Warhol Sketch Bought for $5 and Sold for $2 Million on eBay

A certain man who bought Andy Warhol’s 1930's pencil and graphite sketch for only $5 is now putting it for sale on eBay for almost $2 million and was told its worth could increase up to 10 times.

The 49-year-old Andy Fields bought the pop artist’s handful of unidentified sketches in Las Vegas, including his unknown drawing when he was still 10 years old.

Mr. Fields said he has consulted experts from Sotheby's and Bonhams to prove that the work is original.

"When I first found it, I sent it to The Andy Warhol Authentication Board who wrote their unique number in the lower left corner. They sent it back to me saying they did not have enough evidence to support the fact it could be real.”

Fields was also saddened by the idea that the board seemed reluctant to acknowledge the late Warhol's earliest-known pop art work. "I am just sad that the Board is no longer authenticating works of Warhol."

Putting the drawing on eBay with an item number 350844410846, Mr. Fields is selling it with a starting bid of $2 million.

Other works of Warhol have sold to over $100 million, including his Soup Can painting worth $8.7 million and his Lemon Marilyn artwork $27 million.

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Warhol Sketch Bought for $5 and Sold for $2 Million on eBay