Top 15 Shocking Celeb Nude Photo Scandals

shocking celebrity nude leaks

Celebrities are never far from the spotlight, no matter how hard they try to distance themselves. And when you look as good as these celebs, it is hard to keep the paparazzi away. Most of the time, the public sees gorgeous photos of these beautiful human beings. Yet there are other instances where we see a bit more than what we bargained for. So it goes for these fifteen celebrities on our list of 15 Celeb Nude Photo Scandals.

Some of these celebrities are quite fitting for this list, considering their recent altercations with the authorities or their rebellious and wild attitudes (hello, Miley Cyrus!) Other celebs on this list were shocking additions. Some of these individuals had squeaky-clean images or had been on the positive end of a lot of media press.

While some of these celebrities took it all in stride, others found it harder to repair their public image. The individuals on this list are actresses, singers, and people that many people in the world admire. Unfortunately, whether they got their accounts hacked or were the victims of malicious intent, these celebs have had to face the nude photo leak fiasco.

It just goes to show you that you can’t trust anyone, especially when you’re successful, famous, and loaded with cash.

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15 Hayley Williams

Via artuji.com


In 2010, Hayley Williams had a nude photo leak on Twitter, much to the surprise of her more than half a million followers. Although the photo was only on her Twitter account for mere minutes, tons of people saw her goods and Hayley took the opportunity to poke fun at the whole situation. Her light-hearted approach may have eased some of the backlash that could have erupted, and since then, it seems that Hayley and her band Paramore have pretty much recovered from the whole fiasco. Still, celebs have not learned their lesson and continue posting too much info on social media.

14 Dylan Sprouse

Via intouchweekly.com

If you weren’t a preteen just a few years ago, then you might not even know who Dylan Sprouse is, but his nude photo leak was quite a scandal. Dylan was one of the stars of the hit Disney show, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (along with his twin brother, Cole Sprouse.) Dylan had a sense of humor about the whole thing and took in stride, saying that he’s “not fat and 14 anymore” and that he had indeed made a mistake. We have to give him props for owning up to his blunder. Since then, he’s been under the radar.

13 Pete Wentz

Via huffingtonpost.com

Perhaps in a rage of emo feelings, Pete Wentz let his manhood show in some nude photos that were eventually leaked. This was way back in 2006, and although his public image is well-repaired now, it was quite a shock to fans all over the world. The tattooed bassist for the band Fall Out Boy had intended these photos to be sent to a certain someone, but unfortunately the whole world got to see them. He later apologized for the whole situation and has since been able to continue on with his life. Looks like there wasn’t any fallout from his nudie problem.

12 Kate Middleton

Via yellowbullet.com

Can’t a royal just go to the beach for some rest and relaxation? Apparently the answer is no, unless you don’t mind getting snapped by the paparazzi. Kate Middleton was the subject of the tabloids and the public press when she was spotted sunbathing without her bathing suit top. The slip-up was a sad realization that no one is free from the press, and the royal family was appalled that anyone would take those nude photos, let alone show them off to the public. Of course, England and the rest of the world has let Kate off the hook, and she continues to dazzle with her charm and grace.

11 Justin Bieber

Via oceanup.com

This really isn’t a surprise considering the Biebs’ other problems with girls, thug behavior, and substance abuse. The young singer was snapped in some nude photos that of course, got leaked to the Internet. The story goes that Justin sent these pictures to his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Accompanying the pics were some dirty messages intended for her eyes only. Or were they? We really wouldn’t put it past Justin to just crave some more attention, even if it was negative. Odds are we will continue hearing stories about his pseudo-bad boy behavior but quite honestly, we’re over it. More on Selena’s reaction later!

10 Vanessa Hudgens

Via redkgapofem.blogspot.com

As is to be expected from a young woman who was designed by the Disney machine, Vanessa Hudgens had an urge to break the good-girl mold and some nude photos were released. She tried desperately to repair her image and apologize, and maybe she actually tried too hard. She ended up attracting quite a lot of attention to herself while trying to shush the buzz. By now, the whole scandal can be considered forgotten and forgiven, but it was still bizarre (yet not incredibly shocking) to see the High School Musical star in the buff. Guess she had her head in the game

9 Demi Lovato

Via stylecaster.com

8 Selena Gomez

Via youtube.com

Yes, another Disney star! This one is the gorgeous and unafraid Selena Gomez (who is also Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend.) Turns out that Justin was not the only one getting down and dirty. While Selena denied that the pics were of her, some condemning nude photos leaked on the Internet, and everyone was very convinced that they showed the young starlet showing off her…assets. It was a bit distressing, considering that she is such a young woman. Yet, Selena has seemed to recovered quite well, and now she is even lauded for her body positivity tweets and Instagram photos (clothed, of course!)

7 Jennette McCurdy

Via hotmessfolder.com

Now let’s shift from Disney to Nickelodeon. That’s right, these stars aren’t immune to the nude photo whirlwind either. This time it’s Jennette McCurdy, who starred in iCarly and Sam & Cat. The young actress/singer was spotted in provocative and suggestive photos, and while she wasn’t completely nude, she might as well have been. Her fan base consists of mostly children and tweens, so this was a shocker that demanded answers. Jennette claimed she sent those to only her boyfriend, and that he leaked them. It quickly turned into a he said/she said deal. We don’t care who did, just don’t do it again. It was gross.

6 Miley Cyrus

Via ojaxixi.sourceforge.net

Should we even put Miley Cyrus on this list? She practically lives in the nude, and would do better in some weird misfit-hippie commune. After all, the girl loves to flaunt her armpit hair, assets, and abnormally large tongue. Yet her nude photos were a shock back when she was still performing as Hannah Montana, and the leak was only the beginning of a long, slippery slope for the starlet. She has since descended into the depths of full-on crazywoman. So sad, considering that she could have recovered from the nude leak and built herself up as a strong, sane singer.

5 Chris Brown

Via latinpost.com

4 Mila Kunis

Via twitter.com

3 Blake Lively

The Gossip Girl star was the target of a huge nude photo scandal that threatened to tarnish her impressively unblemished public image. Nude photos were revealed that claimed to be Blake, but the actress denied they were here. Her reps also sent out a statement that said Blake had never taken nude photos of herself, and these were definitely part of a plot to frame her. Blake decided to pursue legal action against the leak, proving that you do not mess with a Gossip Girl! Or maybe she was just using some leftover power from those magical, mystical traveling pants…?

2 Scarlett Johansson

Via pic-celeb.blogspot.com

Here is an actress who totally owned up to her nude pics! Yes, those leaked photos were indeed Scarlett, but she said that they were intended for a certain, special somebody and they unfortunately made it to the Net. She actually had a light-hearted approach to the whole thing and expressed that there isn’t really anything wrong with taking nude photos of oneself, but hers were only supposed to go to her hubby, Ryan Reynolds. Scarlett even joked that the pics showed off her best angles and that, yeah, she does look good. Well, she would look good wearing a trash bag, just saying.

1 Jennifer Lawrence

Via blacksportsonline.com

In more recent news, J-Law was appalled at the fact that someone would invade her privacy (and that of other nude photo victims.) Naturally, as a celeb, you need to expect that you will never have privacy, and that even your life away from the cameras is going to find its way to the spotlight. Yet, it was a sad demise for The Hunger Games star, although she has rebounded nicely. She did express a lot of anger and frustration at the whole situation, and she continues to speak her mind. We gotta love her. Let’s just hope no one else tries to take her down, because they won’t.

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