Top 20 Most Unfiltered People In Hollywood

Hollywood is known to be the land of glitz, glamour and where those who have money tend to reside, but there is a down side to the life of fame which is that all eyes tend to be on you no matter what. This being said, celebrities have many different ways of dealing with it from putting on a good girl act to living their lives normally to even going to absolute extremes which means that their names will always be in the press, hence never going out of style. Sure, there are many extremes in any case and the reason for choosing it can and will be different depending on the person but the result will typically always be the same: judgment. The media is fearless when it comes to taking a normal act and completely blowing it out of proportion, thus resulting in some sort of social criticism varying from 'how dare they go outside without their makeup done' to taking a friendly encounter and turning it into an affair. While there may be those who can just brush it off, others take full advantage and show the world who they are in full force. Those are the ones who made this list. Given, the definition to the word unfiltered in this regard can mean different things from not being afraid to speak out about personal struggles, no matter what it does to their image, to voicing their opinion about social issues to downright speaking out no matter what. By going against the grain they have, in one way or another, shaped their own narrative as well as those of others in some cases so here's to being different and staring down conventions for the greater good!


17 Michael Douglas

While the Basic Instincts actor Michael Douglas may not be the first name you'd turn to regarding candidness, this simply means that he's so unfiltered about his sexuality is enough to get him a spot on this list. When you're not afraid to state that you believe that the fact that you're well-endowed is the reason that you have such success in Hollywood, as he did on Page Six, then you know you'll say almost anything in an interview. On top of that, he blamed his frequent exploits of orally pleasuring a woman for his throat cancer which, consequently, brought a lot of embarrassment to his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones and the rest of their family. Sure, he may not be the most outspoken about a lot of things but your average celebrity would not announce those sorts of things in front of the media.

16 Michael Richards


While Michael Richards may be most popularly known as Cosmo Kramer from the popular situational comedy show Seinfeld, no one thought it was funny when he had a racial outburst in the middle of his 2006 stand-up routine in response to some heckling that had occurred throughout his time on stage. By shouting out derogatory phrases aimed at specific ethnic groups his reputation was quickly heading down the drain and he says that he takes it as a sign that he was not made for the stand-up scene and this was his "reality check" of such. When you pair this situation with apparent jokes layered with racial remarks he is far from the lovable Kramer that he played on television.

15 Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito may be a big name in Hollywood despite his short stature but he can also have a big mouth from time to time. Given, he seems to stay out of the spotlight and, in turn, focuses on living his own life but sometimes we all just have the need to say something. In his case, he does this on two occasions: talking about the legalization of the recreational drug marijuana and race politics. He went on record stating that he is all for its decriminalization and that he and his wife are regular users of the drug. But, more importantly, he called the entire country racist due to the lack of diversity within the 2016 Academy Award nominations and all the media did to defend themselves was respond with a bunch of short jokes. Is this the end of an era? We'll have to wait and see!

14 Pink


While Pink's speaking out may not be on the seemingly most important things in the universe, they have a lot more impact upon the world than a lot of us care to admit. For instance, she is an avid supporter of Planned Parenthood despite all of the controversy that is currently surrounding it because, as she puts it, who else is going to give all of the hugs, support and medical attention to these girls in need? Besides, just because the big out-lash happened because of an anti-abortion group is saying that Planned Parenthood is selling fetal matter doesn't necessarily mean that it's true. In addition, she avidly spoke out against the haters who are more concerned about her weight gain than the cancer benefit that she was attending and wholeheartedly reassured them that she's more than okay. Lastly, she called attention to self-destructive acts in her music video "F****** Perfect" in order to re-assure those who are going through a difficult time in their lives that someone understands because sometimes that's all they need to get through.

13 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise' public image has definitely evolved since Top Gun but whether that's a good thing is a different question altogether. His transformation from one of Hollywood's studs to the crazy guy who jumped on Oprah's couch as a proclamation of his newfound love of Katie Holmes has made the world look at him in a very different, albeit shady light. If that couch stunt wasn't enough, his involvement with Scientology has made him do and say some things which are the epitome of unfiltered Hollywood. From outright insulting Matt Lauer during an interview to filming an ode to his chosen religion which is embedded with his crazy eyes and less than normal behavior, Cruise has gone off the deep end and it's hard to say if he'll ever fully recover.

12 Amy Poehler


Amy Poehler gained her fame thanks to Saturday Night Live and has been able to maintain it ever since. This being said, this comedienne is not afraid to do or say whatever she wants whenever she wants. From confessing that she couldn't care less about Star Wars and that she is sick and tired of pretending that she does on Late Night with Seth Meyers to being an active supporter of feminism in her own special way, the subtle yet effective means in which she expresses her opinions is undeniable. When it comes to the issue of feminism, she never talks about it outright but rather laces its themes into her work and, in turn, shows women ways to make it a part of who they are as individuals and this is not quite as evident as it is in her book Yes, Please. Paired with her ability to state that she does not want to answer a specific question given by an interviewer, as with her recent encounter with The Hollywood Reporter for instance, she shows women that you don't have to run your life in a conventional fashion. However, her unfiltered nature has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Most recently, she has been getting a lot of heat from her angry public since she holds executive producer status on Difficult People and her direct influence on the running joke in the first episode revolving around R. Kelly urinating on Blue Ivy, an innocent child. All this to say, you've got to take the good with the bad and learn from your mistakes.

14. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is one of those cases where Hollywood celebrities went from having a squeaky clean image to someone who you really want to avoid whenever possible because, if you don't, chances are the least that will happen to you is that you'll get into an argument. In this year alone, the 30 Rock actor has yelled at paparazzi to stay away from his wife, Hiliria, who is currently pregnant with their third child shortly followed by the couple going to a paparazzi hot spot the next day to prove that he can play nice... enough. When you pair his anger management issues with how he blames his failures on others including Shia LaBeouf for learning his lines when they were supposed to be in a play together and the MSNBC for airing his show even though he was not particularly fond of the network it's obvious that there's some deep-rooted issues there and it's only a matter of time before he completely loses it.

11 Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has gone a long way since her Disney inspired image in her Hannah Montana days and can be better compared to a stripper than anything else... at least for now. Despite going on record with the International Business Times saying that she wants to tone down her image once more and settle down with her ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth, it is hard to believe that this will last very long. When you take into consideration that she wanted to separate herself from the crowd and get devil horns implants back in September of last year and performed topless with a strap-on and wig as her only attire in November something just doesn't seem right. Given, Miley has done nothing but surprise us for the past few years but some things are downright impossible to do, especially on a long-term basis.


10 Lady Gaga


Sure, Lady Gaga may be known for her crazy outfits and outrageous publicity stunts but there's more to her than what meets the eye. She has opened up about her past eating disorder, bulimia, to high school students despite this sort of thing usually being under lock and key and has explained how being raped as a teenager has shaped who she is. Not everyone is as open and honest about their past and she deserves many kudos for being as unfiltered as she is about what has gone on in her personal life. This being said, you can't simply discount all of her over-the-top outfits, for a comprehensive list please turn your attention to Billboard's article dedicated to it, or stunts. If being regurgitated on during one of her shows wasn't enough, she has worn a flying dress and has even appeared to an awards show in an egg! Given, her style has become tamer since she's gotten a little older but she's still the out-there queen that we all can't help but love.

9 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is more than just a Hollywood starlet; she's the woman that anyone can turn to if they're looking for an honest answer. From her absolute obsession with food and reality television, which more celebs wouldn't even think about admitting to the general public, to her candidness about the real issues that are burdening this Earth including wage-gaps, environmentalism and Donald Trump running for President of the United States she is literally one of the most liberal voices in Hollywood. The fact that she's so candid about the way that she feels about any given topic is just one of the many reasons why the public loves her and, if you need any convincing, check out the videos embedded in this article.

8 Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick is known for many things including her triple-threat status in Hollywood due to her ability to sing, dance and act but, more importantly, her willingness to be frank and bring humor to the worst of situations is nothing to shy away from either. From being open about her high school troubles to her sexual attraction to Ryan Gosling where she tweeted about pleasuring herself in the theater, Anna Kendrick's candid attitude is what makes her a role model for so many out there. She's the woman who is not afraid to drop the f-bomb when she's upset about a friend not getting a role, as she did when Mae Whitman was not cast for Independence Day 2 via Twitter, or bring attention to the way that Hollywood does the casting for movies, simply put: unfairly. By talking about gender issues as well as anything else that comes to mind Anna Kendrick, in many ways, can be viewed as the personification of what it means to be unfiltered in Hollywood.

7 50 Cent

While most rappers aren't afraid to push the envelope through their art, 50 Cent utilizes his high position to say what he needs to say. Most recently, his fight with Trav over some beef that started up over Twitter means that he's not afraid to stand up for himself while calling Jay Z overrated simply because that's the way that Jay Z views himself means that he can be open and honest with what's going on in his life. In addition, his admittance of being afraid after he was shot nine times on Hot 97's "97 Seconds" and willingness to not only talk about that event but whatever interviewers throw his way, like what happened with Vanity Fair for instance, pushed his unfiltered nature to a new extreme. Sure, his making a joke out of his own bankruptcy by posing next to a Smart Car may not have been the classiest thing to do but that was his choice and the freedom of expression that he possesses allows him to do just that. Period.

8. Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. may have come into the realm of celebrities due to his outspoken comedy that can't help but pack a punch but when you listen, truly listen, to what he has to say there is thought put into every word that comes out of his mouth and, in turn, he hopes that it makes you think about what he's saying as well. For example, when he compared Donald Trump to Hitler he didn't do it for the media attention but rather to draw attention to what he believes to be important things to consider before this man becomes President and leaves the U.S. citizens out in the dust. The same goes for anything he even lays a finger on. Louis C.K. says what others don't even date to fathom due to societal norms and brings those ideas to life using the English language as his means of forcing his point across, as was greatly demonstrated in GQ's 2014 Louis C.K. cover story. Needless to say, his material may not be for everybody but those who enjoy it will never think or feel the same way after experiencing it.

