Casual Sex: The Most Promiscuous Cities In The World

The sexual revolution which took place in the 1960's and 70's opened the door to what is known in modern times as causal sex. Although it's not an accepted lifestyle for most religions, it doesn't stop the trend from becoming more popular. Casual sex is defined as having intercourse with one or multiple partners without emotional attachment. The purpose is purely based on physical satisfaction or indulgence.

Glamour Magazine recently ran a survey consisting of 2000 women and their casual sex experiences. Ranging from ages 18 to 64, 82% confessed to having at least one such experience. Only 19% of those regret that it happened and most of the women found their partners at familiar places.

According to a study done regarding Spring Break in Florida and 680 college students from Canada who went there, it was concluded that the event is prone to set a comfortable setting for casual sex. The students all agreed that they felt much more at ease in taking part in sexual activities there rather than at home.

Films and television shows openly entertain the lifestyle of non-romantic sexual encounters while the western world is embracing the trend. Currently most of the studies done on this topic make use of college students, seeing as most of these activities tend to take place around campus. Numerous experts blame the casual sex movement for puberty being reached much earlier and the increase of sexual activity in teens.

Due to its late development, religions are vague about the guidelines and don't really give clear views on the subject. Very few religions like Wicca promote a healthy sex life without concern about marriage or romantic relationships. In general most religions either condemn or frown upon such behavior.

Not all countries have given into the revolution, and rules surrounding it mainly depend on religion and culture. Even though a lot of people still choose to refrain from having causal sex, there is no denying the influence it has on the world today. Here is the list of the top 10 cities in the world that have the most casual sex.

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10 Berlin, Germany

With legalized prostitution, readily available, Berlin ranks no. 10 on the list. One would think their love of discipline would have some effect on their promiscuous nature, yet the city is known for promoting some of the most free-thinking sexual fetishes. Pornography is an open market and apparently film makers strive to push the limits. Many tourists make their way to this capital simply because there is no discrimination of sexual preference, hence the perfect setting for casual sex.

1989 was the inception of their ever-exotic annual Love Parade. This event allows locals and tourists to exhibit their sexual tendencies out in the open. The city became a tourist spot year round merely because of that event. It also increased the rate of sexual activity between foreigners and locals. Unfortunately, there will be no more Love Parades in coming years, after the tragedy that cost the lives of 21 people back in 2010. Nevertheless, Berlin remains a happy city with its openness to LGBT communities.

9 Macau, China

Making the 9th spot would be Macau, China, which has taken away Las Vegas, Nevada’s title as “King of All Casino Havens” after finally legalizing gambling laws. Since legalizing, Macau exploded on the map with its top notch gambling attractions. Recent statistics show that these gambling venues have managed to equal the likes of Las Vegas and continue to grow substantially. For those who want to explore this city for a night of gambling, drinking and sex, beware. Safe intercourse is not something that is practiced often and sexually transmitted diseases are in abundance. What makes this capital a perfect setting is the fact that the women are known to be willing and easy to come by.

8 Manama, Bahrain

You are very much welcomed to the party central of all Middle East cities. Manama, Bahrain actually holds countless restrictions, which seem to go unobserved with brothels and pick-up prostitutes that have spread like wildfire since the 1990's.

One of the most surprising cities to make the list because of the heavy restrictions, Bahrain retains some of the most popular brothels in the world. Askmen.com described this capital as the party oasis of the Middle East with alcohol and sex vastly available. After Askmen.com published the article the police in Bahrain started a mass strike on the brothels and arrested 300 prostitutes and pimps in one week. Despite the restrictions a liberal lifestyle is the order of the day and weekend flights into the city is fully booked most of the time. The big European influence is regarded as the reason for the more laid back scene.

7 New Orleans, Louisiana

Are you familiar of the 4B's? If not, it stands for bongs, beers, beads and the ultimate, Boobs with a capital B all right. The reason I mentioned is that Louisiana is home of those four divine elements, with its sinful provenance pointing back to the late 19th century -- the time of which it became a fusion ground for French food, music, hedonism and prostitution (not legal). For that reason you will see strip joints, bars, porn shops and other "exotic" establishments within a place they call the French Quarter.

