Top 20 Hottest Kaley Cuoco Photos Ever

The Big Bang Theory has been among the most watched shows on television for years. That fact may not be celebrated in a lot of homes, as the show has its fair share of detractors, but that doesn’t mak

The Big Bang Theory has been among the most watched shows on television for years. That fact may not be celebrated in a lot of homes, as the show has its fair share of detractors, but that doesn’t make it any less true. Focusing on a group of four friends and their ladies, it principally markets itself as being about geek culture, an area that is being mined to death these days, and the male characters corner that market. On the other end of the spectrum is Kaley Cuoco’s character, Penny, an out of work actress and unabashed hottie who befriends the group and eventually becomes romantically involved with one of them. While she is often used as an outsider who is there to point out the idiosyncrasies of her newfound friends, it would be difficult to argue that she isn’t the main source of eye candy. After all, she can regularly be seen wearing clothes that bare a fair amount of skin. Deciding to follow the path the show’s producers laid down, we’re here to put together our list of the twenty hottest photos of Kaley ever.

In order to be considered for inclusion a photo first and foremost has to include the popular actress Kaley Cuoco in one fashion or another. It doesn’t matter if anyone else can be seen in the background, foreground, or beside her, our only consideration is how attractive Kaley looks. Additionally, pictures that are screengrabs of her work in TV or movies are okay, thus all of those Big Bang Theory outfits we were talking about are fair game. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Red Carpet Cleavage


A photo taken in 2005 at the Seventh Annual Family Television Awards red carpet event mere months after Kaley’s earlier sitcom 8 Simple Rules came to an end; she wasn’t the level of celebrity that she is today. A show that was best known for the death of its lead, the beloved John Ritter, the show still managed to run for three seasons and gave many people their first look at an upcoming young actress. Although some young performers may be worrying where their next big opportunity will be found, we can’t see a trace of any tension on her face. Sporting an elegant hairdo, bright smile an understated necklace, and a black dress that shows off a nice amount of cleavage, she looks stunning.

19 Maxim Australia


Several years into her run on The Big Bang Theory at this point, judging by a number of photoshoots we had to choose from, Kaley had magazines and photoshoots banging down her door by now. Case in point, the Maxim, Australia, shoot from which this sexy photo originates features a bevy of extraordinary images. For our money, however, this photo of her sporting two pieces of clothing, both of which are in the beginning stages of being undone, had to be included here. Showing off a nice amount of flesh while remaining fully dressed, it is the vision of her further undoing her zipper and buttons that makes this photo so hot.

18 Cosmo Baseball


We’re just going to come out and say it, we wouldn’t expect Cosmopolitan of all magazines to be so blatant in their implications. Taken from the April 2016 issue, Kaley took part in a baseball themed photoshoot. The first photo on this list that features her post haircut, this image more than proves that unlike Samson, her power has no connection to the length of her hair. While we also could have included another shot from this particular magazine that also left subtlety at the door, grasping baseball bats while making a kissy face, this one put more of a smile on our face. Wearing shorts and a midriff baring top, her hand grasping a hot dog certainly brings something else to mind…

17 Golden Globes


The Golden Globes are an Awards show unlike any other. Plying celebs with an ample amount of alcohol while bringing film and television stars together, the results are far less formal than the Academy Awards. Perhaps that is why it was after one of those events that this image came to be. Taken at an after party, Kaley and co-star Melissa Rauch, look like they are having a great time. Seemingly, no longer worried about looking all put together for the legion of red carpet photographers that were shooting them earlier in the night, in this image these two are focused on other features. We certainly enjoy the results.

16 Black Lingerie


As part of the 2012 Mexican edition of Esquire magazine, Kaley’s image was published in a series of photos. We’re going to let you know here and now that we really enjoyed the results and included multiple photos from the shoot on this list, the first of which is this one of her in sexy lingerie. Sat on top of a chest of drawers and in front of a mirror, her body looks totally fantastic and we just love the way the fabric looks against it. The highlight for us though has to be the gigantic smile on her face as there is little that is sexier than someone who looks happy in their skin.

