Vanilla Ice to star in Amish reality TV Show

Ice Ice Baby is a song that made the 90s part of what it was. Vanilla Ice had a great run as a successful rapper with his one hit wonder, but it was quickly turned into a running joke. After Vanilla Ice was shunned from the rap community for being a joke, and for stealing lryics, he went into a deep hiding for some years.

Vanilla Ice tried his hand at heavy metal music, while adding on the tattoos to match. He didn't have too much success in metal music, even though he continued to play shows and produce albums.

In the late 90s and early 2000s he found a new kind of success in the reality TV show market. There is a sub genre of reality TV shows that network executives call celeb-reality. Vanilla Ice put himself on as many of these shows as he could, starting with VH1s "The Surreal Life." Slowly, show by show, he began rejuvenating his career and fame. He started touring again with MC Hammer, which gave him some success again in  his music career.

Vanilla Ice has for a long time been into real estate investing, construction, and rehab. Network DIY partnered with Vanilla Ice a few years ago to do a rehab show called The Vanilla Ice Project.

Now Vanilla Ice has gone to the network to pitch an idea for a new show. This show would follow Ice into Amish country as he learned the ways of Amish construction. The network has agreed to a first season. This will be interesting to see a 90s pop star hanging out with the Amish!

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Vanilla Ice to star in Amish reality TV Show