6 Amy Schumer


Amy Schumer is simply one of those women who can bring attention to absolutely anything that she deems worthy and brings forth the means of change as a result. Nothing is off the table for this famous comedienne so you can skip over to the next person if you're easily offended. Just giving you a fair warning here. Sure, she mainly speaks about women's issues and the double-standards that exist regarding sexuality, weight and age but there is more in her repertoire than just that, too. Recently, she has teamed up with her cousin who was running for state senate regarding gun control and, in turn, made it a short for Inside Amy Schumer. Amy Schumer is unafraid of any topic and that's what makes her relatable. From talking about childhood friends to keeping up with the Kardashians, from rape culture to feminism there is nothing in the world that she can't tackle and that's exactly the way that it should be forevermore.

5 Nicki Minaj

While Nicki Minaj may not be the most seasoned professional in this list, her spot is more than well deserved. Through her unapologetic attitude regarding her life, she has spoken out about many issues that are laced throughout the entertainment industry, and real life too for that matter, and calls it out. By openly talking about the double standards revolving around race and gender she is speaking about issues that trouble her and if that's not enough of a reason to talk about it, then, what is? This was the main reasoning behind the feud that she had with Miley Cyrus at the 2015 VMAs where, simply put, she was saying that if you want to get involved with black culture then you should at least know what they care about. By not apologizing for who she is, she is more than okay talking about her sexuality and abuses and, for these reasons and more, she is by far one of the most unfiltered people in Hollywood.

4 Madonna


Madonna has always been known to push the boundaries in a wide variety of ways including fashion, music and age appropriateness and has continued to do so even into her fifties! There is a good reason why she is not only known as the women who keeps on reinventing herself but is always pushing the envelope in almost every regard! From including religious connotations in her songs as well as performances to baring more skin than almost anyone would at this year's Met Gala to anything in between, Madonna is always making a splash in the media due to her fearlessness and that's what keeps her relevant.

3 Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is one of those actors, directors and producers where you don't know where he actually stands due to his conflicting lifestyles. One day he's best friends with Jews, gays, women... you name it and the next he's either making anti-Semitic, homophobic or even misogynistic remarks to what can seem like no end. The day that he really crossed the line was when he was drunk and encountered the police yelling out that the Jews were the cause of all of the world's problems but there were underlying issues prior as well. On top of that, he is publicly known as an abuser of women which doesn't co-respond with today's values whatsoever. When you take all of this into consideration and then think about how these connotations have continued to follow Gibson around and he's newest, 24 year old girlfriend is sick of it then you know that you have really struck a chord with the world.

2 Charlie Sheen


The prepossessing anger that Charlie Sheen has is, by far, his most notable trait and this had led him to a lot of media coverage over the years. From expressing anger toward Chuck Lorre, the creator of Two and a Half Men, to literally assaulting employees at his most recent visit to the dentist, there's no telling what he'll do next and that's what makes him so dangerous... especially when you take into consideration that he's even threatened and abused women that he's been with in order to keep the information that they learned under wraps. Given, being HIV-positive, having two substance abuse problems and paying off people left and right for a variety of reasons spanning from keeping their mouths shut to child support can't be easy for this star but that is nowhere near an acceptable excuse for such outrageous behavior.

2. Donald Trump

As we all know, Donald Trump's political correctness is nowhere to be seen because, apparently, he doesn't have time for that. From spewing out misogynistic comments left and right which degrade women to a little more than mere objects to be gawked at to not being afraid of admitting how self-involved he is, Donald Trump is, by far, one of the most unfiltered men in America. He can never be considered a person who possesses a filter of any sort when all he can talk about is how big his member is, how he may have dated his daughter if there were to be no relation present and how those who are not of American descent should not be trusted because they're the ones who are ruining America. Sure, he may not be a celebrity in the stereotypical sense of the word but his face is known enough that he can just pass as a person of Hollywood. Besides, his presidential election speeches have been entertaining, if not alarming, to say the very least and America wouldn't change a thing.

1 Kanye West

There are many words that can be used to describe Kanye West but silent is not one of them. This rapper turned entrepreneur can easily be called the king of the rant or the most outspoken person in Hollywood in a very long time. From interrupting awards shows to share his own opinions on the matter to having more Twitter feuds than most have in a lifetime, you do not want to start something with Kanye unless you want the entire world to know about it. In recent news, he went as far as blasting music producer Bob Ezrin on Twitter simply because he said some things that Kanye did not take well to in a critique of his music! If that wasn't enough, he also went on another Twitter rank on how fake the fashion industry is and yet another where he has had beef with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa... and that all happened in 2016!


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