Top 20 Sexiest Movie Ghosts

sexiest movie ghosts

Ready for some phantoms, ghouls, and apparitions? Well, here they are! We’ve got the top 20 sexiest movie ghosts and before you disregard this list, don’t worry. There’s nothing here that is going to give you nightmares or keep you up at night. If anything, you will marvel at the beauty of these actors and actresses, even as they play dead characters. These films also run the gamut from comedy to horror, drama and fantasy, so there is something for everyone.

You will most definitely recognize some of these well-known actors and actresses on our list. Some of them have been winning awards for their acting work for decades. Yet there are also some people on this list who may not be known to you. Whether or not you decide to check out some of their other works, you will agree that they look mighty fine in films on these lists. And if you’re too frightened to watch the really scary ones; that’s okay too. At least we’ve got pictures for you to glance at!

So sit back and take a look at how Hollywood manages to make ghosts look gorgeous. Of course, being naturally beautiful (like these men and women) doesn’t hurt!

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20 Charlotte Riley, Wuthering Heights

Via hippowallpapers.com

19 Eva Longoria, Over Her Dead Body

Via cinemagia.ro

Okay, so we’ll admit that we hadn’t heard of this movie before this list came along, but if it features Eva Longoria, it can’t be bad, right? We know Eva as the frisky woman in Desperate Housewives, and she doesn’t disappoint as a sexy siren in this film. Even though the movie was kind of a flop, she was still showing off her assets on the big screen, which is reason enough to watch it. Eva played the ghost of a guy who is trying to get together with a new woman who happens to be a psychic. Yeah, we’ve heard this story before, but … Eva Longoria!

18 Kate Beckinsale, Haunted

Via somanyperioddramas.tumblr.com

You can’t go wrong with some Kate Beckinsale, am I right? Anyway, Haunted tells the story of a family who is being terrorized by ghostly creatures. First they just think the old grandmotherly figure is going senile, but when other people start noticing some strange things, well…maybe there is a ghost after all. And there is! It’s the gorgeous Kate, and while this film is supposed to scare us, we can’t stop looking at her. The movie may have gotten some thumbs-down votes, but hey, every actress has some hits and some misses. If you’re looking for a suspenseful ghost story, try watching this one.

17 Rex Harrison, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir 

Via filmoteca.cat

This fantastical ghost story movie starred Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison. This is some old-school hotness for all you people who prefer the more traditional things in life. Rex plays a steamy phantom (in his living days he was a captain at sea.) Needless to say, a sea man definitely needs to look chiseled and buff. Rex rose to the occasion. We may not always go for more dated flicks (this movie was from the 1940s!) but we have to admit that Rex was one hot actor in his day. This is also a pretty good movie, so that’s another reason to watch it.

16 Reese Witherspoon, Just Like Heaven

Via pixsearching.com

If all ghosts looked like Reese Witherspoon, we would be lining up to be haunted on a daily basis. In Just Like Heaven, Reese looks exactly like that. She is all blonde hair and big doe eyes and a curvy body that makes us swoon. The rom-com tells the story of a doctor who dies in a car crash. She was on her way to a blind date (tragic!) and this dude starts seeing the doctor’s ghost (because he moves into her old apartment, as fate would have it.) Hey, we’ve gotta say, the combination of Reese and Mark Ruffalo is pretty cute. While the film is a bit too sweet, Reese is never too sweet and adorable for us.

15 Nina Young, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Via harrypotter.wikia.com

The Harry Potter films were full of ghostly characters (Moaning Myrtle did not make the list; don’t tell her.) One of the hottest ghosts in the film franchise was The Grey Lady, played by Nina Young. While The Grey Lady wasn’t in many of the films (you can spot her in Chamber of Secrets and Deathly Hallows: Part 2,) she had a presence that was unforgettable. The Grey Lady is the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw, whom Harry Potter fans will know as one of the characters in the Ravenclaw house lineage. In real life, Nina Young is an Aussie with Russian blood.

