Usher Biography: Life And Career

Who is Usher and what are his achievements? Usher Raymond who is popularly known as Usher is an American songwriter, singer, dancer and actor. Usher because famous in the late 90s after r

Who is Usher and what are his achievements?

Usher Raymond who is popularly known as Usher is an American songwriter, singer, dancer and actor. Usher because famous in the late 90s after realizing his 2nd album entitled; My Way. The album did extremely well selling over 6 million copies. This was his first ever album to be certified platinum 6 times by RIAA. The album also produced Usher's first ever billboard Hot 100 hit; Nice and Slow.

Usher's follow up album (third album) called 8701 also did well as a result of his success with My Way. The album also produced Billboard Hot 100 hits such as ''you got it bad'' and ''U Remind Me''. The album was also certified platinum (4 times by the RIAA). His fourth album confessions released in 2004 also did extremely well selling over 10 million copies and being certified diamond. The album also produced billboard hits such as ''My Boo'', ''Burn'' and ''Yeah''. Usher's 5th album released in 2008 was also successful selling over 5 million album copies worldwide. Usher's later album; Raymond vs. Raymond released in 2012 is already platinum certified by RIAA.

To summarize Asher's career as a singer/musician, Usher has sold over 60 million album copies worldwide a third of those copies (about 20 million) having been sold in America. This makes him undoubtedly one of the most successful musicians/singers of all time. His work as a musician has earned him very many awards i.e. 8 Grammy Awards and countless nominations.

6 Early life

Usher Raymond was born in 1978 in Dallas, Texas. His father disowned the family between 1979 and 1980 when Usher was just a year old forcing Usher's mother; Jonetta Patton to raise Usher on her own. Usher spent most of his early life in Chattanooga. He grew up around his mother, step father and James Lackey (half brother).

Usher's musical career started in church when he joined a local church choir in Chattanooga which was at that time being directed by his mother. When he was around 9 years old, his grandmother noticed his singing talent however it wasn't until he joined a real singing group that his talent was noticed and he started his rise to fame.

In his early teen years, Usher's family decided to move to a bigger city in order to showcase his talent. They moved to Atlanta which was a better environment for singers. Usher attended High School in Atlanta in the process joining an R&B group; NuBeginnings which launched his musical career. While in the group, Usher managed to record over 10 songs.

Usher got his first record deal in his teen years. He was signed by L. A. Reid. At 16, he released his debut album which was self titled. The album to date has sold over half a million copies.

5 Acting career

As mentioned above, Usher's musical career kick-started and he rose to fame when he released his second and third album albums; My Way and 8701. After enjoying tremendous success through these albums and others that followed, he launched his entertainment career as an actor. His first ever appearance on TV was in a series dubbed Moesha. This series paved way for other acting roles. For instance he got his first ever film role in the movie; The Faculty. This launched a successful career outside music. He has acted in many more films since then i.e. She's All That, Light It up, In The Mix and Geppetto. To date he has appeared in very many films and television series.

4 Usher's net worth

According to the latest estimates (2012) from sources such as Forbes and Rich list, Usher is worth $140 million. Ushers is among the richest musicians worldwide because of his numerous entertainment and business ventures. As mentioned above, he is a song writer, singer, actor and dancer. He is also a producer, designer and businessman which is how he makes a huge chunk of his money today. His musical career was his initial booster to riches. He has very successful albums early in his career as a musician which is what earned him the fame and fortunes to venture into other avenues i.e. acting and business.

According to the latest estimates (2011-2012) Usher makes over 40 million a year. Majority of this is earned outside his musical career i.e. as a producer and businessman. He is part owner of an NBA team; Cleveland Cavaliers and owner of a record label: US Records founded in 2002. The label has enjoyed tremendous success over the years earning him millions. For instance, the label has produced very successful artists like Justin Bieber who makes millions for Usher every year. Justin Bieber is currently signed to Raymond Braun Media which is a joint venture between (Scooter Braun) Bieber's manager and Usher. Usher is also a designer. Currently, he earns a bulk of his income from song writing, designing, producing, being music executive and business ventures. Usher doesn't need to sing to continue making millions every year.

3 Ushers lifestyle: homes, cars, bikes

Usher lives in a mansion he bought back in 2007 in Roswell, GA. He bought the mansion for $3 million. Currently, the mansion is worth more than $10 million which is a conservative estimate. The mansion has 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a large living room and kitchen, a swimming pool and a hot tub. The mansion sits on 4.25 acres.

Usher also loves cars and bikes. He reportedly owns a Ferrari 458 which he uses regularly to run errands. He also has many other luxury/expensive cars in his garage i.e. a Maybach, Mercedes, escalade e.t.c. Usher owns a number of superbikes i.e. the Ducati 848 EVO and a Brawler GTC.

2 Ushers personal life: Family

Usher is currently divorced with 2 children. Usher and his ex wife Tameka Foster have 2 children namely; Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond. Usher currently has custody of his two children after his wife lost custody in a court battle in 2012.

1 What the future holds for Usher

The future is bright for Usher as a businessman, producer, singer, song writer, designer and actor. Usher will continue making millions every year doing what he loves. He doesn't need to work as hard as he did when starting out to be able to maintain his lifestyle. He just needs to manage all his ventures well to ensure he earns a stable income. As for his family/marriage life, it isn't clear what his next move will be i.e. re-marrying or concentrating on raising his children on his own as he takes care of his business ventures.


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Usher Biography: Life And Career