Top 8 Sexiest Spokespeople On TV Today

It comes as no surprise that actors in movies and TV series seem to get all the fame and attention. But lately, there seems to be another set of stars that we see everyday and think little about, in comparison to our favorite actors and actresses. Actors in commercials work just as hard, and have as much talent as other popular performers, and the golden grail of commercial acting is being the spokesperson for a company. These performers grace our television screens, every time we take a commercial break from watching our favorite stars act in our favorite TV shows.

Here, we pay tribute to this special set of actors by counting down the 8 sexiest spokespeople on TV today. Just watching these men and women makes us want to buy whatever they're selling, and that definitely takes something special. Let's start with number 8:

8 The T-Mobile Girl

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Carly Foulkes was hired as the new spokeswoman for T-mobile in 2010. For the first few years, Foulkes' advertisements featured her in conservative pink dresses (magenta being T-mobile's trademark color). In the spring of 2013, however, T-mobile made Foulkes over into a biker chic for their new commercials entitled "alter ego." With Foulkes in a tight black and pink leather outfit, riding a motorcycle, it's no wonder she was considered sexier than ever.

Both of Foulkes' parents are British, although she grew up in Canada. In her audition for the T-mobile spot, she actually had trouble pronouncing the company's name, but she was so phenomenal she was chosen for the part, anyway. Before working for T-mobile, Foulkes worked as a model; in 2009, she actually appeared on the cover of Elle Magazine. She also did some work for Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy's, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger.

7 AT&T's Lily

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Wireless companies are all about having a beautiful spokeswoman. Perhaps inspired by T-mobile, AT&T recently launched a new campaign featuring Lily, a sales associate in an AT&T store. In the most well known commercial, Lily confronts a group of customers who are Verizon employees in disguise.

Lily is portrayed by Milana Vayntrub, an actress originally from Uzbekistan. Before scoring the spot with AT&T, Vayntrub acted on videos across the internet, including some by the comedy site College Humor. She also co-stars in the internet series, "Live Prude Girls." Vayntrub additionally had some short spots in TV shows like ER, House of Lies, and The League.

6 Allstate's Mayhem

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Allstate insurance launched its new campaign featuring Mayhem, in 2010. In the advertisements, a man in a business suit portrays potential disasters like snow, that causes your roof to cave in, a jogger that distracts from your driving and a dog that chews up your car upholstery. The argument behind the commercials is that you never know when Mayhem will strike, so you better be prepared with Allstate insurance.

Actor Dean Winters is undeniably attractive in the part of Mayhem, but the now 49-year-old hunk had a long career before being contracted by Allstate. He acted in TV shows like Law & Order, Oz, 30 Rock and Sex and the City and movies like, Conspiracy Theory and P.S. I Love You. 

5 The Orbit Gum Girl

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"Dirty mouth? Clean it up with Orbit." These famous words were passed on to a new actress after six years of the classic campaign. In the commercials, a blonde British babe dressed crisply in white appears in the midst of awkward situations to clean up dirty mouths.

In 2010, Farris Patton took the role over from Vanessa Branch. The model/ actress aspired to be in commercials since she was a little girl, when she filmed home videos of herself advertising various household items. Patton is living out her dreams and even enjoys being recognized on the street; she always carries extra packs of Orbit gum in her purse to give out to fans. One thing you might not know about Patton, however, is that her British accent is all part of the act. She's really a California girl!

4 Toyota's Jan

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The new spokeswoman for Toyota is Jan, the quirky, cute worker at the front desk of a Toyota dealership. Jan always wears red and just wants to help customers find the right car. In one commercial, Jan works on finding the best way to welcome guests to Toyotathon. In another, she offers to "friend" a serial texter. Jan also woke us up to the revelation that the spork is the first hybrid.

Jan's role is done by Laurel Coppock, and if the brunette bombshell looks familiar, it's because you've seen her as one of her many other characters, like in 2 Broke Girls, The Office, Crazy Stupid Love, or Arrested Development. 

3 The Old Spice Guy

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The new spokesman for Old Spice is 'the man your man could smell like', according to his many commercials. Launched in 2010, Old Spice's new advertisements feature this sexy gentleman, sudsing up or performing a variety of activities all while smelling super fine. In the original spot, he moves from a shower, to a sailboat to a horse, while offering the viewer tickets, a handful of diamonds and of course, himself. If your man smelled like him, you could have all this, he says.

2 Progressive's Flo

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Flo is the perky, retro-styled saleswoman we know and love from Progressive. The insurance company introduced Flo in 2008, and the character has since become wildly popular. She's garnered several fan groups on Facebook and elsewhere, and even has young girls dressing as Flo for their Halloween costume. In the majority of Flo's commercials, she sells insurance in what appears to be a big, white room, frequently endorsing the "name your price" tool.

The woman behind this iconic advertising star is actress and comedian, Stephanie Courtney. The now 44-year-old started her acting career performing in a number of advertisements, including a Super Bowl ad for Bud Light as well as commercials for Skittles, General Mills, Wienerschnitzel and SC Johnson Glade. She's also appeared in numerous TV shows like ER, Mad Men, House and 2 Broke Girls.

1 The Wendy's Girl

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Wendy's fast food chain is known for its "old fashioned hamburgers" and its mascot, Wendy, a red haired little girl in pigtails. In their new "Now That's Better" campaign, however, the mascot gets a makeover. The new Wendy's spokeswoman is a sexy redhead who will replace your boring lunch with something delicious from Wendy's and claim, "Now that's better!"

Morgan Smith Goodwin, age 28, is the star of the new campaign. Goodwin is a Southern belle from Alabama and earned her degree in musical theater Birmingham-Southern College. She previously acted in the off-Broadway production, Freckleface Strawberry and Sweet Chariot. She tore herself from her southern roots, though, when she was offered the part in Wendy's new advertising campaign. Goodwin has moved from Birmingham and now resides in New York City.    

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