TV's 15 Biggest WTF Moments In 2015

2015 has been a great year for television. We've seen some insane plot twists, big reveals, and shocking deaths that have made us sit on the edge of our seats more than once. In just about every popular show from Arrow to Game of Thrones, there was an event that dropped our jaws to the floor within a matter of seconds.

Not only that, but we've also seen the debuting of new shows such as Daredevil and in their first seasons alone have even given us something worth losing our minds over. It's those moments that make us love TV, and give promising hope for what it will be like next year as these shows continue. If a show can make you say "WTF?" in its first season, then you know they've done something right.

As 2015 draws to a close, we've taken a look at all of these great moments that have happened in television this year. For those of us who were along for the rides, we've experienced ups, downs, victories, and heartbreaks. I suppose that means the directors have been doing great jobs with their shows.

So after seeing all that TV has had to offer this year, here are the 15 biggest WTF moments that have taken place on the small screen in 2015. Please keep in mind that there will be major spoilers for all of the shows we cover, so proceed at your own discretion.

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15 Felicity Gets Shot - Arrow

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Oliver Queen has gone through a lot in three seasons, and now he finally understands that he can be a hero and be happy at the same time. However, while being threatened by the nightmarish Damien Darhk, Oliver chooses to stand his ground and fight the madman. In retaliation, Darhk chooses not to assault Queen, but kill those he loves. He takes his soldiers and shoots Ollie's new fiance, Felicity. What's most shocking is that it appears as if she is really dead. What will Team Arrow do without her?

14 Jon Snow Is Stabbed - Game of Thrones

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Yeah, yeah, another Game of Thrones moment, but you all knew this one was going to make the list. Jon Snow was a beloved character. As the battle for Winterfell commenced, Snow discovered that he had nobody by his side. He is one of the most hated individuals in all of the land. However, his young friend Olly tells him one of his friends has been found alive. When Jon goes to the location though, he is merely greeted by a sign that says "TRAITOR". Then members of the Night's Watch appear and each take turns stabbing him. The nail in the coffin was that little Olly plunged the last knife in Snow's stomach.

13 Derek's Tragic Accident - Grey's Anatomy

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Fans were chomping at the bit to figure out what exactly was happening with Derek Shepherd. Too often was Dr. Grey questioning whether he was cheating or off on some other adventure or what. Fortunately, he returned and got things right with his wife, as well as the fans. Then as he was on the road, an emergency situation caused him to pull over and help out those in need. When he got back in his car though, a truck came by and smashed into him, ending his life. The worst part had to be Dr. Grey's broken reaction as she learned she was also pregnant with his child.

12 Caitlyn Jenner's Confession - 20/20

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Like it or not, this was definitely one of the biggest WTF TV moments of 2015. Everyone had pretty much suspected before then about Jenner's gender transformation, but once she finally announced it on an episode of 20/20, America went ballistic. She was either put on a pedestal for bravery, or called out for her morally questionable actions. Nonetheless, everybody's eyes were on her, and everybody's jaws were nearly on the floor at the reveal of her new status. On top of that, it gave Facebook something to go crazy about for nearly a month.

11 Jessica Snaps Kilgrave's Neck - Jessica Jones

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Yeah, I know, another superhero show. But to be honest, they've all had some amazing moments this year. The one in Jessica Jones came at the very last episode of the season. After spending years of dealing with the mental effects of the villain Kilgrave, as well as being haunted by his torture, Jessica finally comes face to face with him. He attempts to play his mind tricks, so in a moment of desperation and a desire for freedom, Jessica snaps his neck. In a world where superheros constantly don't kill, it was surprising to see Jones embrace her darker side and place her in a gray area.

10 Stephen Returns To Save The Day - Scandal

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Tensions were high as the famous Olivia Pope had been handed over to the Russians. The baddie Cyrus had an almost unbreakable plan to get Olivia out of the picture. But we got a shocking revelation when it was revealed who she was being handed over to - Stephen, a character we haven't seen since the first season! Apparently, he had been working in Russia and had ties to that group so a friend called in and asked Stephen to save the day. Olivia then offered for him to come and have his old office back, but sadly he denied it. It's clearly unknown if he'll return again.