14 Patrick Swayze, Ghost

Via fanpop.com

While we all very fondly remember Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, he also played an absolute hunk in the film Ghost. Starring opposite Demi Moore, Swayze was one of the hottest male ghosts we’ve seen in popular cinema. Swayze comes back in ghost form after being tragically killed. His chick, played by Moore, tries to communicate with Swayze via a psychic who turns out to be a fake. Oh no; will true love prevail? Watch and find out. We’ve all seen Swayze dance and shimmy. Now let’s watch him as a super-sexy apparition in this somewhat erotic romance-ghost story!

13 Sigourney Weaver, Ghostbusters

sexiest movie ghosts
Via theguardian.com

You may call on Ghostbusters when you want a great Halloween movie, but you stay for Sigourney Weaver, don’t you? Hey, we don’t blame you. And we’ve got good news for you: Weaver has agreed to sign on for the new version of Ghostbusters! Along with Ernie Hudson, Bill Murray, and Dan Aykroyd, Weaver will be continuing the saga of this great classic film. It’s set to show in theaters in summer 2016. We can hardly wait! Will Weaver still be the ghostly Dana Barrett we remember her as? How will she work with the new additions to the film: Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and Chris Hemsworth?

12 Alec Baldwin, Beetlejuice

Via tribecashortlist.com

Hear us out, please. We all know that Alec Baldwin is kind of a weirdo now and that his acting career has gone down the drain. That being said, he was a geekishly-attractive ghost in Beetlejuice. Baldwin played Adam Maitland, the dead husband of his dead wife Barbara. With his plaid shirt and wire-rimmed glasses, it’s cute to watch Baldwin’s ghostly character try to devise a plot to oust the new owners out of his old house. We’re all allowed to have some kind of weird attraction, right? Plus, Beetlejuice is a great movie. If you haven’t seen it, you definitely shouldn’t wait until Halloween to do so.

11 Ellen Muth, Dead Like Me

Via theredlist.com

Never heard of Ellen Muth? That’s okay; we hadn’t either until we did our research. She starred in Dead Like Me, a television series which also had a movie component. The series wasn’t that long ago, but she managed to slip under our radar – until now. Ellen is beautiful and she makes a pretty gorgeous ghost! Makes sense considering that she worked as a model for Ford Models, a reputable modeling agency. She has that high-fashion look about her: effortlessly sexy, yet totally girl-next-door. In Dead Like Me, Ellen is one of the “reapers” on the show, which is eerie, but kind of turns us on at the same time.

10 Lia Beldam, The Shining

Via cineplex.com

We have to put Lia Beldam on here; the girl stripped down to her birthday suit for The Shining, after all. Even if she had kept her clothes on, she would have been just as attractive. Beldam was hot in this movie, and she was also ready for action. As she cuddles up to her prey (in this case, Jack Nicholson’s character,) she morphs into this grotesque old person. Well, the hotness was awesome while it lasted. Besides getting us all hot under the collar, this film also managed to seriously creep us out! Beldam managed to preserve her place in Hollywood history with this role.

9 Geena Davis, Beetlejuice

Via s1.zetaboards.com

We’re back to Beetlejuice. Not only was it a very good movie, but it also had lots of hot ghosts in it. Our next pick is Geena Davis, who played the wife opposite Alec Baldwin’s character. Barbara Maitland was the second half of this ghostly duo and she looked great in all her late 1980s glory. Really though, if a woman can make it to this list for a movie that was released in 1988, she has got to be pretty attractive. And so it is with Geena Davis. If you want to see more hotness from her, watch Thelma and Louise, Stuart Little, and Grey’s Anatomy. This woman is aging beautifully.

8 Patrice Martinez, Beetlejuice

Via imgkid.com

Okay, the last Beetlejuice reference on this list, we promise! Patrice Martinez played the ghost of Miss Argentina. With her Latina looks, she was perfect for the part. You may also remember her sexiness in the film Three Amigos. Martinez has won multiple awards for her acting work and she still looks gorgeous; all smoldering eyes and flowing dark hair. In Beetlejuice, Martinez is portrayed as a green-skinned, orange-haired beauty with heavy eye makeup and bold red lips. She wears a Miss Argentina sash over the sexy strapless dress. Oh, and there are the slits on her wrists, too. She makes her living in the afterlife as a receptionist.

