Top 15 Sexiest Rapper WAGs

Rappers are some of the most obnoxious people in the music industry. They love showing everything they have off; their clothes, their cars, their bling and especially their broads. In general, rappers are wealthy, confident men who exude a significant amount of “swag”. So it really comes as no surprise that they have knockout wives and girlfriends.

Many people aspire to not only be like these rappers and live the same kind of lifestyle, which includes the beautiful women they have access to. The following is a list of the fifteen hottest rap WAGs in the game. Some of these women found fame before love, while others' relationships lead them to popularity. The following ladies are sexy, sassy and a little “bad-assy” and they know not only how to act the part of being a rapper's girl, but they know what to do to look the part.

If you weren't jealous of these fifteen rappers before reading this article, I promise you will be after! Sit back and enjoy the sexiest WAGs in the rap world.

15 Sherlita Patton – Big Boi 

14 Coco Austin - Ice T 

13 Lira Mercer - Rick Ross 

12 Kimberly Woodruff - Ice Cube 

11 Kimbella - Juelz Santana 


10 Joseline Hernandez - Stevie J 

9 Erica Mena - Bow Wow 

8 Tammy Rivera - Waka Flocka 


7 Emily B - Fabolous 


6 Cassie - P Diddy 


5 Chanel Iman - Asap Rocky 

4 Eudoxie Agnan - Ludacris 

3 Alicia Keys - Swizz Beats 

2 Kim Kardashian - Kanye West 

1 Beyonce - Jay Z 

Who else would be number one? When Queen B married the King of New York, the world knew that they were going to be a force to be reckoned with. Jay Z is one of the most powerful people in the music industry and he married one of the most talented and the hottest woman in the game. Beyonce is everything; she is classy, fierce, natural, gorgeous, down to earth, talented and kind. This Diva is at the top of her game on every level and her and Jay Z are what we call a power couple. Blue Ivy definitely has big shoes to fill!


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Top 15 Sexiest Rapper WAGs