Top 20 Hottest Supermodels Ever

The idea that supermodels actually exist is a pretty wild one if you think about it. Women who look gorgeous no matter what outfits you put them in, and are paid exorbitant funds to walk down runways, stay still in beautiful locales, and catch the eyes of us typical schlubs; being a model must be nice. That doesn’t mean that all supermodels are created equal, though. Thankfully, we’re here to split hairs for you and decide which of the few women who have been attractive enough to become supermodels are the hottest of the hot.

We’re not exactly sure who gets to decide which women qualify for this lofty status, but it seems like the world knows it when they see it. Models who’ve earned so many high profile jobs that they’ve managed to garner a certain level of fame, supermodels are an elite crew. We’re also limiting our list to women who came to prominence after the title was coined, which means people like Twiggy or Bettina Graziani, the first huge models, did not qualify for consideration.

20 Adriana Lima

19 Gigi Hadid

18 Charlotte McKinney

17 Laetitia Casta

16 Heidi Klum

15 Claudia Schiffer

14 Elle Macpherson

13 Naomi Campbell

12 Alessandra Ambrosia

11 Kathy Ireland

10 Miranda Kerr

9 Christie Brinkley

8 Stephanie Seymour

7 Helena Christensen

6 Chrissy Teigen

5 Brooklyn Decker

4 Tyra Banks

3 Kate Upton

2 Gisele Bundchen

1 Cindy Crawford

One of the original five women who were named Supermodels, way back when, Cindy’s career absolutely deserved being called out. Having likely appeared on more magazine covers than the entirety of magazines that still exist today (don’t quote us on that), Elle, People, W and many others, paid up for her services. Once named one-half of the Sexiest Couple Alive, alongside then-boyfriend Richard Gere, she has worked on campaigns for Pepsi, Clairol, and her own immensely successful company, Cindy Crawford Home Collection. A woman who seems like she might be the end result of an experiment where scientists attempt to artificially create the aesthetically perfect woman, any attempt to describe her would pale in comparison, so just look.

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Top 20 Hottest Supermodels Ever