New Orleans has also acquired various nick names, most notably “The Big Easy” because of the easy going lifestyle. Many visitors testify that the mixture of fine food, soul music and lively atmosphere helps to increase promiscuity. The biggest reason for New Orleans making the list has to be its long history of being a haven for tourists and locals who need to flee rules and regulations in regards to sex and fun. Exotic establishments can be found without really searching hard.

6 Moscow, Russia

While Moscow is among Russia’s finest hubs for rock and techno set-ups, it is also known for bars meant for its underage citizens. However, they only serve non-alcoholic beverages like root beer, apple juice, iced tea and the usual restaurant cold treats. These establishments are specifically designed to prepare youngsters for adulthood, which bar hopping happens to be a part of it. It also gets them ready about meeting new people and how they can carefully engage in rather intimate activities with them.

41 percent of female Russians and 53.5 percent of the males at the age of 17 onward are active to sex. It is also reported that 70 percent of the sexually active women actually undergo abortion when pregnancy happens after unsafe sex. At any rate, Moscow will probably remain a home for short term relationships and casual sex until about the age of 28 for majority of its citizens.

Vodka and prostitutes ensure Russia’s place on the list. This capital also boasts with fine clubs and restaurants where inhibitions can be let loose. The abortion rate is relatively high and the women equal the men when it comes to casual sex. According to recent surveys the average age for getting married is 28 and locals prefer to test the water thoroughly before they tie the knot. The real reason for Russia making the list is because unlike other capitals, it caters to the need of women as well.

5 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Long days and even longer nights brings Rio de Janeiro in at no.5. Tourists, especially men, love to visit this capital for the topless beaches, legal brothels, endless festivals and ultimately high spirit. Brazil harbours some of the most exotic and beautiful women in the world and it’s no surprise why this is one of the most perfect settings for sexual encounters.

Brazilian women are known for their mythical and mystical beauty and a drive for sex as strong as the Roman's of the 18th century. Even Gisele Bundchen confesses that she actually puts importance on ensuring pleasurable sex and that if anybody gets the notion of their nation being a land for passionate lovers, then they’re making quite a smart, sentient guess.

Around 46 percent of the total population of Rio de Janeiro, starting from the age of 16 onwards are said to be sexually active. And that actually dramatically rises during festivities where booze and parties last no less than 5 am in the morning. 

4 Las Vegas, Nevada

Initially Las Vegas became known for its gambling establishments. Over the course of time people started to refer to it as Sin City because the only rules that truly apply here is to never tell what happens. Prostitutes are just a phone call away and with the numerous hotels, lurking around is easy.  The lights never go out in this place and according to CBS 3 out of 12 people visiting this sleepless city engage in sex on a daily basis.  That is a lot of people considering an average of 39,727,022 people visited the sin city in 2012.

3 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam has a long-standing record for being the free city of the world. The use of cannabis is legal and restrictions on other drugs aren’t very heavy. The moment a teenager tells his/her parents they want to go to Amsterdam the parents know what to expect. What isn’t well-known about this city is the huge promotion of safe sex. They aspire to encourage a healthy sex life and the use of various contraceptives.

2 Tijuana, Mexico

The contribution Tijuana makes towards the casual sex setting is mainly based on statistics. This city is responsible for 63% of sexually active individuals in its residing state, thus giving it a natural place in the rankings so-to-speak. Alcohol is cheaper than water, prostitution is legal and the American dollar can get a person quite far.

1 Pattaya, Thailand

In conclusion Pattaya is the ultimate setting for casual sex. Sexual activity starts at the young age of 15. This city contains brothels, beaches, messages parlors, cage fights, shows and hourly hotels. Alcohol might be cheaper than water in Tijuana, but sex is even cheaper than that in Pattaya. The list of encounters is virtually endless and so Pattaya rightfully takes the no.1 spot.

It is proven that in the right atmosphere casual sex can become an enticing act. Individuals, especially students, will go as far as to wait for the perfect setting before indulging in their true nature. These cities are among many which make casual sex a modern trend.

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