Where Are They Now? The Sexiest 90s Girls

Show business is a notoriously fickle profession. One decade actors and musicians are at the top of their game; the next, they have completely disappeared from the public eye and - for the most part - from our memories. Whether starring on television, movies, bands, or on runways, stars' livelihoods can be unpredictable and unreliable. This is especially true, unfortunately, for young female stars who become less and less marketable the older they are. Many female models and actresses have spoken about this phenomenon, reminding us that the reality of their careers means facing dwindling work as the years are clocked up.

In their early careers, the following fifteen sexiest girls of the 1990s enjoyed considerable success in their respective fields. From Brit pop queens to Hollywood starlets, where are they now, after more than 15 years? Many took the public by storm and some are still in the limelight today, while others simply left the public spotlight to focus on their private lives.

Not only were these stars considered some of the most attractive women of the decade, they were also tremendously talented. Did celebrity life turn on them for the worst?

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15 Louise Wener

Louise Wener became famous in the 1990s with her British band, Sleeper. The band released three full-length albums: Smart, The It Girl, and Pleased to Meet You. The band split up in 1998.

Wener went on to write four well-received books. She married Andry Maclure, the drummer of Sleeper. She now lives in Brighton with her husband and two children.

14 Hope Sandoval

Hope Sandoval is the lead singer of the band Mazzy Star. They released three full-length albums in the 90s and one in 2013.

She continues to work as a musician and lyricist for the band Mazzy Star and collaborates with other musical artists such as The Warm Inventions and The Jesus and Mary Chain. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

13 Lisa Loeb

The stunning Lisa Loeb seems to have the gift of eternal youth, having barely visibly aged since the 90s. She's the writer and performer of the hit song “(Stay) I Missed You” from the 90s movie Singles.

She enjoyed the success of at least two additional hit songs in the late 90s. After that, she married Dweezil Zappa and they started a cooking show on the Food Network. Today, she acts occasionally with voice over work, and had a cameo appearance on the hit show Gossip Girl.

12 Louise Nurding

Louise Nurding, now known as Louise Redknapp, was a singer in the British group Eternal. In 1993, they released their biggest album, Always and Forever.

She and her fellow performers had great success in the 90s, but Nurding eventually took a 3-year hiatus. She returned to the music scene in 2000 with the album Elbow Beach. Her contract with EMI has since ended. Today she continues to seek distribution of her music and may have a Greatest Hits album in the works.

11 Teri Hatcher

Actress Teri Hatcher got her big break when she landed the role of Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. A photograph of her wearing the Superman cape was the most downloaded photograph on the internet in 1995. She has continued to work as an actress since the 90s in shows like Desperate Housewives and she plays the voice of Dottie in the animated film Planes. Hatcher, unlike many actors from the 90s, has continued her success long into the 2000s.

10 Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn played the character Audrey Horne in the bizarre television show Twin Peaks, created by David Lynch. Since the series, Horne starred or had parts in more than 50 television and movie productions.

After giving birth to her son in 1993, Fenn stepped back from the Hollywood life. Since 2002, Fenn has had smaller roles in television and founded the Norwegian rock band named after  her character in Twin Peaks.

9 Laetitia Casta

Laetitia Casta, a Victoria's Secret angel in the late 90s, is one of France’s most beautiful and famous supermodels and actors. She has starred in music videos and has appeared in countless advertisements and magazines, as well as featuring in campaigns for most of the world's top designers.

In 1999, Casta was considered so iconic in France that she was chosen as a model for a bust of Marianne, a symbol of the French Republic. She is still successful and works as a runway model for brands such as Louis Vuitton.

8 Kathy Ireland


Kathy Ireland started work as a model in the 1980s. She created her own clothing line in the 1990s and started Kathy Ireland Worldwide.

Her company now earns more than $1 billion a year. She continues work as a designer and entrepreneur, and is now one of the most successful businesswomen in fashion to be around since the '90s.

7 Andie MacDowell 

Model-turned actress McDowell is the epitome of aging gracefully, chosen by L'Oreal as the spokesperson for their anti aging products thanks to her long-standing relationship with the company and, of course, her youthful looks which belie her 56 years.

After starring in Sex, Lies and Videotape in 1989, Andie McDowell went on to star in Short Cuts in 1993. She also memorably starred in Groundhog Day alongside Bill Murray and Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant.

However, during the 1990s, McDowell stepped away from acting to focus on raising her four children. In 2012, she returned to acting with a small role in Jane by Design.

6 Rebecca Gayheart

Rebecca Gayheart broke into acting with roles in a series of Noxema commercials in the 1990s. The work landed her a role in the first installment of the Urban Legends franchise and she had recurring roles on Beverly Hills 902010.

However, in 2001, Gayheart was sentenced to three years probation and community service for vehicular manslaughter. She continues to act into the 2000s with G.B.F as her most recent role.

5 Mira Sorvino 

In the 90s, Mira Sorvina had a role in the teenage drama Swans Crossing. She also starred in the film Amongst Friends. Her breakout out role was in 1995 in the Woody Allen film Mighty Aphrodite. Now, Mira Sorvino continues to act, mostly starring in independent films such as The Last Templar and Like Dandelion Dust. Her most recent roles in 2014 include the movie Falling Skies and the television show Psych.

4 Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash acted alongside Alicia Silverstone in the 1995 hit movie Clueless and starred in the tv spin-off series of the film that ran from 1996 to 1999.

She began her career starring in television shows such as The Cosby Show in 1985. She has continued acting since the early 2000s and beyond, mostly in low-budget films such as View from the Top. This year Dash was hired by Fox News as a paid cultural commenter, earning some negative press among U.S. Democratic supporters when she publicly stated she regretted voting for Obama.

3 Jennifer Tilly

In the 1990s, Jennifer Tilly earned roles in The Hill Street Blues. She married Sam Simon, writer and producer of The Simpsons, and continued acting ever since. She appeared in Woody Allen’s Bullets of Broadway and starred alongside Jim Carrey in Liar, Liar. After more roles in successful films, Tilly is now a main character in the Fox animated series Family Guy. She is also a major player in competitive poker.

2 Melissa Joan Hart

Acting since early childhood, Melissa Joan Hart landed a massive role in the television show Clarissa Explains It All, which proved wildly popular until its finale in 1994. Two years later she found herself as the star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on ABC and CW networks, respectively.

After going on hiatus to start a family, she appeared in Dancing With the Stars. In 2010, she went back to full-time acting sitcoms and has performed in off-Broadway productions.

1 Bridget Fonda

Bridget Fonda comes from Hollywood royalty: Her father is Peter Fonda, her aunt is Jane Fonda, and her grandfather is Henry Fonda. She was acclaimed as an up-and-coming actor but her development was stunted after the 90s.

Bridget left her acting career to start a family with her now husband, Oingo Boingo frontman and composer Danny Elfman. She has avoided the limelight ever since.

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