Where Are They Now? The 15 Stars Of The Hills and Laguna Beach

It has been over ten years since the days of The Hills and Laguna Beach. If you recall, both were incredibly popular shows on MTV.  Both of these shows were of the same type. You didn't want to like them, but you did, even if you didn't want to admit it. Sure you pretended you thought it was dumb as you sat there next to your girlfriend on the couch, but in reality you just couldn't get enough of it.

These shows also clued us into just how fake reality TV really was. I mean it was pretty obvious at times that situations were set up just for the benefit of the camera. Still though, we just couldn't look away.

A lot of us already know what happened to LC. And of course the Heidi and Spencer train wreck keeps chugging slowly down the tracks on its way to inevitable doom. But what about that cute chick that hung out with LO, and that guy that wore the hat he thought was cool but really wasn't? What happened to them?

Read on to find out What 15 Stars of The Hills and Laguna Beach Are Doing Now.

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14 Kristin Cavallari - Married To A Football Star

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13 Stephen Colletti - One Tree Hill

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After the end of the show, Stephen got a role as an MTV VJ, and had a regular role on the popular TV series One Tree Hill. Since the show ended he hasn't been heard from much. He's just been laying low and practicing his best skill, which is being ridiculously good looking.

12 Stephanie Pratt - Reality Shows Here And There

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11 Morgan Olson - Mormon And Married

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Morgan was always nice on the show, was a Mormon, and was always focused on getting the right Mormon man to marry. So she obviously didn't get a lot of screen time. In fact, why was she on the show at all? She found her perfect man though. She is now married and has one child.

10 Trey Phillips - Works For Vera Wang

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Trey was always into fashion on Laguna Beach, which is kind of ironic since he often wore really silly looking hats. But what do I know about fashion? Not much it seems as Trey is working in New York as a designer for Vera Wang, the incredibly successful designer.

9 Jen Bunney - Pursuing A Master's Degree

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Jen's biggest claim to fame on the show was making out with LC's crush Brody at a party. Of course this enraged LC and she cut Jen out of her life. I mean what was Jen thinking? LC liked Brody! And she kissed him! Okay, I guess it wasn't that big of a deal; sorry I got carried away. Jennifer still hangs with Heidi, lives in L.A, and is married. She is going for a Master's degree in Public Health at the University of California, Berkeley.

8 Lo Bosworth - Blogger

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Lo has been doing her own thing in NYC since The Hills went off the air. She has her own blog  in which she dishes about food and fashion. She's also written a book and started a business that delivers party kits to your door. None of these things have really taken off, and Lo is still known as that kinda hot chick from The Hills, but at least she is going at it and working that angle for as long as she can.

7 Jessica Smith - Baby Mama

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There isn't much to know about Jess at this point, as she has vanished from the public eye. But if you check her Instagram, it's filled with an enormous tribe of babies, so it's safe to assume she is living the mellow life at home.

6 Jason Wahler - Rehab, Sober, Looking For TV Work

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Someone that has not lived a mellow life at home is Jason Wahler. He was always a bit of a bad boy on the show, and it turned out that was not just a reality TV device. He has struggled with alcohol abuse and was arrested numerous times for alcohol-related incidents after the show. After a stint on Celebrity Rehab of all places, he cleaned up. He is married, has opened up a "sober living" house, and wants to return to TV.

6. Spencer Pratt - Cocky With No Money

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All right, let's get this right out of the way. Spencer. No one likes you. There, that felt good. Well, Heidi apparently still likes Spencer as they are still together after all these years. Spencer has gone from cocky rich kid to a cocky loser. He has appeared on numerous reality shows, has had to file for bankruptcy, and had to move in with Heidi's mother because of money issues. It seems there are plans for more reality shows in the future. Basically, if you want to pay Spencer to do anything at all, let him know. He'll probably take you up on it.

5 Audrina Patridge - Hosts A Travel Show

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4 Whitney Port - Founded A Fashion Line

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3 Brody Jenner - Not Doing Anything These Days

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2 Heidi Montag

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Heidi, what happened to you? She first appeared as LC's adorable best friend, but soon became known as "that dumb chick that goes out with that idiot" and sadly that is still her scene to this day. As we mentioned before with Spencer, Heidi has been reduced to appearing on whatever reality TV show is willing to have her on. She did release an album called Superficial which cost $2 million to make, did not make anywhere near that much back, and got horrible reviews. She and Spencer had to move in with her mom to make ends meet.

1 Lauren Conrad - Fashion Designer, Married, And Owns A Waterslide

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Lauren always seemed like she was a bit smarter and more put together than the rest of them. It turns out that was true. Lauren has written a bunch of successful young adult novels, and has become a star in the fashion world with her lines "Paper Crown" and "LC". She got married to William Tell, who is a lawyer and in a band, and how cool is that?  LC spent over $4 million on a mansion with a waterslide last summer. So it just goes to show you - the mean girls don't always win.

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