticism. She could not hold back her tears when the scores were announced for the dancing couples. It was evident that she puts in a lot of effort and thinking to her dancing.

People Magazine got the chance to ask Wynona what she would be taking back from the show. Wynona said that she has found a friend for life in Tony, and that this is going to be the best thing about the competition to her. She is going to focus now on her country music seriously. Given Wynona’s passion, dedication and talent, we are sure that she is going to bounce back.

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Wynona No Longer on “Dancing with the Stars”