Top 15 Weirdest Habits Of Popular Celebrities

We all have secrets. It’s a known fact to everyone who has ever confided in someone. These secrets have the capability to make us or break us, but in some cases, they’re simply just embarrassing. Celebrities, for example, who work harder than others to keep their secrets hidden, have a hard time once they are exposed to the public.

Most of these secrets are usually bad habits that have surfaced, thanks to celebrities talking about them, or the facts being leaked to the public. And with the amount of secrets circulating around Hollywood, it’s no wonder the public learns eventually. However, these habits show that celebrities are just like us and human in every way.

From Brad Pitt to Ke$ha, everyone has a deep secret to hide about themselves. Listed here are fifteen of the weirdest celebrity habits that are known to the public. Some are considered shocking, while others don’t seem that much of a surprise, and we might even do the bad habit ourselves.

15 Brad Pitt, No Soap

14 Catherine Zeta-Jones, Beer Shampoo

13 Cameron Diaz, Knob Rubber

12 Jennifer Aniston, Plane Tapper

11 James McAvoy, Rabbit Greeter

10 Tom Cruise, Bird Poop Facial

9 Sushmita Sen, Bathes Outdoors


8 Katy Perry, Teeth Obsession

7 Megan Fox, Won't Flush

6 Demi Moore, Leech Lover

5 Jeetendra, Eats On The Toilet


4 Shah Rukh Khan, Won't Remove Shoes

3 Christina Aguilera, Smells Like Hotdogs

2 Sandra Bullock, Butt Cream Facial

1 Ke$ha, Drank Pee

The number one to make it on the list has built the reputation as both a pop singer and legal warrior. She took the world by storm and created a party-girl image that she then had a hard time trying to shed. She's also battled with an alleged eating disorder. It’s understandable that celebrities want to stay in tip top shape, but sometimes, the way they go about this is taken too far. Ke$ha once drank her own urine, because she was told it was part of a healthy diet. The "Tik Tok" singer can be seen drinking the pee in her documentary, but thankfully, this habit died hard. Ke$ha no longer drinks her own urine, which  is probably a good thing. Drinking urine can have terrible effects on your health, leaving you dehydrated and filled with many different toxins.

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Top 15 Weirdest Habits Of Popular Celebrities