9 Zoom Breaks The Flash's Back- The Flash

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Throughout season 2 of The Flash, fans and viewers were disappointed to see that the primary antagonist was going to be another speedster along the lines of the Reverse Flash, who was the antagonist for season 1. However, the directors shattered every expectation we had about Zoom in episode 6 of the popular show. After Barry tries to find the mysterious inter-dimensional villain, Zoom instead finds Barry, shatters his back, then proceeds to go to the newspaper publication and the CCPD to show off a beaten and broken Flash. Barry ends up being confined to a wheelchair. The only downside to this was that Barry didn't stay out of commission very long, and was back on his feet by the end of the next episode.

8 The Kingpin Crushes A Man's Head - Daredevil

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Daredevil was always a very unique Marvel project - it showcased an entirely different side of the MCU and portrayed realism instead of trying to be kid-friendly. They especially adhered to this with the villain of the show, the Kingpin. For a few episodes, we see him as a relatable man with normal desires and goals. However, when his plans are ruined, we see him for who he truly is, and we are reminded why he is bad person. He proceeds to grab the man who got in his way and bash his head in a car door over and over until all we are left with is a bloody body and pieces of his head lying around. It was one of the most brutal things I ever witnessed.

7 Darlene Is Elliot's Sister - Mr. Robot

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We've had a pretty unique and interesting ride with Mr. Robot. Naturally with a show like this though, there is always some kind of love interest that will attempt to push the plot forward. This time it was with the main character, Elliot, and a woman named Darlene. Eventually their attraction grows for each other and Elliot proceeds to kiss her. So far so good. However, he then figures out that she is in fact his sister and Mr. Robot is their father. Bam. There's a twist nobody saw coming. Afterwards, fans were either enraged or too stunned to say much else.

6 Amy's Resignation - Veep

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We all know how it feels to hold back your thoughts for so long and also how liberating it is to finally be able to say what's been on your mind. Well that's exactly what happened in the show Veep. Amy had been working for Selena (now the president) for many years and always held back what she really thought about her. However, she ended up quitting her job and in doing so, went out with a bang. She proceeded to tell Selena everything that had been on her mind and brutally roasted her former boss. It was both glorious and surprising.

5 The White Walkers Are Back - Game of Thrones

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The White Walkers are some of the most intimidating and terrifying villains on television. So it was frightening to us in the audience when after Jon Snow's small victory, we saw that the White Walkers had been resurrected. It was a hopeless moment for all of us as we knew there wasn't anything that could be done. To make matters worse, there was dead silence as it happened, all but echoing how lost we all felt to see it take place. It was at this moment that we know that the characters were all doomed.

4 Glenn's Apparent Death - The Walking Dead

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Never before has a particular event spawned so many theories than Glenn's apparent death in the current season of The Walking Dead. Faced against a horde of zombies, Nicholas and Glenn struggled to find a way out. Bogged down by hopelessness, Nicholas proceeded to shoot himself, then he and Glenn tumbled into the swarm. Viewers were left with a scene of what looked like the zombies tearing into Glenn's flesh. But as we all learned though, they were actually chomping down on Nicholas's body which ended up saving Glenn's life. Nonetheless, fans of the show were enraged and shocked to see it.

3 Goodbye Forever - Parenthood

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Our ride with the Braverman family has been one full of warmth and sorrow. Never before has a fictional family felt so real and alive to us. So a series finale would be expected to break your heart and leave you in a mess of tears. And trust me, it does. We have to say goodbye to the grandfather, the shepherd of the whole family, as cancer takes his life. It was shocking, but also devastating. As soon as it happened, I wanted to call my own grandfather just to tell him I loved him.

2 Double Kill - The Leftovers

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Kevin had been going through a lot in seasons 2 of The Leftovers. As such, many of us were expecting some kind of rising action to tie all of his struggles together at some point. And boy, did we get it. After dealing with an incoming psychotic breakdown, Kevin struggles with committing suicide for many various reasons. His "spiritual guide" Virgil is trying to get him to do it, but Kevin rejects it. So instead, Virgil feeds Kevin poison and proceeds to shoot himself in the head. Then we are treated with a shot of both men dead on the floor.

1 Emma Becomes The Dark One - Once Upon A Time

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The Dark One is a theme that has been explored so much in Once Upon A Time. When Emma finally discovers that she has magic powers, everyone is worried about her possibly becoming too strong. After all, she would have the capability to become the Dark One. But she's the main character, she's never going to submit to evil, right? Right? Wrong. After an episode where she tries to fight off the power inside of her, we fast forward in time to see that she has fully embraced the shadow and becomes the Dark One, under the tutelage of the devious Rumpelstiltskin himself.

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