Top Selling Xbox Games This Year

Sometimes it’s just nice to park yourself on a bench, grab a controller then go couch potato with your Xbox 360 for a few hours. Why not? There are so many great games available out there. There are a

Sometimes it’s just nice to park yourself on a bench, grab a controller then go couch potato with your Xbox 360 for a few hours. Why not? There are so many great games available out there. There are action games, first-person shooter games, adventure games, driving games, sports games and even fitness games if you don’t want to go couch potato too much.

Last year saw the release of great Xbox games like Assassin’s Creed 3, Dishonored and Dirt: Showdown. This year also saw the release of many good ones, but what are the top selling Xbox games so far this year? Here they are based on Amazon sales.

10 NBA 2K13

Many NBA games have come and gone, each one with different features as the last. What this game brings to the table is the new GM Sim sit-down feature, new endorsement paths, improved in-game AI and new customizations for clothing, equipment and, of course, shoes. Some game controls have also been re-mapped based on player demand and some movements will now take some control mastery. Shots are now dynamically created on the fly by a new collision physics while players are modeled to impact the game in their own unique way.

9 Dead Space 3

The third installment in the highly-successful Dead Space series takes the player out of the claustrophobic confines of interstellar spaceships and doomed space settlements to the icy wastes of the Planet Tau Volantis. You still play as Isaac Clarke, the hero of the first two games in the franchise, who still cannot shake off his past with the reanimated dead called the necromorphs and the cult that worships the mysterious “Marker”. Game developers did good adding a coop feature to this game. Now DS3 players can share their fears and scream in terror with their friends.

8 Tomb Raider

This series debuted on the Sega Saturn, PlayStation and the PC more than a decade ago. Game developers took the cue from movie writers; whenever you run out of ideas for sequels, make prequels. This game traces the evolution of Lara Croft from a rich yet insecure college grad hot babe to the gun-toting archaeologist she is known as today. The game has been praised for taking the linear mold that characterized most games in the series and turning it into a sandbox game where Croft can revisit different parts of the map just to see what she missed and even gain XP from sidequests.

7 Minecraft

Just how do you play Minecraft? The answer: there is no right or wrong way to play Minecraft. You play it the way you want. You want to build things? Fine. You want to destroy stuff? Also fine. All this takes place in a blocky living world with different environments, trees, wildlife and even water. You can harvest resources and make whatever stuff you want. You can also invite Xbox friends over to see how cool or ugly your world has become and do resource mining stuff with these friend. While the Xbox part of the game has been criticized for missing some content of the PC version, the core experience remains.

6 Far Cry 3

The Far Cry series prided itself in giving the player wide, open sandbox worlds to explore. This game has that and even more. A new features now allows players to hunt animals and use their skins and other body parts to improve their gear. Stealth is now much improved over the other games and players can make use of combo moves to make multiple kills in one smooth motion. Throw in a beautiful world full of things to do, places to explore and you have a game that is worth playing over and over again.

5 Bioshock Infinite

The third installment of this popular franchise takes you out of the underwater city of Rapture and into a city in the sky called Columbia in search of a girl. It won’t be long before you figure out things in this supposed utopia are not all that it seems and before long you will be running for your life, making new friends, killing powerful enemies, picking up powerful weapons and making an impact on the world.

4 Halo 4

There were initially some trepidations 343 studio would bungle up Bungie’s first-person shooter masterpiece, but critics are saying Halo 4 is probably the best game in the series. Halo continues the story of Master Chief and his fight against the alien Covenant, but this time the real star of the story is Cortana, the unsubstantial yet ever-present AI that has been with the Chief ever since he was first thawed out of hypersleep. Aside from the absorbing story, there are also improvements to the game, better graphics AI and better sound where the subtle elements are concerned. Character facial expressions are also more realistic, all except the Chief’s, of course.

3 Madden NFL 25

Developers wanted the games in Madden NFL 25 to look more like an NFL broadcast and they did just that by adding tons of sponsorship to almost everything, new physics and new animations. There is even an in-game Twitter stream showing how your team is doing. Franchise fans might notice there are many animations, moves and even endzone dances carried over from other Madden NFL games but these are things that cannot be helped in a sports game.

2 COD: Black Ops 2

The next installment of one of the most popular FPS shooter franchise has also been described as one of the most innovative. Whereas other COD titles were called linear games that cannot deviate from one path, Black Ops 2 does give the player some choices to make in the game and has them live with the consequences of those choices. Split in time between the Cold War and the near future, the game will have you firing era weapons on one hand and handling technology that is still technically top secret on the other. The multiplayer has also been improved with new modes, features and, of course, better zombies.

1 Grand Theft Auto V

Currently on top of Xbox game sales, GTA V has also been hailed as the best in the series. The game takes place in a huge world with so much detail and so many things to do. The player can command any of the three intriguing characters and switch between them anytime he wants. There is only one main storyline to follow, however, in true GTA fashion the player can leave the main quest anytime he wants to pursue other fun things to do like yoga, golf, driving a helicopter, parachuting off said helicopter, blowing tons of stuff up and trying to get away from the police.

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Top Selling Xbox Games This Year