7 Shawna Loyer, Thirteen Ghosts

Via movpins.com

Shawna Loyer, a Florida girl, was one of the sexy ghosts we wanted to include on this list for her work in the film Thirteen Ghosts. The leggy actress played an equally beautiful character in the movie. Unfortunately, her character was driven mad by her good looks and all of the attention placed on them. When she tries to give herself cosmetic surgery, things go awry. Her death results in her becoming one angry ghost deemed The Angry Princess. She is definitely one of the scarier ghosts on our list, but she is also really pretty, in a twisted kind of way.

6 Nicole Kidman, The Others

Via kinoweb.de

We have pretty much come to the conclusion that Nicole Kidman will look stunning in anything, even a potato sack. She doesn’t wear a potato sack in The Others though. Kidman plays a super religious mother who finds her house becoming haunted by other-worldly demons. The film was a success and earned Kidman a lot of kudos. It has been spoofed quite often in pop culture, but not for Kidman’s bad acting. Her looks weren’t too shabby either. Even in her prim and proper get-up, she was still delightful to look at. Her creeped out facial expressions made her look feminine and sexy.

5 Oksana Borbat, Return to House on Haunted Hill

Via hdbitz.org

Oksana Borbat was one of the lesbian lover ghosts in Return to House on Haunted Hill (and its predecessor). She was, in her living life, one of the patients at the psych ward featured in the movie. Her death came about through electric shock, and her ghost is stuck in the mental hospital. Eerie? Yeah, but Oksana is a rare beauty. She also appeared in Vortex and Hutorskie Strasti. Not much is known about her, but the air of mystery surrounding her is sort of part of her allure. We’re pretty sure she was featured in the Ukrainian edition of Playboy.

4 Xeniya Fesenko, Return to House on Haunted Hill

Via hdbitz.org

You guessed it: Xeniya Fesenko was the other half to Oksana Borbat. Xeniya played her lesbian lover, another victim to the psych ward’s electric shock therapy. Besides all of us seeing her in the nude in Return to House on Haunted Hill, Xeniya is most likely involved in some other X-rated activities. She doesn’t have any other serious film credits to her name history, but that doesn’t mean that you should gloss over her in this horror flick. If you are in the mood for some exotic erotica, then she might just be the ticket. She seriously looks like a model.

3 Kate Hudson, A Little Bit of Heaven

Via aceshowbiz.com

She’s blonde, she’s bubbly, and she’s downright hot. It’s Kate Hudson, of course! In the 2011 film A Little Bit of Heaven, we get to see Kate as a ghost, and the result is nice, not scary. One of the queens of romantic comedies, Kate would make one of the most attractive ghosts ever. In this film, she plays Marley Corbett, a happy-go-lucky woman who is diagnosed with cancer. The sad part is that we have to watch Kate’s character get sicker and sicker. The happy part is that she has a bittersweet death and the movie doesn’t have a depressing ending.

2 Goldie Hawn, Death Becomes Her

Via fanpop.com

Back in 1992, Goldie Hawn starred in Death Becomes Her, a film that was part fantastical film and part creepy comedy. Hawn played one of the main characters who tries to outlive and out-beautify (is that a word?) her rival, played by Meryl Streep. After drinking a potion that promises eternal youth, Hawn’s character must live with the consequences. We won’t tell you how it ends because you really should watch this movie. Don’t worry; it won’t scare you. Plus, you can see where Kate Hudson gets her great looks (Hawn is her mama!) Hawn may be 70, but there are rumors of marriage in her future!

1 Meryl Streep, Death Becomes Her

Via fanpop.com

Yep, the timeless Meryl Streep was also cast as a leading lady in Death Becomes Her. Good choice! We love Meryl, and she can play pretty much any character in any genre. In this black comedy, she is superb and she is a great role model for empowering women. She even had the writer of Death Becomes Her rewrite a scene where she has a fling with a younger man. That’s what’s up, Meryl! Nope, it’s decided: we will never get tired of this actress. She has been a beauty icon for each decade that she has graced the world with her presence.

Sources: hollywood.com, glamour

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