15 Women’s Health Cover


You wouldn’t be able to tell it from the exact image that we chose to feature here but this is what actually graced the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s September 2014 issue. You may be wondering why you aren’t seeing the magazine title or any of the headlines you usually associate with a magazine cover and there is a good reason for that. The actual image is so chocked full of text that your eyes will be tired quickly and you probably wouldn’t get a very good idea of why we chose to include this particular photo. Thankfully, we found a clean version which allows for a great view of Kaley’s tight top and phenomenal body looking absolutely stupendous.

14 Seductively Pink


The first of several screengrabs from episodes of The Big Bang Theory that made the cut, fans of the show will likely know immediately where this particular still comes from. Through a convoluted series of events, part way through this episode we get to see a fantasy sequence in which Penny tries to seduce Sheldon. A rather overt act that includes her cavorting in front of him without a top and only wearing a sexy pink bra, not only is she wearing little but her character is actively trying to look as hot as possible. Need we say more?

13 Silver Undies


Back to that 2012 Mexican Esquire. This time around, we’ve chosen to include a simpler photo that left behind any kind of fancy backdrop or furniture, choosing to instead only put her figure and clothing, or lack thereof, on display. Sporting silver undies, an open white shirt, a bracelet, and a sexy look on her face, it is safe to say that Kaley looks supremely confident. Looking at the results, we can certainly see why as we can’t think of a single thing we’d change. All we can say is that we find ourselves feeling quite envious of those present at this shoot and those thumbs of hers.

12 Little Black Dress


There is an old adage about every woman needing to have a little black dress. While we have no idea how accurate that may be, there is little question that Penny sure knows how to rock one well. A screengrab taken from the twentieth episode of the sixth season, Penny accompanies Leonard while he goes to a memorial service for a colleague. While such a cleavage baring dress may be out of place at such an event, we have to admit that if someone looked that good at a funeral we attended, we probably wouldn’t complain in the slightest, wouldn't you agree?

11 Hot Reflection


The character that Penny plays on television may seem image obsessed from time to time and while we enjoy the results of her preening if the process looks like this, we’re missing out again and again. Someone whose backside doesn’t often get the attention that some of her other assets receive, considering how great she looks from behind here we just can’t imagine why. Looking like she is applying makeup to her face, we’re guessing that few observers picked up on what her hands were doing in the first five seconds of looking at this photo. If her rear and mid-riff weren’t enough to obscure that fact for you for at least a while, then we can’t say we have that in common.

10 Photo Leak

Kaley is one of many celebrities who have been the victim of a photo leak. This particular image is the only one we chose to include from the slew of photographs that were released of her due to the fact that while the photo is hot, it isn’t any more revealing than any she’s released publicly or has posed for in photoshoots. Using her hands to replace the bra she isn’t wearing, the fact that her chest is only obscured because of the placement of her paws is red hot. Throw in the look in her eyes that just oozes arousal and we felt like we couldn’t leave this one out.

9 QVC Cutie


Who knew that QVC had a style event that incorporated a red carpet? Well, we didn’t but now that we’re looking at Kaley walking it we want to celebrate and encourage them to keep it coming for years and years to come. Taken in 2014, just prior to when she cut her long locks dramatically if we had to say goodbye to her lengthy hair it is nice that it got to be put on display one last time. Wearing a tight dress that looks great on her figure, the reason this snap, seemingly taken by a pap, was included is the angle from which it was taken. Showing off her chest and booty simultaneously, she has curves in all the right places.

8 Wonder Woman


In the annals of pop culture, there are a few outfits women typically wear that many people will always associate with being sexy. Slave Leia’s gold bikini, an aforementioned little black dress and the one we see here, the Wonder Woman outfit, are definitely among them. A screengrab taken from the eleventh episode of season four of The Big Bang Theory, this time around Penny and the guys decide to dress up for a Halloween party. Opting to come together and dress up as members of the Justice League, she wears that familiar costume and looks wonderful donning it.

