Vivid Entertainment's 10 Most Shocking Celeb Sex Tape Offers

Some adult entertainment stars are born, and others are made. Plenty of people with nice bodies and exhibitionist attitudes set out to get into the money-making industry. Other people are born with the exhibitionist attitude and when they happen to do something crazy or are involved even minorly in some sort of headline-making scandal, and they are even remotely decent looking (well, most of the time that is), Vivid Video, one of the most popular adult entertainment production companies, will come knocking.

Now, Vivid knows that not everyone is up to become an adult entertainment star and sign on the dotted line, but they've found a way to get free PR while trying to court new talent, through notifying the public on TMZ about it. Can the public persuade celebs to go either way? Or is it just a good, old-fashioned publicity stunt?

Here are ten celebrities who received offers for sex tapes from Vivid. Some are the typical people you’d expect- hot looking reality stars with big breasts and nice bodies. Some of people took the cash and made the films, while others ultimately ended up declining. But, not everyone on this list is someone you'd actually want to see in a sex tape. In fact, some are people you probably would not want to see naked- ever! (HELLO FREE PR!) Others thought they were too good for Vivid, even for a million big ones (the company is very serious about their offers), which is easy to understand, as they are royalty and Hollywood royalty (sort of). Either way, prepare to be amused, shocked and quite possibly, revolted.

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10 Kate Gosselin

Over the years, the world saw Former John and Kate Plus 8 star, Kate Gosselin go from frumpy mamma to hot mamma. And Vivid recognized this as well. After her show was cancelled and she was fired from her job, blogging for website Coupon Cabin, Vivid gave Kate an offer that would bring in a whole lot of cash. But, they didn't ask her to have sex, rather they offered her a job as a “Naked Host” to introduce “award-winning programming” on their cable channel. Apparently, she wouldn't have to be naked all time, they told her “when you’re clothed, you’ll get to wear some wonderful erotic outfits, which you’ll help to choose.” The job also offered Kate flexibility so she would have plenty of time to spend with her eight kids. It sounded like a great offer, but it wasn't seemingly great to Kate.

9 Prince Harry

8 Farrah Abraham

The difference between Farrah Abraham and most of the people on this list is that she actually accepted Vivid’s offer. In Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, which Abraham originally claimed was a “leaked” sex tape co-starring James Deen, she shows Deen her back door. While you think Farrah might have sold herself for a nice chunk of change, she reportedly only got $10k for this film. But, something tells me she probably got a really good back end deal… So, why so little cash so much work? Vivid co-founder, Steve Hirsch, explains, "We aim for fair deals for all involved and if they weren't profitable, we wouldn't be in business for almost 30 years. I'm happy with our track record."

7 Tori Spelling


Things have not been going too well for Tori Spelling in the past few years, between her financial ruin and crumbling marriage to Dean McDermott. The couple made a sex tape in 2009, which was stolen off their computer, allegedly by one of Dean’s biker friends. Well, that tape ended up in the hands of Vivid and Steve Hirsch offered the couple a reported seven figures for the tape. A payday that big would have surely saved them from financial ruin. But, no amount of cash was worth their dignity (which is what they have a reality show for) and the couple declined.

6 Amanda Knox


If you don’t remember; Amanda Knox was the American student who was accused of killing her roommate, Meredith Kercher while studying abroad in Italy, in 2007. The trial proceedings lasted for years and Knox finally returned home in 2011. 

We would like to offer her the opportunity to be our Vivid.com spokesperson and represent the studio at trade and retail events. This would involve no nudity or sex. Of course we would welcome talking to her if she wants to pursue this direction, but the decision is totally hers to express.

While Knox’s nickname was apparently “Foxy Knoxy,” there are certainly foxier ladies in the adult entertainment industry. Maybe Hersch just felt bad about her situation and wanted to give her a job.

5 Heidi Montag

4 Taylor Lianne Chandler


Who is Taylor Lianne Chandler? She’s the formerly intersex woman who is allegedly hooking up with Olympian Michael Phelps, who neither confirms or denies this relationship. This is the most recent offer on the list. But, Vivid, unlike some other offers, wants Chandler for something every specific, to star in a parody adult film. The movie would be loosely based on her relationship with Phelps, “[like] When Harry Met Sally ... with way more nudity. And real sex.” In terms of when the movie will be released, Vivid and Chandler are reportedly still negotiating the contract.

3 Wiz Khalifa


Rapper Wiz Khalifa may or may not have a deal with Vivid. The rapper made a sex tape with Playboy Bunny Carla Howe, and photos were leaked to Perez Hilton. Howe spoke to Vivid and they were in talks to release the tape, but the rapper ultimately couldn’t pull the trigger. Then Howe denied the whole thing and released a statement on Instagram,

 “I’m not releasing no tape I can make more $ through my own modeling career, Don’t need to cash in on a tape which was made for private viewing and no intention for public viewing.”

Sure you weren’t…

2 Mamma June and Sugar Bear


Recently ousted TLC stars, Mamma June Shannon and Sugar Bear of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, recently received an offer from Vivid. First of all, gross! I would pay to never have to see or hear about this tape ever be made. What’s more shocking than offering the two least attractive people to ever grace television an offer to take it all off? Offering them $1 million for it. But, Mamma June has refused, saying, “I have more respect for myself and my kids and my family. It ain't happening, not even for a zillion dollars.” Self-respect? Come on? You dated the man who molested your own daughter…

1 Jimi Hendrix


Okay, Jimi Hendrix is technically dead, but a collector had a sex tape allegedly starring the late rock star and Vivid wanted in. But it's not what you probably expect, shot on a Super 8 camera with no sound, there is an 11-minute grainy clip, showing a visibly intoxicated Hendrix with an unidentified woman. Vivid took the clip and added commentary by famous groupie, Pamela Des Barre and another woman who had slept with him, Cynthia Albritton. In the video, Albritton says she made a cast of his penis and called it the “Penis de Milo.” While no one can prove it’s Jimmy, Des Barres and Albritton believe it is him in the video.

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