7 In Bed

Seriously, that Esquire magazine is the gift that just seems to keep on giving. This is the last time we will go back to this though, and while we clearly liked lots of shots from that article, this one stood head and shoulders above the rest. Here’s a little question for you, how long did it take you to notice the Starbucks symbol in the shot? For us, it almost could have been a matter of minutes as everything about Kaley is so enchanting looking. Lying on a bed while wearing what appears to be bikini bottoms and a come-hither look, it took a herculean effort to look away. Fortunately, there are six more photos we liked even more.

6 Side Angle Shot


If you were wondering how we could top that last photo, then look no further than this alluring photo that shows off quite a bit of the starlet's body. Shot for the 2010 issue of Maxim magazine, if only we could have been a fly on the wall during that shoot. As a result of her top which rises and falls with every inch of her chest while allowing the side of one of her breasts to largely escape its grasp; there is a feast for the eyes on display here. That, of course, is to say nothing of the rest of her which is perfectly in line with the sexual tone her top implies.

5 Shape Cover


Alright, this time, we were actually able to include a look at a magazine cover that this exquisite young woman found herself featured on. For the October 2015 issue of Shape magazine, editors made the wise choice of incorporating one the hottest, and you can take that any way you want, young actresses today. Wearing all white which matches her blonde hair nicely, it isn’t the fashion choices that really caught our attention. Instead, it is the fact that we’re being given a great view of her cleavage which is exemplified by the placement of some necklaces. Plus, it sure is fun to envision what would happen if a gust of wind came gusting through.

4 Allure With No Clothes


Even we are surprised that a photo of Kaley Cuoco wearing nothing at all didn’t take the top spot on this list. One of four women Allure magazine was able to convince to let them take photos of them in the buff for their April 2011 issue, this photo beat out the ones of Keri Hilson, Bridget Moynahan and Ashley Tisdale for us. Sitting on a chair of some kind, with her arm placed exactly in order to obscure the majority of her breast, what we can see of it is still really great. The highlight has to be the fact that we get to see her entire butt cheek from the side which is something that was unprecedented at the time.

3 Early Big Bang Episode


Another screen grab from an episode of The Big Bang Theory, this one is the earliest in the series run by a significant margin. Taken from the second ever episode, in this case, Penny comes to the apartment of the guys in a rage due to Sheldon’s obsessive compulsive behaviour. Waking up in the morning to discover that her apartment was invaded and cleaned overnight, she bangs on her new neighbour’s door in order to give them a piece of her mind. Perhaps, in her anger, she doesn’t realise that she is also giving them, and us, a great look at her chest in a tight white top.

2 Photo Shoot Candid


This may seem like a bit of a cheat as we’re incorporating a screengrab from a video taken during the Shape magazine photo shoot which resulted in our number five choice. All we can say is that if you are complaining about seeing more of Kaley sporting an open top without a bra, then we just don’t get it. We may not have sit eagle-eyed at our computer waiting for the exact moment to hit pause on that video but whoever did put a smile on our face. Interacting with someone on set, she has a huge smile on her face which is great and because of her movement we’re treated to a great view of what she is working with.

1 Tricky Lingerie


It just seems right that our top pick comes directly from an episode of the show that has given Kaley her greatest fame. By this time in the series’ run, her character is in a long-term relationship with one of the show’s main characters, Leonard. After he has spent a few days manipulating her in order to get what he wants via bringing up the cold manner in which his mother raised him, Penny comes to her senses about what he is doing. Opting to get her revenge on him, she dresses up in some incredible lingerie, waits for him to enter her apartment, gets his motor running, and reveals that his mother is in the room via a webcam. While the idea of such a trap is horrifying, we loved how she looked in her lingerie so much that it completely overcomes that mental barrier.

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